Expressing our Sensuality today with our newest mollbabe model that’s making her debut for the very first time with us and part of our NOVEMBER 2020 MOLLMAGSA, with the beautiful Canadian Tiana Newell alongside Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography.


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Another artistic and beautiful GEM all the way from the “GREAT WHITE NORTH” Ontario Canada, Tiana’s passion is the art of the human body that captures her expression of the artistic ways she expresses her sensuality… and that’s exactly the vocal point for today…

Being proud, passionate, confident and comfortable with the human body and your body as a model in showcasing your sensual side. Talking to Tiana Newell today she mentioned the following and we quote her saying… “Using my body as an artistic medium has given me creative freedom and confidence like I’ve never known before.” 

And we concur to that truthful statement of her’s, as Tiana uses that as motivation for her in her modeling career and we are truly proud to debut her today for MOLLMAGSA for the very first time, as Tiana and Photographer Phil joins us in interview with our CEO Arne Schreuder for this month’s NOVEMBER 2020 FEATURE

“Wrapped Up Sensualality” Editorial


Warm welcome to you Tiana Newell, how does it feel knowing you’re a featured MOLLBABE model for our MOLLMAGSA November month 2020 edition, what’s the feelings and emotions you going through right now?  

I am feeling excited to be a MOLLBABE and feel proud to be a part of MOLLMAGSA!”

Time to introduce yourself to our fans, followers and readers Tiana, tell us where you reside from who you are and what makes you being you to whom you are today?  

I was born and raised in St Catharines, Ontario. As a young girl I always looked at fashion magazines with the dream of being featured! I was diagnosed with an eating disorder at 16 and have used that experience through the years to promote self-love and self-care. 

Today’s feature and shoot is all about a women’s sensuality glowing from her unique beauty, tell us what does that mean to you, explain in your own words?  

TIANA AS A MODEL – A woman’s sensuality glowing from her unique beauty to me means that…

“She is able to attract others with her confidence because she is comfortable with herself inside and out.”

PHIL AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – A woman’s sensuality comes from confidence and energy.  When I see a model like our Tiana take charge of her posing as she does, 

“The energy boosts my creativity and together we make great images and feel great about the total experience.”

We are all for women empowerment, what is it about that phrase that’s so powerful for you as a woman Tiana, please explain in your own words?  

Woman empowerment is so powerful, because it encourages women to love themselves however they choose!


WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR BEST QUALITY TO MAKE PEOPLE, FRIENDS AND FAMILY LOVE YOU FOR WHOM YOU ARE? – My friends and family would say my best quality is my honesty and my willingness to help others. 

FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS PLEASE INTRODUCE US TO YOUR LOVABLE PETS YOU HAVE TIANA? – I have 2 lovable cats! Kraken is an 8year old Tabby/Bangle mix and Goatee is a 9year old Tuxedo/Tabby mix. They enjoy sitting in the sun and watching birds and squirrels through the windows. 

KEEPING FIT AND HEALTHY WHATS YOUR DAILY ROUTINE TO KEEP YOU GLOWING IN THAT ASPECT TIANA PLEASE SHARE? – I use yoga and dance to keep fit and healthy! I also have a passion for cooking so I try to make healthy alternatives to fast-food favorites! 

BEST WAY TO RELAX AND REWIND FOR YOU IS ALL ABOUT? – My favorite ways to relax are through meditation and having a nice long bath with music. 

IF NOT MODELING WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE DOING TIANA? – If I’m not modeling you will find me cooking or by playing video games! (My favorite games are Rocket League and BlackOps) 

HOBBIES & INTERESTS? – Some of my hobbies include baking, cooking, drawing, and dancing! 

WHAT’S THE FIRST THING YOU WILL DO WHEN YOU WIN THE LOTTERY JACKPOT? – The first thing I would do is buy family homes for my mom, my brother and myself so we can live closer to our family in Nova Scotia. 

BEST LIFE LESSON / ADVICE YOU GOT OR LEARNED AS IT’S TIME TO INSPIRE THOSE AROUND YOU? – Your own happiness must come before others. You have to take care of yourself to be able to care for the ones you love.