Time to go Ringside with today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA feature model for the month of OCTOBER 2020 with some beautiful talent due aka Beca and Alex Sears Photography


folow model Beca on instagram at @_rvdc

Photography By Alex Sears on instagram @photos__by__alex

also on twitter & website


Today we go Ringside as its time to put our gloves on and go 12 Rounds Knockout with our newest MOLLBABE model Ring Girl beauty all the way from the Canadian Shores as we introduce Beca Da Costa alongside Photographer Alex Sears.

As they both showcase some RINGSIDE Knockout skills and beauty to go with it as well, joining them is our CEO Arne Schreuder to find out more…

“12 Rounds Knockout” – Editorial


Welcome Alex and model Beca, how does it feel to be featured in our OCTOBER MONTH edition for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA?

Model Beca – WOW what a fantastic feeling to be featured today, truly thankful.

Photographer Alex Sears – This is my second feature for this month WOW WOW WOW so blessed thank you yet again to a great team at MOLLMAGSA.

Today we go ringside how did this photo shoot take shape Alex, please explain?

Well I was invited to do a sport event photography and I then met with the beautiful Ring Girl for the night at the  event aka Beca Da Costa.

“As you all can see she’s a true natural in front of the lens”

Alex what is it about Photographing Sport Events such as these that makes it so unique for you as a photographer?

Well there are many factors at play when it comes to SPORT AND PHOTOGRAPHY let me name a few:

  • It’s all about the action and the action shots I get when the Athletes make their punches in the ring count.
  • Making sure you are close to the action most of the times VIP front row seats or Media seats to get the best photo shots as possible.
  • Then also to mingle with the Athletes and Media and Promoters at the event to get your name and brand out there as a photographer from a business view point to grow your business in the end of the day. (So make sure to always have your business cards handy)

The Spotlight is yours today Alex, whats your Photography message to the world out there? Time to promote yourself…

I  always provide you with friendly, professional service and high-quality photos to capture your most cherished memories. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, family photos or any other occasion,

“I will capture the moment and leave you with beautiful photos to look back on.”

So follow me on my social media links on instagram, twitter, facebook, website and lets connect so I can bring your most memorable memories to life and capture it in some amazing snapshots for you!!