Steppin into Spring Season with a sense of joy, smiles and own beauty and style as we introduce newest MOLLMAGSA September 2020 feature with model Tanya Pretorius and Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA.


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Stylish with a splash of Spring Fever in the Air as we stepping into Spring Season with a sense of Style and a splash of beauty and smiling joy, as the season changes and brings along with it a passion and pride for one’s own unique beauty and style.

Tanya grew up  in Krugersdorp the Westrand of Johannesburg South Africa then moved to Pretoria South Africa as opportunities were there to make her into the successful woman she is today and bright future ahead. Modeling to Tanya is all about giving her confidence in yourself and making yourself feel beautiful and unique in what you stand for in life and more…

“its a voice and platform she uses to inspire others around her and more…” its also to embrace the journey of self discovery and much much patients as well, that’s the key to make a success of yourself in this daunting industry of modeling.

Let’s find out more as Tanya and Eduard sat down with our CEO Arne Schreuder for today’s interview feature for MOLLMAGSA.


Welcome Tanya & Eduard congrats on being our September 2020 mollbabe feature for MOLLMAGSA … what was your first reaction when you got the news? 

TANYA – The moment I got the news that I would be part of this issue I was exhilarated and it did not take me a very long time to tell absolutely everyone I know. Thank you for the opportunity Arne. 

EDUARD FROM MODELCONNECTRSA – Always a fantastic feeling to showcase my work not once but twice this month for MOLLMAGSA, thank you so much for the opportunity Arne… as always, you’re doing a phenomenal job and you are truly an inspiration to many of us. 

Glad to be part of the journey with you all.

Tanya please introduce yourself to our readers and fans… where do you reside from and who makes you being you? 

Originally, I am from the town of Krugersdorp in the Gauteng province and four years ago I moved to the capital city of Pretoria. The reason for my relocation was because the business opportunities in Pretoria intrigued me and I wanted to be a part of that and expose my talent to the opportunities of the big city. Pretoria is a beautiful city which has preserved much of its natural attraction and in the four years I have lived here I am yet to experience all the beauty the city and its outskirts have to offer.  

This year has been challenging for the entire globe, but the positive I can take out of this global pandemic was that even though I was already an independent woman pre-COVID19, the “new normal” has allowed me to focus more on myself as a person, dig really deep as to who I truly am and what I most desire for my life.  

“My message to all young ladies is that getting to know yourself should be your primary priority. Have the patience to really get to know yourself and also be patient and kind to yourself on this journey of self- discovery.”

What is it about our magazine that makes it so appealing for you to want to feature with us Tanya? 

As not only a model but a scout in my role as Promotions Manager for GHOST Marketing (Pty) Ltd, I love the fact that this magazine MOLLMAGSA affords up and coming models to be showcased.

South Africa is very diverse in culture / religion and beauty with the way of life and its people, as a SOUTH AFRICAN Tanya what’s makes it so unique to be a South African woman and also living in this beautiful country of ours… list 3 points that comes to mind? 

 I am blessed by my heritage as a born and bred South African. It is perhaps my bias belief that the most beautiful woman come from South Africa as each of us don’t only come with our unique physical beauty but also with the diversity from our different backgrounds, cultures and upbringing.  

All South African woman have had to dig deep for strength as our country fights the travesty of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

“As mentioned, we may come from different walks of life, but when South African women stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

What are the most notable lessons you’ve learnt from the modelling industry in your career thus far Tanya? 

  • Sadly, the first lesson I had to learn about the modeling industry was that there are very dangerous people out there. For this reason, I firmly believe that models need to stick together and form support structures in order to protect each other from these predators.  

“I urge all in the industry to make contact and become part of my support group for both new and established models. “ 

  • The second thing I learnt was that regardless, the show must go on. Keep your chin up, your head high and rock that pose. Anything is possible when you put your heart, mind and soul into it. 

What is it about modeling you love so much? 

I love that after every shoot my confidence gets stronger and stronger. Every shoot makes you feel so good about yourself and that is my favorite part of being a model. 

Describe your modeling look to us in 3 words? 

  • Happy – Showing that you are enjoying it is always a winner 
  • Confident 
  • Elegant 

It’s Heritage month this September, tell us how will you spend it / celebrate it with friends and family? 

MODEL TANYA – I will be spending this time with my GHOST family, as we are a lot more than work colleagues, we are a Wolfpack and we stick together! Work hard, play hard is what we believe! 

“Other than that, I will be spending some quality time with my family, which is amazing because it means that I will be spoiled by my step-dad with the most awesome food.” 

EDUARD FROM MODELCONNECTRSA – Photo shoots and projects galore… work work ALL THE WAY this month and to relax, well a Lekker Braai with friends and family will always come as a rewarding feeling at the end of the day. 

“Spending time with one’s loved one’s family and friends is the best time in the whole world for sure!!!”


FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY? – I love to meditate or if I am in the mood to relax, I would buy myself a meal and relax on my couch with Netflix. 

FAVORITE HOBBIES? – I enjoy painting jewelry boxes and hiking 

WHAT MADE YOU RECENTLY LAUGH OUT LOUD? – My cat absolutely hates sharing the house with my dog. The other day she went into samurai mode and attacked him out of the blue as he innocently entered the house. This always makes me laugh. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SHOW AT THE MOMENT TO WATCH OR BINGE ON? – My favorite I would say was Lucifer.  I have just started watching Zoo and definitely think I am going to love it. 

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA APP YOU USE AND THAT’S THE MOST USER FRIENDLY AND ENJOYABLE FOR YOU?  – I enjoy Instagram. There is far less clutter than on Facebook and the manner in which you are able to interact with your followers on Instagram is something I prefer and enjoy more than any of the other social media apps. 

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT WHERE WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU? – Definitely our Mother City – Cape Town and the scenic and picturesque village – Sabie in the Mpumalanga province. 

TELL US THE STORY BEHIND YOUR NICK NAME AKA SUSHI BEERTJIE? – Hahahaha well, I was on vacation in Ramsgate with my friends and I was starving on this particular day. I It was so hot that day and the only thing I had on my mind was having sushi.  

Eventually we all left to get food but I couldn’t wait till we got back to our accommodation so I placed myself under a tree in the parking lot and ate my sushi after a very very long wait. Everyone burst out laughing and couldn’t help but take many embarrassing pictures of me devouring the sushi and since that day my nickname became Sushi Beertjie (Sushi Bear). 

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM YOU CHEER FOR AND SUPPORT? – I don’t really watch sports. I do enjoy the more cultural side to life and am always eager to support musicians, especially those that are up and coming. 

STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – My birthday is in August and I am no doubt a typical Leo. 

IN YOUR OWN WORDS WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN TODAY? – I would say the world has become very cruel, but I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Despite its cruelty though, the world has become more open-minded than the years when our parents and grandparents were growing up.  

“I feel that this open-mindedness has done a lot to pave a way to a society that is more tolerant and less discriminatory.”