Giving you all a look and preview for another NEW BLONDE SENSATION on the modeling circuit as we introduce newest MOLLBABE model and feature for November 2020 MOLLMAGSA, the beautiful caring and bubbly burst for living life to the fullest aka Leigh Anne Busse.


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This Lovable blonde beauty is all the way from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Truly a burst of living life to the fullest. Leigh Anne graduated from Fontbonne University in December of 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education. 

As she had a passion for teaching… After working in education for several years, she started her journey in the modeling industry and has never looked back since. With an extraordinary look to her and being bubbly and confidant in herself nothing is about to stop her to reach her dreams and goals in life.

In her own words and we quote Leigh Anne saying when asked what she loves about modeling the answer is quite straight up!! I love high end, designer fashion and make up (especially shoes) as I’ve got a huge collections of high heels.”

But today is more a sensual side of me as I am also an extremely sensual person.

Let’s find out more what makes Leigh Anne so an interesting person to be around with as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with her in interview.

“Blonde Sensations Lingerie Editorial”

Warm Welcome to you Leigh and congrats on your very first feature with us for the month of November, how does it feel and also how does it feel to be part of the MOLLMAGSA family? 

Wow what an amazing feeling… proud to finally call myself part of this amazing Magazine family known as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. Thank you so much for featuring me. I am so so so excited! 

“I am just honestly blown away and have tears of happiness.”

Tell us a bit about yourself where you from and what makes you whom you are today Leigh Anne? 

Well, where should I start… Hello! Everyone My name is Leigh Anne Busse and I am a model from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I have graduated from Fontbonne University in December of 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education. 

After working in education for several years, I started a new journey in my life where I model and work promotions for a few amazing companies. Furthermore, I love high end, designer fashion and make up (especially shoes); I adore nature, and am an extremely sensual person. 

Word along the grapevine is that you’re also an ambassador for the swimwear bikini line Funkini brand, tell us a bit more about that? 

Yes, that’s correct!!! (So so proud of it) I love being a Funkini brand ambassador and totally love the little Funkini bikinis!  My favorites are the mini micros. 

“It brings out that sparkling smile and sparkle I have in my eyes!!!”

What’s your message you want to give to the world out there through your modeling Leigh Anne #MessageofInspiration ? 

“If it’s meant for you, it will not run or hide or avoid being yours.” Have faith in yourself, in God and your capability’s!!! 

And always be confident in yourself. I’ve been a pretty “cool cat” as far as feeling comfortable in my own skin. I learned to love myself, flaws and all—no matter what.

Leigh Anne, what is it about our magazine and brand that makes it so appealing for you to want to feature with us?  

It is so professional. I can’t empathize enough how amazing it is because,

“It truly promotes a model being his/her genuine self, inside and out.”


Give us a sneak peek into your family background and heritage, what is it that makes you stand out from everyone else?  

Well, I recently learned from my parents that genetically speaking, I have northern African, Iberian, and Ashkenazi Jewish in me from my dad’s side, so that is pretty cool. Other than that?  

My mom and I have always been best friends. I seriously call my mom at least once a day to catch up. I also converse with my grandmother a ton, too. I love them very much!


HOBBIES AND INTERESTS OTHER THAN MODELING? – Mmmm let’s see there is so many (wink wink) It includes the following: 

Being a trail runner for thirteen years now, weight training, hitting the gym, spending time with my fiancé, swimming, spending time outside in nature, hiking, painting, playing with make-up, and collecting high heels! 

BEING PART OF THE TEACHING AND EDUCATION INDUSTRY WHAT IS THE MOST YOU LOVE ABOUT IT? – I do miss working with kids and a huge part of my heart will always be there. As the future of the world, we live in is proper education for all as well as… “YOUNG EDUCATED AND BRIGHT NEXT GEN MINDS FOR THE FUTURE” 

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM YOU CHEER FOR AND SUPPORT IN MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL ? – Well, being from the St. Louis area its, Cardinals all the way! in baseball, and on the ice for NHL HOCKEY its Go Blues baby! 

FAVORITE FOOD DISH TO MAKE OR ENJOY? –  It will always be GRANDMA’S Spaghetti oh yum! 

FAVORITE TV SHOWS TO WATCH AND RELAX WITH ON THE COUCH? – On the couch cuddling with my fiancé RIGHT NOW busy watching FBI and SWAT, nothing better than that!!! 

QUOTE OF THE DAY? – “Live each day you’re given from GOD to the fullest extent.” 

WHAT’S ON YOUR TO DO LIST #WISHLIST? – Well for my next upcoming feature for MOLLMAGSA me and Arne are already working on some amazing IDEAS watch this space everyone… as I am so excited!!!