Our very own South African Sun Flower Goddess aka Vicky Ramsingh is back as she teams up with the talented photographer Charlene Mericia Bell from Bell Studios as they both bring some true SUN FLOWER BEAUTY SUNSHINE in today’s editorial feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA OCTOBER 2020.


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Photography By Charlene Mericia Bell from BELL STUDIOS on instagram 


Bringing that true sunshine beauty out in nature today with our ” Sun Flower Goddess” South African success story and beautiful talent aka Vicky Ramsingh is back this month alongside Photographer Charlene Mericia Bell from Bell Studios, to showcase their version and take on BEAUTY IN NATURE – SUN FLOWER GODDESS.

Vicky is a firm believer in being original  and unique in everything you do and stand for in life, because it is one’s own originality that makes one stand out from all the rest in today’s world. And this statement is so true of her as it shows through even in her modeling.

And from this feature today we can totally say that MOLLBABE model “Vicky together with Photographer Charlene Mericia Bell are a combination that brings originality and unique beauty together perfectly.”

As our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…

Welcome Back Vicky for another superb feature today for MOLLMAGSA October 2020 feature, how do you feel?

Phenomenal feeling to be back once again and to show the fans of MOLLMAGSA what I am all about, and also great feeling to work alongside Charlene on this shoot, thank you so much!!!

Charlene as a photographer working with Vicky on this project and photo shoot editorial, how does it feel?

Vicky is such an amazing person / model, she exactly knows what poses works best for her in a photo shoot like this. A sense of great direction and feel for what she wants to portray in the given moment of the shoot.

“A true superstar to work with and truly an inspiring individual she is!!”

Being one with Nature and showing you care for the Beauty of Nature is this month’s theme, Vicky and Charlene what are both your vision and message to the world today in explaining how you care about nature?

Model Vicky Ramsingh – Be respectful of nature and its beauty around you, treat it with love and respect and in the end Nature will show it’s love back to you!!

Photographer Charlene Mericia Bell – Enjoy the smaller and finer things in life, like the air we breathe, take a moment in life to stop and smell the roses, touch the grass and listen to the chirping of the birds. Be humbled and thankful for the blessings of life we receive each day.


What is the ONE FACTOR of modeling you follow by heart Vicky?

“Be original  and unique in everything you do and stand for in life, because it is one’s own originality that makes one stand out from all the rest in today’s world.”


  • In 2012, U.S. astronaut Donald Pettit brought along a few companions to the International Space Station that were sunflower seeds to start his own sun flower garden in space.
  • Once the flower heads are empty of seeds, they can be converted into disposable scrubbing pads for jobs too tough for your cleaning tools.
  • Like potatoes, tomatoes, and corn, the cheerful plants of a SUN FLOWER didn’t originate in Europe. They were cultivated in North America as far back as 3000 BC, when they were developed for food, medicine, dye, and oil. 
  • The Sun Flower has the power to heal. In Mexico, the flowers were thought to sooth chest pain. A number of Native American tribes agreed with the plant’s curing properties. The Cherokee utilized an infusion of sunflower leaves to treat kidneys while the Dakota brought it out to sooth “chest pain and pulmonary troubles.”