Staying with this month’s theme ” Beauty of Nature and Being One with it” as we go for some ” Nature Walks” today with the beautiful Savannah Madison for our MOLLMAGSA OCTOBER 2020 feature.


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Going for some Nature Walks today, to express ourselves in Nature and all its Glory, that’s the goal and theme for today’s newest Lingerie Editorial as we bring one of our favorite MOLLBABE models back by popular demand AKA “The Sensual Blond Bombshell – SAVANNAH MADISON”

This true American Beauty is down to earth always up for a fun and quirky time with her girlfriends and she’s a devoted mom that loves spending time with her family back on the homestead farm in the USA. Further more focusing on her Modeling Career… Savannah truly works hard and knows what she wants and goes out to get it every time. 

“As her accomplishments of multiple covers and modeling features for a huge variety of magazines speaks a big part in it self.” Plus she also loves to be outdoors and expressing herself in the BEAUTY OF NATURE. As we will find out in today’s feature interview with our CEO Arne Schreuder as he sat down to chat with Savannah.

“Nature Walks” – Lingerie Editorial

Welcome Back Savannah and congrats on yet another sublime mollbabe feature with us at MOLLMAGSA how does it feel to be back?

As always I am totally humbled and privileged to be back again to feature with my favorite magazine aka MOLLMAGSA you guys are the best,

“So much love to all of you!!!”

Today’s feature focuses on all about Nature and Being one with it, tell us what is the message you want to portray with this Lingerie Editorial of today? aka ” Nature Walks” 

Being the sensual beauty that I am and also being a person that loves being outdoors and also being a mom to my children,

I want to set an example that being in nature and being one with it you can express yourself in so many different ways, as it’s true freedom and your unique beauty that sets you free and escape from a city hustle and bustle stressful lifestyle at times.

It’s time for us all to realize that mother nature and its beauty is a remedy to relief our stressful moments in life and recharge and be peaceful with your inner-self and surroundings in nature.

“Learn to Live and Let Go.”

Describe your modeling look to us Savannah?

Sensual Sassy Witty with strong ambitions and want to inspire those around me to be the best they can be in the most unique Kind and Beautiful way possible.

“Always Be who you are never be afraid to try something new every time and stay humble.”

What would you say is the biggest change you had to make to keep up with the modeling industry from past to present?

Two things for sure…

  • Juggling travel schedules
  • And managing wardrobes for photo shoots is always a challenge,

but when you been doing this day in day out on a fast pace demanding schedule like me you get use to it.


BINGE-WORTHY NETFLIX SERIES YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF? – This is an easy one aka the Series OZARK (can’t wait for the new season to start)

ULTIMATE FOOD PORN YOU LOVE TO INDULGE IN? – I absolutely love and have a true craving for Dark Chocolate every time!!

OCTOBER MONTH WHAT’S ON YOUR TO DO LIST? – Nothing beats Halloween Season, lets scare some peeps and get that trick or treat wagon rolling along.

Plus I love to bake some cookies and make some sweet treats for Halloween with my kids #FamilyTime

YOU ARE ALWAYS THE JOKER OF THE PACK AND A SENSE OF HUMOR THAT MAKES ALL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS LAUGH AT TIMES… WHY IS IT SO PLEASE TELL US? – Well I just love to be the aka prankster of the bunch and make people and friends laugh, as we all need some comedy at times to lighten up the mood a bit,

Because I hate to see people fight and argue, as today’s world is so full of political issues and violence… Let’s be more understanding and peaceful towards each other and focus on the Good Times not the Bad Times, plus Inspire those around us in our own unique way. “To be loved you have to Show Love Equally.”