Introducing our OCTOBER 2020 MOLLMAGSA covermodel Beauty and Wonder with Naddya Montoya and Darren Duke Photography.


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Cover Photography By Darren Duke Photography

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Beautiful Wonder from Down Under aka AUSTRALIA, as we bring you all the “Wonder and True Beauty” of Naddya Montoya, as shes our chosen Cover Model for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for the month of October 2020.

Naddya is all about expressing herself in the Beauty of Mother Nature, as it brings true joy to her heart being in nature and doing photo shoots modeling in nature and on the beautiful beaches of AUSTRALIA. All the way from Sydney Australia, Naddya tells us living in Australia brings profound opportunities and true joy to her heart, because in her words and we quote.

“I found my heart’s happy place to be and live in Australia”

So today we bring you all the beauty and Confident, Self-Love and Self-Belief (in believing in herself in what she wants to do and achieve in life) aka “MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA

Miss October 2020 Naddya Montoya alongside Darren Duke Photography, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews them today


Welcome Naddya & Darren congrats on our chosen cover model feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA OCTOBER MONTH 2020 feature, first reaction when you got the news? 

MODEL NADDYA – Feeling incredible honored and proud! Thank you so much, Me on the October cover for MOLLMAG South Africa 2020!!! “I am super excited and so happy that I can share this moment with my dear friend and amazing photographer Darren.” And also, a huge thank you to Arne for making it happen!!

DARREN DUKE PHOTOGRAPHY – Complete excitement! Followed swiftly by how proud I am of Naddya to be chosen for such an honor as a Cover Model and that I can be a part of that. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Arne as well.

And then working with Naddya is so special. She is creativity brilliant and I find myself constantly wanting to push myself to portray Naddya the best possible way that I can. Congratulations Naddya, completely well-deserved.

Naddya please introduce yourself to our readers and fans… where do you reside from and what makes you being you in the modeling industry of today? 

I been living in Sydney AUSTRALIA for 9 years now and in England for 6 years before that. My biggest passion in life is travelling. I was born in the beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Describe your modeling look and image you portray in the industry Naddya to us in 3 words? 

  • Confidence
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Belief (Believe in yourself, you can do anything you want!)

Naddya Give us a sneak peek into your family background and heritage… please share with us? 

 Well my parents are both from Bolivia, and I was born in Sweden, Stockholm… I am very proud of my background and that, 

“I can speak 3 languages fluently! Swedish, Spanish and English!”

Naddya in today’s cover feature, what is 3 moments that stood out the most for you of the photo shoot with Darren Duke Photography, please share? 

Since the first day I met Darren, I always felt very comfortable and creative with him! We both love nature, which is my personal preference of environment to do photo shoots. 

“I feel the most natural and happy when I shoot in nature or at the beach.” 

The photos that we are sharing with you all, are very special to me. Myself and Darren wanted to capture the simplicity and the beauty of nature with myself in it and so we pitched the photos to Arne for submission for MOLLMAGSA OCTOBER 2020 feature. 

3 MOMENTS that stood out are the following… 

  • It was a chilly cold early morning, and freezing!
  • Hence the reason I wore my big jumper, and it worked so well!
  • We never tried that idea before, and the end result was amazing and so natural.

What is it that’s so captivating about our brand and image of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA that you wanted to be featured with us, describe in your own words? 

MODEL NADDYA – I love that MOLLMAG South Africa has such a diverse selection of women on the covers. Everyone is unique in their own way and beautiful. I strongly believe that you should be proud of who you are and embrace it. 

DARREN DUKE PHOTOGRAPHY – The style and grace in how the models portray themselves on the covers and features of MOLLMAGSA so sophisticated and beautiful. 


FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY? – Is to take a nice walk in Cremorne Point. It’s just around the corner of where I live. The scenery is breathtaking, and it gives me “NEW REFRESHING OUTLOOK ON LIFE EVERY TIME.” 

HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING? – Is travelling! I have so many more countries I would like to visit, and create memories, I am also a big foodie, and love to try different dishes and new restaurants. 

AS YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA NADDYA WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE YOUR COUNTRY AKA AUSTRALIA TO SOMEONE? – Australia is a country full of opportunities and it’s multicultural. Beautiful nature and a country full of possibilities. I found so much happiness here, and I am proud to be a citizen. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SHOW AT THE MOMENT TO WATCH OR BINGE ON? – I am always out and about, and I don’t always watch Netflix. But I am a big fan of documentaries and thriller/horror movies, Especially for this OCTOBER MONTH. 

DREAM VACATION SPOT WHERE WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU IN THE WORLD AND WHY? – Bora Bora, The environment, nature and the crystal water! I would be in heaven! I have traveled a lot in my life, and this place would be a dream come true for me. 

STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Scorpio in the month of NOVEMBER 

IN YOUR OWN WORDS WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN TODAY? – I think that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place to live in, with our own everyday actions. 

Mother Earth has given us so many things to be grateful for. We all need to appreciate life and focus on the positive things in our lives. “Start each day with gratitude, and happiness will follow!” 

IF NOT MODELING WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM JOB ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE? – To continue to work with people and bring joy into their life’s. My vision is to make people feel good. 

I love being around people with different backgrounds and experiences. If I can combine traveling and being surrounded with people, then I am the happiest. Plus, I would love to lead people, as I love my leadership role that I’ve been doing for over 15 years. 

WHO INSPIRES YOU IN LIFE AND WHY? – Both my parents I really look up to my mum and dad, a lot as I learn a lot from them each day.  

My dad always told me to say what I think and feel and never be afraid to speak my mind. My mum raised me to be independent, and to be caring and loving to other people. 

MOST VALAUBLE LESSON LEARNED THUS FAR WHAT WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU NADDYA? – Always follow your own intuition and never stop being you! Be proud of who you are, and you can achieve anything! 

WHAT MESSAGE DO YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS AND FANS OUT THERE TODAY?… AS THE STAGE AND SPOTLIGHT IS YOURS RIGHT NOW – Never give up your dreams. You create your own luck and you are unique. Start each day with gratitude and be kind. The biggest gift in life, is the gift of giving.