As the Holiday Spirit draws near we are all getting into that Christmas Holiday Cheer this season, today is no exception as we give you a Christmas Angel Secret with the Extraordinary Beauty Esti van Eeden alongside Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images for MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2020 edition Christmas Special.


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Assistant Photographer Sanele Maduna on instagram @sanele808_m

Photo shoot theme directing by Arne Schreuder

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It’s that time of year as today we have some “Christmas Angel Secret’s” to share… with you all under Santa’s Christmas tree, and to top it off with candles and jolly Christmas bells our,

CHRISTMAS ANGEL aka Esti van Eeden shares and gets us all in the spirit for that Jolly festive moments we share with our families on this most celebrated season of all… alongside South African photographer Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images and our CEO Arne Schreuder,

as Arne sat down with Esti and Ina to find out what’s their festive secret’s this year for our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2020 Christmas Special. ” A Christmas Angel of Secret’s”

Welcome Back Esti and Ina, congrats on your December Holiday Christmas Special feature for MOLLMAGSA what’s your feelings right now in a short sentence explain? 

MODEL ESTI – I feel so honored to be featured in MOLLMAGSA for Christmas!! 

INA SNYMAN FROM INA’S IMAGES – Very honored and excited to be doing a feature in the December edition. 

What’s the most special about celebrating the Christmas Holiday’s for you? 

MODEL ESTI – Well what it means to me is… 

“Just to be happy and grateful for being with family that care and being healthy. Was a very rough year but still here we are!!”

INA SNYMAN FROM INA’S IMAGES – Being with my family and celebrating this time…

“Of love, peace and giving together.”

In today’s feature the theme and look is all about “A CHRISTMAS ANGEL OF SECRETS” how did this idea came all about please explain to us in a nutshell? 

INA SNYMAN FROM INA’S IMAGES – We started planning this feature two months ago and used the Victoria Secret models as examples and their whole Christmas look. It was quite exciting.  

“Arne was a great coordinator and Esti pulled this whole concept and look through perfectly. We also improvised a bit.  All I can say it was great team work.”

What would be on your Christmas Wishlist / Christmas card to Santa this year please share? 

MODEL ESTI – OMW, I know this might seem so cliché but I would just love for me and my family to be as happy as we are and be there always for each other and maybe an air fryer wink wink!! 

INA SNYMAN FROM INA’S IMAGES – I wish that COVID-19 will be under control globally next year and that lives will be spared and that the economy will be going up and running again. 

Also, on another note I also wish that crime will be much less next year as well and that we all could live in peace and harmony together. 


HIDDEN TALENT – I’m very musical, can play piano after listening to a song. 

SHARE WITH US YOUR PHOBIA – I’m deadly scared of spiders and I hate small spaces. 

GO-TO DRINKS FOR THIS FESTIVE SEASON TIME TO MIX YOUR FAVORITE WHAT WILL IT BE – (Steelworks Cocktail) Very popular refreshing South African cocktail… Ingredients include: 

  • 1/2 oz. Kola Tonic 
  • 4 drop(s) Bitters (Angostura) 
  • Ginger Beer  
  • Soda Water 

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME? – The Santa Clause STARRING: Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold and Wendy Crewson


  • Leg of lamb,  
  • Rice, sweet potatoes etc.  
  • And malva pudding.


FAVORITE CHRISTMAS FESTIVE JINGLE? – “Carol of the Bells” by Pentatonix