The month of OCTOBER 2020 we focus on ” The Beauty of Nature” and we as human beings… ” Being One with Nature” for our MOLLMAGSA OCTOBER month Movie / Documentary Review Special.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder takes us on a behind the scenes look. of the Wildlife and Nature Documentary Film making big waves on the NETFLIX circuit worldwide aka.  David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.



A True National Treasure to the world when it comes to the knowledge and amazing gift of exploring and documenting the wonders of our beautiful Planet Earth with so much rich history in Wildlife Animals and Nature, THE ONE THE ONLY

Sir David Attenborough” is back, with another phenomenal and eye opening brand new documentary called, A Life on Our Planet. as he takes us all on a journey of his footsteps he made in the Wildlife and Nature gems of this world we live in today.

At the age of 93 David has traveled the world far and wide to show us and explain how extraordinary and unique and beautiful our planet earth is with all its NATURAL AND ANIMAL WILDLIFE WONDERS we are blessed to live with.

But the Planet Earth is fast becoming a big disaster zone and it’s up to us the human-being species to take note stand up and work together as one to save whats left of our Beautiful Planet Earth before its all diminished and gone … In the words of the famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough” and we quote 


” It’s time to learn and work with nature, rather than against it”



So let us all show our inner GREEN FINGERS and let’s show the world out there We care for our Animal Wildlife and Nature and lets do our part to save and preserve whats left, for the future ahead Time to #ThinkGreen #LiveGreen

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