The Spotlight today falls on the quote ” We Walk Style We Talk Style” as we interview Photographer Charlene Mericia Bell from Bell Studios and model Charlene Lombard in today’s Editorial for MOLLMAGSA SEPTEMBER 2020 feature


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Photography By Charlene Mericia Bell from BELL STUDIOS on instagram 

MUA done by Angie De Amaral from Ana Makeup Artistry

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Bringing that Elegance and Confidence touch today as “We Walk Style We Talk Style” in today’s breathtaking editorial with Charlene Mericia Bell from Bell Studios alongside today’s MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model of the day aka Charlene Lombard and Makeup Artist Angie De Amaral.

as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to interview these ladies and more.

Welcome Charlene Mericia Bell from Bell Studios how does it feel to be back for another feature with us at MOLLMAGSA? 

One of the highlights of being a creative, is when others recognize your work.

“Being featured in MOLLMAGSA is always a highlight for me as it is a sign of being recognized.”


What was the feel and planning behind this shoot how did it all come together give us a glimpse behind the scenes? 

My shoots are normally a collaborative process with my clients/models. This shoot was the brainchild of Charlene Lombard. She had a few ideas the shared with me that she wanted to shoot for her birthday. I suggested a suitable venue based on her outfits ideas and the planning progressed from there.  

Covid-19 spoiled our plans and we had to postpone this shoot by a couple of months until we were able to go outside and shoot. It ended up being very cold on the day of the shoot.  

  • Our first look involved Charlene being bare feet but she handled the cold like a pro and we good some really amazing shots from that first look. 
  • Our second look was with the black dress and Charlene really looked elegant in those images. We had specific reference images and poses we prepared for the shoot and it all came out beautifully, as planned. 

As a female photographer Charlene for Bell Studios what would you say is your style and image you portray to the world in your photography and what message do you send out to the world through photography? 

“I love to take photos that portray the female form in all its elegance.”

I personally spend a lot of time with my clients/models planning a shoot from the outfit to the make-up to the poses. 

From a photographer’s view how would you describe model (Charlene Lombard’s) look and image in the modeling world what 3 words describes her the best in your opinion? 

  • Elegant  
  • Beautiful  
  • Confident


HOW DID THE LOVE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY START FOR YOU? – My love for photography started with us as a family going for photoshoots. I loved how the photos turned out and I was intrigued by the process of photographing versus the end results those photographers were able to achieve. I bought my own camera, booked myself for a course and grew further from there 

DREAM LOCATION TO DO YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM PHOTO SHOOT ONE DAY AS A PHOTOGRAPHER? – Bali. I would love to do a swimwear shoot on a beach in Bali! 

FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX WHEN YOUR NOT BEHIND THE LENS? – I love spending time on holiday with my husband and kids 

QUOTE OF THE DAY PLEASE SHARE? – “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Mark Twain