It’s all about Home Grown Local South African Beauty today, for today’s MOLLMAGSA October 2020 feature as another local gem Esti van Eeden is back for another sublime feature alongside JVD PHOTOGRAPHY #johnvandphotography

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Giving Homegrown Beauty a Playful elegant and sensual touch at home in today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA October 2020 feature with the sublime South African MOLLBABE model beauty of Esti van Eeden and local photography talent John van Deventer from johnvandphotography

Esti is once again back and this time she gives us her unique beauty with a touch of sensual at home playful elegance, as that’s the feel and theme of today’s feature combined with the brilliance behind the lens of John van Deventer.

Lets join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he sat down with Esti and John in today’s interview.


Welcome Back Esti how does it feel to be once again featured and this time for our OCTOBER MONTH feature for MOLLMAGSA?

Wow it feels like a dream I think I should pinch myself to see if its real… Oh yes its for real…

“I feel so blessed for this feature and opportunity, Dreams do come true when you work hard and see your hard work being featured and loved by the world out there.”

Working with photographer John van Deventer on this photo shoot, what stood out the most of his work Esti?

“His work is so professional and you can see in each photo he takes the true passion for his work he does.”

I am so thankful to have worked with him on this photo shoot, thank you John.

John also a very warm welcome to you… tell us where did the passion and love for photography start for you?

First of all thank you so much for this amazing feature today. Well let’s say this, Having formally studied photography and design, “taking great photos has always been my passion.”

Describe your style of photography to us please?

My style is that of a documentary photographer, I focus on weddings and portrait photography

“I’m looking to tell the story of your special day and capture those magical moments that you want to remember forever.”

John what is your message and words of inspiration to those whom wants to follow in your footsteps as a photographer?

“Getting that perfect shot is all about chasing the light, reading the moment, being prepared and loving what you do. It’s not so much what you see, but how you see it…”  


If you could be known as a superhero to the public , your friends and family what do you think you would be known as Esti? – Well this is an easy one aka #SUPERMOM as my Kids will tell you so every time… I love them so much.

This Month we focus on ” The Beauty of Nature ” Being One with Nature, What would you do to Save our beautiful Planet, Animals and Nature, to make the world a better healthier living environment for all? –

There are 2 things I would like to do:

  • As I love animals I would love to start an animal shelter for all sick, runaway and abandoned animals, because for me they need to be loved by us and taken good and proper care by us.
  • Then secondly let’s change our eating diets and plans, be cautious in what you eat and how your body reacts to foods … more greens in our diets is the way to go #homegrown vegetable and fruit gardens.


Lets go for a vacation in SOUTH AFRICA… where would that perfect spot be for you? – Well, SUN SURF AND SEA I would love to get my tan on on the beach in my bikini.

What’s the plans for your next photo shoot modeling project Esti share with us? – Coming this December… Me and the MOLLMAGSA team got some really interesting ideas and plans in place for my next feature coming soon… so watch this space wink wink!!