Bringing those Blissful Lingerie moments today from the bedroom with the masjestic international mollbabe model Jasmin Shojai and talented international photographer Evelyn Hunt in today’s Lingerie Editorial for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2020 feature.


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True Lady and a inspiring woman of stature… “The Blissful Beauty” is back once again aka MOLLMAGSA mollbabe international model / actress Jasmin Shojai all the way from AUSTRALIA, these days she’s making heads turn and making her true beauty and graceful beauty known worldwide.

She’s been published all over the world since she hit the international stage in the modeling and acting world, been gracing magazine pages in the USA , CROATIA, SWEDEN, SPAIN, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA AND SOUTH AFRICA to name just a few… 

but with all this stardom Jasmin always reminds herself and others whom she inspires… “To stay humble, confident and always to work hard in what you believe in and want to achieve in your life.”  as hard work in the end always pays off one way or the other and that you never ever give up on your dreams!!!

Let’s welcome Jasmin back again as she gets interviewed today with our CEO Arne Schreuder in today’s editorial lingerie feature, “Bedroom Bliss”


Warm welcome back to you Jasmin how does it feel to be back after such a long time and also being part of our November month edition for MOLLMAGSA 2020? 

It feels amazing and great to be back. I am truly honored to be a part of the MOLLMAG USA, MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA & MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA family! 

“It has been a wild year. I am very excited to have some of my latest images featured in this month’s edition.”

Give us a little bit of a lowdown what you been up to project wise and modeling wise since we featured you way back in January 2018, what has changed along the way to what you have become now Jasmin? 

Well, a lot has certainly happened. As I have progressed into my career, I have just achieved 10 appearances in Playboy, including my 3rd Cover (in Playboy Sweden) just last month. Which was super exciting. I have been in Maxim 4 times now, USA twice, as well as Mexico and Africa.  

I have branched out into Acting, appearing in a full feature film, a miniseries and Canada’s Naked News, as a guest Anchor. So, I have my experience in front of the camera in Supporting & Main roles.  

“I have also learnt a lot and I am definitely a far stronger, and more confident person than I was when I first started my career as a Model.”

Jasmin you’re a lady that has accomplished a lot of mile stones in your modeling career as modeling features for magazines and brands wise worldwide, please give us a preview on all your accomplishment’s so far in your career list them below? 

Thank you so much, I am honored and proud to have achieved a lot in the last few yearsAwards and Achievements include: 

  • Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017-2018 
  • Maxim Australia – Swimwear Model of the Year Finalist (2017) 
  • Country Girl Management Qualifying Finalist (2018) 
  • ‘Best Model’ in the Australian Indian Makeup Artist Competition (2017) 
  • 10 appearances in Playboy  

Including 3 Covers: Playboy Croatia & Miss October Playmate of the Month (for 2018 & 2019)  

  • My most recent Cover: Playboy Sweden in October  
  • Appearances in Maxim include USA (twice), Mexico and Africa  
  • I have also been featured inside and on various Magazine Covers: Malvie Magazine, DMH Spain, Business Woman Mexico, Max Health, FHM, Chic Miami, LA Fashion Magazine and many more 
  • I have been honored to also be featured as a Guest as well as a Main Actress role in the following productions:  

Kaliente Girls (Dash Radio), LA Talk Radio, Naked News, The Project (Australian Show), The Alliance (US Film) and many more… 


On today’s feature for us alongside Photographer Evelyn Hunt, Jasmin, please tell us what was the feel and vibe like on this shoot aka take us behind the scenes as well as what is the one moment of this shoot that stood out the most for you? 

The ‘vibe’ was pretty cool, it was my 4th photo shoot out of lock down. And it was so good to be back on set and modeling. I was very happy and enthusiastic. 

“I had a few favorite moments on set, my favorite parts were definitely the poses on the couch. I found those very empowering and sexy!!”


Jasmin you also got into the acting industry as well what has been the most fascinating for you being casted and doing an acting role in a movie or script for a project? 

I have to say both my roles in ‘The Alliance’ (USA) and ‘At The Phoenix’ (Australia) were both very cool roles. It definitely helped me gain experience and helped me step out of my shell as an Actress. I think the future holds a lot more for me. I am very excited to begin branching out more into Acting 

What would you say is the biggest lesson a model can learn from you as a role model Jasmin? time to share some modeling wisdom and advise… 

You are going to find that things don’t necessarily become “easier” as you progress into a well-known professional. In fact, in some aspects, it gets harder. And that was one challenging point for me. Realizing that to keep continuing this dream, I had to consistently make changes where necessary.  

“I had to always make time for my work. And trust me when I say, often that’s really hard. But I believe that hard and smart work always pays off.”

Complete the following sentence in your own words, our future and society should be run by strong women… 

because that is what society needs. I mean let’s face it, in order to lead and endure a lot of challenges, you need to be strong. Women can definitely be strong, just as much as men. Regardless of gender, 

“I believe it takes a strong and brave person, to not only lead society, but also empower other people to move forward and become better as well.”


WHAT’S THE ONE THING PEOPLE AND FANS WOULD FIND VERY INTERESTING AND MOST SUPRIZING ABOUT YOU IN 2020 JASMIN? – Many don’t know that by side of my modelling and acting. I am also very passionate about my education 

i.e I am studying Business, Marketing, Social Media and Investment Banking. It’s been a very productive but also a tough year. I am very proud with how far I have come along 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE, DOCUMENTRY OR ORGINAL SERIES ON YOUR WATCH LIST TO BINGE ON JASMIN? – That’s a good question. At the moment I have been watching comedies. The Nanny, Seinfeld and Friends are just some of my favorites 

SUMMER MONTH’S IS HERE TELL US WHAT IS THE PERFECT WAY FOR YOU TO ENJOY SUMMER SEASON? – Going to the beach and going for nice walks in the outdoors. 


PET PEEVE? – Unhygienic behaviors and jealousy 


FAVORITE LINGERIE BRAND YOU OWN OR LOVE TO WEAR? – Frederick’s of Hollywood & Pleasure State 

WHAT’S ON YOUR TO DO LIST BUCKET LIST FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER? – I have a couple of photo shoots set up which I am so excited about! I am going to be working on those as well as some future projects. 

There will also be a few more Radio/Podcast Interviews coming up in the remainder of the year. I also have my Reality Web Series which is a consistent project – we will be filming footage for this too 

FAVORITE QUOTE YOU LIVE YOUR DAILY LIFE BY? – “Reach for the Stars, and you will be there among them.”