A bit of Homegrown Beauty for the festive season as we introduce newest mollbabe model to the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA family aka Angelique van der Westhuizen alongside PhotoStudio78 with the talented Gawie van der Walt


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Photography By Gawie van der Walt at PhotoStudio78 on instagram

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Homegrown Beauty is where the heart is today as we bring some uniqueness and passion and flair all the way from SOUTH AFRICA as we introduce newest MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model making her debut this DECEMBER MONTH aka “ANGIIE” (Angelique van der Westhuizen).

Today is the day for Angelique to showcase her own unique style flair and “Homegrown Beauty”… in her words and we quote, “Homegrown beauty tells me that its beautiful people that belongs to our country South Africa.”  and I’m BLESSED BEYOND WORDS to be part of this amazing journey.

We recently asked Angelique the following… what life lesson she has learned so far? and she answered… For me it’s all about, “Appreciate what you have and love every moment of it.” Let’s find out more what makes Angelique so an amazing woman in today’s world…

as she got interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder today.

Welcome and congrats Angelique on your December Holiday Season feature for MOLLMAGSA what’s your feelings right now in a short sentence please explain?  

I am so excited & blessed to be featured thank you so much! 

It’s time to introduce yourself to us and the readers/fans… Angelique tell us a bit more about yourself in a small 4 to 5 sentence BIO, where you reside from and what made you who you are today? 

I am based in Johannesburg Kempton Park (SOUTH AFRICA). All of my life’s decisions came up to who I am today, good stuff and the bad. I am so blessed and happy. 

In today’s feature it is all about ” HOMEGROWN BEAUTY” what does that statement mean to you as you are #SouthAfrican  

“Homegrown beauty tells me that its beautiful people that belongs to our country South Africa.”

In today’s modeling world and industry what are the 3 most important golden rules for you as a model Angelique… please list them below? 

A) NEVER QUIT when it feels you have failed.

B) Always let the Photographers know if you will make the photo-shoot or not.

C) Always have fun when you at a photo-shoot. Life is short every moment of life you should love

It’s the Holiday Season #DecemberHolidays being truly South African how would you spend the perfect Holiday in South Africa this year Angelique? 

To be honest with this Covid-19 STILL AROUND I have no idea what is going to happen, but will be enjoying with the family that’s what it’s all about. 


WHEN NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA MODELING WHERE WOULD WE LIKELY FIND YOU DOING OTHERWISE? –  If not in front of a camera I always work Lol, full time mommy as well. 

GO-TO FESTIVE SEASON TIME HOLIDAY DRINK WHAT WILL IT BE FOR YOU TO TICKLE YA TASTE BUDS? –  Any refreshing cocktail as its SUMMER MONTH’S in SOUTH AFRICA at the moment and being poolside with a refreshing cocktail… nothing is better than that for me wink wink 

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME? – The Grinch STARRING Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Seely AND Rashida Jones 

WHAT’S ON YOUR FESTIVE CHRISTMAS FOOD MENU… TIME TO PREPARE THAT CHRISTMAS JOLLY DISH? – We usually have a (Spitbraai) – BBQ with homemade vegetables etc. 

WHAT’S ON YOUR CHRISTMAS WISH-LIST / CHRISTMAS CARD TO SANTA THIS YEAR PLEASE SHARE? – For every child & Family to be blessed with each other’s presence and having food on the table this season. 

STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Aries month of March 

MOST IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON LEARNED THUS FAR? – Appreciate what you have and love every moment with your family 

WHAT’S YOUR FESTIVE MESSAGE TO EVERYONE OUT THERE TODAY PLEASE SHARE? – Wishing you and your family peace, health and prosperity in the new coming year. MERRY XMAS TO ALL… YOUNG AND OLD!! 


  • Having my own Air Freight Company ONE DAY, successful and happy.  
  • And being able to do modeling more full-time.