Getting into that festive mood for DECEMBER as we ring in that festivities for DECEMBER 2020 MOLLMAGSA presents our Cover model and Santa’s Tell All Christmas Story with the Beautiful Emma Green and Warren M Eckstein international photographer.


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Festive Season is here and we are bringing you all the Christmas Joy and Cheer, as our DECEMBER 2020 cover model aka Emma Green all the way from the U.K. pulls up a chair to BRING YOU ALL “Santa’s Tell All Christmas Story” this month and festive season.

Let’s get into that festive spirit with today’s MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE MODEL aka. Emma Green, this British / Welsh beauty surly created big footprints in the modeling world…

Most of you will remember Emma as the Glamour model known for being published in magazines and newspapers right around the world as a Page 3 girl Jane in the Daily Star. Or you might have seen her face and pictures and editorials in Nuts, Zoo, and Mayfair Magazines, and she was also featured as a UK Calendar Girl back in the day.

These days she’s using her modeling to encourage and inspire herself in building self-confidence in herself as well as other younger and new generation models that look up to EMMA GREEN for guidance and inspiration in the tough modeling world of today.

As Emma and international Photographer Warren M Eckstein sat down in interview with our CEO Arne Schreuder for more…

“Santa’s Tell All Christmas Story – Editorial”

Welcome and Congrats on your COVER GIRL December Holiday Christmas Special feature for MOLLMAGSA for the month of December 2020 what’s your feelings right now? 

EMMA GREEN – It’s a true blessing to be chosen as this month’s covermodel for MOLLMAGSA thank you so much, as this year of 2020 has been tough on all of us especially with the pandemic having a vise grip on us all in some way or the other… 

“So, this is truly a blessed gift and surprise to say the least!!!” 

PHOTOGRAPHER WARREN – Christmas 2020 will be a much different Holiday for our Nation and our World.  We have had an incredible year, full of a lot of changes to the way we live and our daily existence.  

That said, we are closing out this traumatic year, and I have strong hopes that the future year 2021, will turn a corner for us onto a road to recovery for all.  We just all need to remain positive, cherish what we have and continue to strive to do our best.  With that done, we will succeed. 

Emma, please introduce yourself to us and the fans out there in a small bio? 

Hi everyone I’m international model Emma Green from the U.K. Most of you will remember me as the Glamour model known for being published in magazines and newspapers right around the world as a Page 3 girl Jane in the Daily Star. 

“Or you might have seen my pictures and editorials in Nuts, Zoo, and Mayfair Magazines, and I was also featured as a UK Calendar Girl. I grew up in Wales but relocated to Surrey in the U.K. for my modeling career and work opportunity’s… “

Other than just modeling… I also attended university and have a degree in graphic design for working and helping me in my social media outlets.  

But I would also like to mention and let everyone know… in my career as an international model I use my modeling as a platform for helping restore my self-esteem and self-confidence, which had been eroded by bullying growing up, through my school years / yesteryear’s back then, As I fell to being a victim of School Bullying…  And with using my modeling as inspiration I create awareness to what happened to me in my past. 

What’s the most special about celebrating the Christmas Holiday’s for you? 

EMMA GREEN – Being humble and peaceful with one’s loved one’s friends and family that’s the best gift of all… oh yes and not forgetting being healthy #PrayingForGoodHealth for all especially in these times. 

PHOTOGRAPHER WARREN – Peace, serenity, great times with friends and family. 

Warren from a Photographer’s view… for this month’s cover feature what was the vibe and feel for this cover with model Emma Green and what MAKES Emma such a unique cover choice for DECEMBER MONTH? 

Emma is a stunning natural beauty.  When we first shot, I had mentioned this idea to her of a Christmas theme.  She agreed immediately, even helping to find the proper wardrobe to make this theme work beautifully. Emma’s great smile and her talents and professionalism as a model made her an ideal choice for a Christmas cover/feature.   

I had several models to choose from for my idea, but knew when I met Emma, she was the perfect choice.  And it shows.

This series was also a unique one for myself as a photographer, as I worked with a different style of lighting to give a more suitable look, while still maintaining the glamour styles I work with so frequently.”

Emma, please list your most memorable achievements as a model in the industry thus far along with your cover feature with us today? 

Appeared in the following magazines such as: 

Nuts Magazine, ZOO Magazine, Mayfair, Men Only Magazine Club International, Daily Star Page 3, and Midweek/Weekend/Sunday Sport and many more… 

Give us the TELL ALL STORY how you discovered such a true GEM in being Emma, how did you guys meet up for the first time Warren? 

I had been a great admirer of Emma Green for some years.  She has always been one of the UK’s Top Models. When I committed to my holiday in London, I contacted Emma directly to see if we could establish a working relationship and set up a shoot.   

It happened perfectly; we actually shot several times during our first working encounter.  It was during these events; we shot this Christmas feature. We have also shot since, and continue to remain friends today.  That’s special.

Emma and Warren … In your opinions, what is the true meaning of Christmas and the festive season this year of 2020 to you both? 

EMMA GREEN – Sharing the holiday season and festivities with your loved ones around you that’s the true meaning of Christmas for me!!! 

PHOTOGRAPHER WARREN – Christmas for me is about families, love, care and compassion.  Gifts are nice, but it’s the true feelings we share for each other that makes Christmas special.   

With 2020, as it has been, this is an extra special year to remember the true meanings of the Holiday.  I also want to send warm Christmas greetings to all and an extra special thanks to MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, MOLLMAG USA AND MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA for their continued support from everyone.  I am eternally grateful. 


HOMETOWN – Surrey/Hampshire from Wales (U.K.) 


MODELING GENRES YOU FOCUS ON IN DOING EMMA – The following would be my cup of tea so to speak: 

Adult, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Pinup, Portrait, Artistic Nude, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear, and Wedding. 

FAVORITE DESTINATION TO DO A PHOTO SHOOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU EMMA – Well I’ve traveled the world far and wide but Europe for me is the place to get amazing photo-shoots done as the backdrops and landmarks and landscapes are a truly phenomenal and spectacular view… truly magical if you ask me 

OTHER THAN MODELING WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU DOING WHEN YOUR NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA EMMA – I also have a degree in Graphic Designing or other than that I also enjoy having a GIRLS NIGHT OUT with my BFF’S   

MEASUREMENTS: Bust 32″ Waist 24″ Hips 34″  


HAIR COLOR – Medium Dark Brown 



YOU’RE INSPIRING QUOTE OF THE DAY EMMA – If you’re looking for someone to fall in love with, fall for their eyes… “Because that’s the only thing on a person that doesn’t age. So, if you fall in love with their eyes, you’ll be in love with them forever.”