Homegrown Beauty in Nature with the beautiful Blond and newest MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE aka Elme Muller together with Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA


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Home Grown whispering her wonders of Natural Beauty in the Wonders of South Africa’s Nature as we bring you another South African modeling success story aka newest MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE feature for today Elme Muller alongside South Africa Photography talent Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA

This Local Blond bombshell Beauty aka Elme Muller has a stack load of talent and hobbies other than just being a beautiful face and model. She loves horse riding, working on her fitness is also a huge goal and she’s very goal driven as a entrepreneur herself as well.

Further more Elme’s big love in her life is her pets, especially her Labrador and Koi fish. And she absolutely spends the most time possible with them to relax and rewind after a busy day along with riding horses every chance she gets.

When it comes to aspect of Beauty, Elme says the following and we quote “Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart”.

So lets join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he finds out more on what makes Elme such a splendid pick to be today’s MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE feature for the month of OCTOBER

Welcome Elme and Photographer Eduard, how does it feel to be featured in our 2020 MOLLMAGSA October month edition?

MODEL ELME – Truly phenomenal waited a long time for this to be featured in MOLLMAGSA, a magazine and team with true glam and class, thank you so much Arne for this opportunity!!

EDUARD FROM MODELCONNECTRSA – Always a pleasure and blessing to work and showcase my work for MOLLMAGSA, thank you Arne… A fantastic team.

Give us a small bio preview on who and what makes you being whom you are Elme?

Good Day everyone my name is Elme I’m all the way from South Africa… #ProudlySA, as the saying goes Homegrown is best, I’m a true animal lover at heart and my Labrador and Koi fish, has a soft spot deep down in my heart I love them to bits.

I also have a huge passion for Horse Riding every chance I get. Then I am also very goal driven in life as I strive to be a successful entrepreneur as well as a Promotion Model in the business world and modeling industry.

Elme describe your style and modeling look to us you want to portray to the world?

“I’m Sassy Sophisticated and Classy.”

Eduard what makes Elme that perfect model to photograph?

“She’s a true dream to work with, fun and professional personality she makes working with her a fantastic feeling.”

Elme what does “True Beauty” mean to you?

“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart”

Modeling genres you are most comfortable in Elme?

Fashion, Fitness, Swimwear, Lingerie and anything Artsy and Creative blend to it.

Most recent achievements and features as a model you are proud of?

I recently featured in 2 local South African music videos along with local music artists.



South Africans love their sport which rugby team do you support Elme? – Being from Pretoria South Africa its the Blue Bulls for me ” Go Bulle”

Hidden Talents – Well can I say shopping and buying clothes ( which girl doesn’t love shopping for sexy fashionable clothes that makes the men heads turn lol… wink wink)

Oh yeah and before I forget I also love driving fast cars (I’ve got the Need for Speed to drive my VW POLO fast!!)

Hometown? – Pretoria South Africa (those beautiful Jacaranda trees would make your heart melt believe me)

For the love of Animals introduce your pets to us? – Say hello to my Labrador and my Koi fish

Bust / Bra size – 32D

Height – 1.67m

Quote of the Day? – “We fall, We break, We fail. But then We rise, We heal, We overcome.”