Today we travel to the shores of AUSTRALIA to bring you a true talent that’s rumbling in success of the Music Industry aka BATTLE RAP HIP HOP industry to be exact and she’s totally humbling all her critics. So for today’s feature we blend Battle Rap Hip-Hop with a Splash of Beauty as we introduce to you all Joey “DOVE” Gitsham to the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA family…


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Groove it to the Battle Rap Hip-Hop moves as our newest international talent Battle Rap music artist and model all the way from Sydney Australia aka Joey Dove Gitsham, as she’s ready to make a big splash on our pages today as she does the perfect mic drop and Battle Rap rhythm rhymes, that will blow ya mind.

As this talented lady makes her name known these days on the music circuit in the Battle Rap circles across the globe stretching as far as the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA AND SOUTH AFRICA. For today’s feature the focus is on. When we Rumble in the Music industry to make it happen Joey “Dove” is surly the one making her critics stand up and take notice… as she does it with Music vibes on the mic and also staying humble doing so,

She’s a hard damn working musical talent and business woman as well as a devoted single parent mom… In her words and we quote… Why am I a UNIQUE show you ask?… well as a woman you can be an entrepreneur a mom a model working a day job and live your dreams it’s just about balance. 

It’s a tough hard knock life at times but guess what… “It made me mature as an artist and model I learnt to ignore the criticism. I smile and wave at the haters and be kind.” 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with international Rap Battle music artist aka Joey “DOVE” Gritsham.

Welcome JOEY, congrats on your December Holiday feature for MOLLMAGSA what’s your feelings right now in a short sentence explain?  

It’s an amazing achievement in my career even with COVID-19 and with Australian Borders shut it proves anything is possible with technology. 

JOEY it’s time to introduce yourself to us and tell us a bit more whom you are where you reside from and what makes you a so unique individual? 

I’m an AUSTRALIAN BATTLE RAPPER AND RECORDING ARTIST as well as a model on the flip side, residing from the Beautiful SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. (I have been part of Maxim cover girl competitions in Australia and the United States.)  

Other than that, I also have a Banking Financial Services background as I’m Studying for my LAW DEGREE AT CHARLES DARWIN UNIVERSITY. Plus, I’m a single mom as well to an eight-year-old daughter.  

Why am I a UNIQUE show you ask?…well,

“As a woman you can be an entrepreneur a mom a model working a day job and live your dreams it’s just about balance.”

You’ve mentioned that you’re also a proud mother, tell us how do you juggle the two in life #BeingAMom as well as on the flip side being a model and a successful Music Artist back home in Australia? 

It’s about managing your life and we have 24 hours in day I plan ahead and as a working mom to be successful it’s about time management. Its only hard if you make excuses anything is possible in life. 

“A lot of people think it’s too hard but it’s a choice if you want it all you have to work hard. It’s life.”  

I manage it by co-parenting and family. Running a business, it’s about having support around you that’s why it’s possible now for mothers to have it all. It teaches our kids to work hard by watching us as parents as role models. But I enjoy the multi-tasking of it all  

Furthermore, I’m in a male dominated industry and there isn’t many female battle Rappers out there, its unique because I’m setting a precedent that a woman can be a Rapper and represent her country.  

I’ve worked hard to get where I am based on my own merit, I had my haters when I first started in 2004 and my share of bullying by men in the hip-hop industry and was shamed online but fought back. I became thick-skinned and gained respect based on my work ethic… 


“It made me mature as an artist and model I learnt to ignore the criticism. I smile and wave at the haters and be kind.”

Yep, it’s true folks Joey is also a renowned success in the Music Industry, Joey tell us a bit more about this Battle Rap / HipHop Style of music you focus on to express yourself and where did the Music career all began? 

I just turned 38 on the 7th of December I was born in 1982 I grew up as a kid in the 90s listening to 80s/ 90s rap like Tupac NWA and used to write poetry in primary school then it turned into song writing in high school. I used to sing in a punk band as a teenager and go compete in cyphers and rap battles all over Australia. I recorded my first album at 21 years old time is money ep in 2003  

I joined Real talk battle league in 2010 and that’s how professionally I made my mark as a battle Rapper I had a break from 2012 to 2014 to focus on my daughter and went back to recording music with the Wu tang affiliate zu ninjas and travelling to the UK to record my album in 2015 UK sessions.  

 I have all my albums on all streaming platforms on SPOTIFY  and Apple music and people can watch my battles

I’ve worked with many artists it’s been a great experience and learnt a lot. I’m working and writing on a new album called illuminati theory produced by DJ Pain –  who is American record producer and DJ from Madison, Wisconsin. (He has produced for artists including Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Schoolboy Q, Ludacris, Lil Baby, Sarkodie, Rick Ross, Public Enemy, and the late Nipsey hustle.) It’s out MARCH 7TH 2021. 

JOEY in today’s feature the theme and look is all about a SPORTY BOXING FITNESS VIBE aka.  ” LET’S RUMBLE AND BE HUMBLE ” give us the inside scoop behind the scenes what was the most fun and precious moment about this photo shoot that you’ll always remember and treasure?  

Emma Salmon is the best in the industry she has worked with MAXIM and her photography skills are amazing I knew Emma and blacklight were perfect for MOLLMAGSA and her professionalism was on point. She made sure the shoot was right for the Battle Rapper element even when I was nervous, she directed me and made me laugh and made me feel comfortable.  

“The backdrop was at Bondi boxing in a ring to symbolize battle rap and as a fearless role model.”


JOEY what is the true meaning behind your Music Nickname aka “DOVE” what’s the story behind it all please share? 

D.o.v.e was an acronym for don’t over verbalize everything I used to be a graffiti artist as a kid and it was part of my artist name. I used to graffiti and draw. “I used it as my rap name because it symbolizes you don’t have to say much to make a difference. You just do by setting by example…” 

What stands out from our magazine brand MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and what made you want to feature with us today Joey? 

 I have a lot of fans from South Africa & Africa who love battle rap and hip-hop I thought it was an amazing opportunity to show MOLLMAGSA about my story  

“I wanted to be part of the family to inspire others as a model and a Music Rapper. It was a first choice.”


HIDDEN TALENT OTHER THAN MUSIC AND MODELING? – I cook pastries and desserts 

WHEN NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA OR IN THE MUSIC STUDIO WHERE WOULD WE LIKELY FIND YOU DOING OTHERWISE? –  Spending time with my daughter family and friends. I’m a family-oriented person. 


FAVORITE LATE-NIGHT SNACK? – Tim Tam’s (Australian Chocolate biscuit) 



WE HEAR ALONG THE GRAPEVINE IF YOU GET THE CHANCE TO TRAVEL YOU WOULD LOVE TO VISIT SOUTH AFRICA, WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE ON THAT SHARE WITH US? – It’s a place of beauty and culture and would love to do a shoot there. It’s so exotic and exciting. Wild animals and cultural diversity. 

YOUR NEXT BIG PROJECT AS A MODEL AND MUSIC ARTIST GIVE US A SNEAKPEEK WHAT DOES IT ENTAIL? – Recording a new album called illuminati theory it’s in the works at the moment. I’m excited about working with MOLLMAGSA in some future projects soon for 2021 

WHAT’S YOUR FESTIVE MESSAGE TO EVERYONE OUT THERE TODAY PLEASE SHARE? – Tell someone you love them pandemic or not Christmas is a time for joy and reflection be kind to your fellow humans. 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY EACH DAY? – Great things never come from comfort zones”