Bringing a Beauty of a woman and women empowerment together with cars and Motorsport that’s the focus for today so let’s go Racing Red with today’s November MOLLMAGSA 2020 feature mollbabe model Stephanie Kenney and Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography.


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Photography by Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography on

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Location sponsored by Detail Driven Niagara


Buckle up as we put Beauty and Glamour together with the class of vintage cars, “Racing Red Beauty” all the way from Canada today we showcase the beautiful Stephanie Kenney alongside Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography.

Stephanie is back and this time she brings the craft of training detailing cars / custom designed work! Detailing, paint corrections, hydro drips, vinyl wraps, as that’s her focus at the moment! As we are so proud to showcase this side of her today,

as she says and we quote… “I wanted us to feel powerful and free. We can be the one with the keys we are equal. We are strong as women! Let’s show the world that strong women that we are aren’t afraid to live and lead!” 

Let’s bring out the powerful and freedom embodiment in us all today as we talk about freedom and woman empowerment and more and what that all means to Stephanie Kenney in today’s NOVEMBER 2020 feature as she and Phil Cheevers gets interviewed by our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder.

Welcome Back Stephanie and Phil, how does it feel knowing you’re a featured MOLLBABE model once again for MOLLMAGSA November month 2020?  

MODEL STEPHANIE – It feels amazing to be featured again and I truly appreciate the support! 

PHIL FROM MAX GLAMOUR – I really like working with MOLLMAGSA and the layouts you are doing are creative and well designed.  It’s also nice to reach out to South Africans in some way and say “Hi from Canada!” 

Give us a sneak peek into what you have been up to since we featured last time around Stephanie, what has changed and how do you find the MOLLBABE modeling experience to be?  

Since my last featured I have been actually training detailing cars / custom designed work! Detailing, paint corrections, hydro drips, vinyl wraps is my focus at the moment!  

When Clarke at the Detail Driven Niagara asked me to model with the red car, I called Phil and we shot it. “The car was a beauty and I got to put on my red dress!”  

“You never know where life will take you, but you better get ready for the ride!”

In your own words describe to us the feel, looks and vibe you wanted to portray with this shoot and feature for NOVEMBER MONTH?  

STEPHANIE AS A MODEL – The feeling I wanted us to feel powerful and free. We can be the one with the keys we are equal. We are strong! Also, the vibe of a strong women who isn’t afraid to live and lead!  

Therefore, what I wanted to portray was strength and the freedom or riding your own race! Be a leader you are.” 

PHIL AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – I was blown away by the great detail job on a 1986 car.  It was gorgeous and add Stephanie in a red dress! I was stuck with an earworm “Put on your red dress” by Martin Page and Stephanie must have had her own glorious earworm because she shines as a model!!

We are all for women empowerment, what is it about that phrase that’s so powerful for you as a woman Stephanie, please explain in your own words?  

“We can hold the keys and we don’t need your hand; we need your love!”

Women have always been looked at less than men and especially when it came to jobs. To be honest, I have worked in male industry my whole life. I dominate the place, I show them we can be just as strong, just as powerful as they are. We are equal and just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do it and doesn’t mean shouldn’t work.  

I choose to be the woman I am because one day I’m going to have someone looking at me as their biggest hero. Someone they trust and I will never show my girl she is less because she is women. She wants to build houses… do it. I’d support everything and I hope to show her how strong of a woman she can be. #WeAreEqual! 


TURNING BACK THE CLOCK OF TIME WHAT WAS YOUR NICKNAME BACK IN YOUR SCHOOL YEARS AND TELL US THE STORY BEHIND IT ALL? –  Oh my, my nickname was Kenney because my friends watched way too much South Park but to be honest it was actually very funny and never mean! 

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY YOU CARE ABOUT THE MOST IN LIFE AS WE KNOW IT TODAY STEPHANIE? – My family and my friends, I learned that sometimes you need just to step back, and you need to appreciate what you have right in front of you.  

You regret missing important moments, memories and once they’re gone you wish you had the time to just share a smile or laugh. Just being there… family is so important never forget or get too worked up! Self-care and some family love are always a good fix. 

GIVE US A SNEAKPEEK INTO YOUR BUCKET LIST / TO DO LIST FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER? – My bucket list this month is really just to focus on my dream so one day I’m finally set I don’t need to worry about my future and family.  

Also, to keep up with my yoga without overloading myself with too much work. I work 3 jobs, so my life’s gets really crazy! Balance is key 

WHAT MADE YOU GIGGLE AND LAUGH OUT LOUD RECENTLY STEPHANIE?  – Honestly, the last thing that made me laugh out loud was me and my coworkers doing the cha cha slide once the shop was empty! It was so funny but so much fun and I’ll forever be grateful we all get along so well! 

IS IT TRUE THAT BLONDES HAVE WAY MORE FUN, WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ON THIS STEPHANIE PLEASE SHARE? – I wouldn’t say blondes have more fun. To me it all depends on that person’s personality, obviously with a good sense of humor. If you can laugh, you’re pretty well gold! 

WHICH FAMOUS CELEB WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET AND SPEND THE DAY WITH STEPHANIE, AND IF YOU HAD ONE QUESTION TO ASK THEM WHAT WOULD THAT BE? – If I wanted to meet a celebrity it would most likely be Melissa McCarthy. To spend a day with someone that funny my face would hurt from laughing, 

but it be so worth it!  One question I’d ask is what inspired you to be where you are? Also never stop being real!