Today’s Lingerie Editorial has a splash of Latina beauty and flavor to it as we showcase and introduce you to the newest MOLLBABE model featuring Brigitte Saunders alongside Eric Milbourne Photographer for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA December 2020 Holiday Special Edition


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That Latina Beauty we bring today to our fans followers and readers with the Beautiful model / actress, dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor as well as International Belly dance Teacher and more…

Yes that’s correct this Latin Beauty aka Brigitte Saunders has many hidden talents and we are very proud today to introduce to you all as she’s making her debut feature with us at MOLLMAGSA alongside international Photographer aka Eric Milbourne and our CEO Arne Schreuder.

Brigitte was born and grew up in Ecuador. Then she also made a big impact in the Belly Dancing circuit as she studied Belly Dancing for 11years and graduated with Mayra Huzid in Buenos Aires Argentina, Brigitte also decided after graduating from Belly dancing School she furthermore

also wanted to teach belly dancing herself as a Teacher to others out there, so Brigitte then decided to move to Pensacola Florida USA to pursue her dreams as an actress, model and international belly dance teacher / instructor… in her words and we quote Brigitte saying:

“I needed to leave my comfort zone to live the life of my dreams. You have to create a life you love!” And so her dreams started to became a reality after some hard work and determination things started to sparkle and dazzle in her modeling career as well…

So let’s sit back and enjoy the sights and journey of Beautiful Brigitte, as she’s interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder today, as Brigitte is making her debut in our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2020 Holiday Season edition.

“Red is My Favorite Color Lingerie Editorial” featuring MOLLBABE model Brigitte Saunders and Photographer Eric Milbourne.

Welcome Briggitte and Eric, how does it feel to be part of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA December 2020 Holiday Edition features?

Model Brigitte – Totally Mind blown so so excited thank you so much for the opportunity… “Muito Obrigado”

Photographer Eric Milbourne – I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity once more to see my photography work published in MOLLMAGSA thank you so much, Perfect way to end off the 2020 season and year that was very difficult for us all, “but this totally puts a bright smile on my face for sure!”


Brigitte please introduce yourself to us and the fans / followers and readers out there, tell us what makes you being you and what is it that made you so a success story in modeling and where did the journey for you all start?

Hello Everyone (Ola a todos) my name is Brigitte Saunders all the way from PENSACOLA FLORIDA USA, yes you heard also some Portuguese in my translation and language, because I am also Latin American as I was born there and being Latina is true to whom I am and in how I live life to the fullest.

Belly dancing is my true passion after that its modeling, but yes I love to dance as its my whole life my heart my everything… I’m a professional belly dance teacher. I had been studying belly dance for 11 years. I had the opportunity to learn from the best teachers.

I studied for 5 years teacher formation with the famous international belly dance teacher Pablo Acosta from Argentina judge examinator from CIAD competition around the world, I graduated with Mayra Huzid in Buenos Aires Argentina, she is the first belly dance teacher in the world certified by Farida Fahmy who is the creator of the Muwashahat dance in Egypt a famous figure in Egypt.

I had the opportunity to take workshops with Saida Helou, Yamil Anum, Oscar Flores, Romina Maluf, Safia from Argentina also with Viktoria Krutskih from Russia, Fahra Haraf from Túnez, Alla Kushnir from Ukraine, Jillina and Sadie from the USA, Mohamed Shahin and Mohamed Sayed from Egypt.

Then on to my Modeling Career I attended The IBMS MODEL BIKINI SEARCH EVENT in Las Vegas a few years ago and was a first runner up in the contest it truly was a phenomenal experience loved it. And I’m doing pretty well in my modeling career after that event.

So it’s safe to say your modeling career sky rocketed yourself in to stardom, Give us a list of your modeling achievements and modeling features your most proud of thus far in your career Brigitte?

Well let me start off by saying I am truly blessed and very thankful for each modeling achievement and opportunity it gave me thus far and for the people and photographers that is also a BIG PART OF MY SUCCESS!!! for the following:

  • Playboy Playmate model feature in PLAYBOY CROATIA (ONE OF THE BIGGEST achievements I am really proud of as I was not just only published but I’m in the Top 5 playmates of Croatia.)
  • MISS IBMS America Finalist , First Runner up and also Ambassador for IBMS
  • Features in Babe Watch Magazine as well as Purple Candy Magazine and many more…
  • Then also the following modeling titles achieved that I am Miss Destin Florida, Miss Spain Fashion Week as well.
  • Also not forgetting I am the Belly Dancer, Live Streamer Gamer, Twerking Queen, Hooked on Fashion Queen.

What would you say is your message of inspiration to younger up coming models whom want to do just as good as you in the modeling industry and whom look up to you Brigitte what will you tell them all today?

Remember to work hard in silence, let success make the noise…

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go in your modeling career and journey, as long as you don’t stop and never give up on your dreams.”

Eric back to you what makes model Brigitte so a phenomenal person and character to work with in front of the camera lens?

For me as a photographer it’s so heart warming to see how Brigitte enjoys herself on shoots and how she express herself and also being so comfortable and professional all in one…

“That Latina Beauty and heritage she brings to every shoot makes it so wonderful to capture her in her true element, thank you Brigitte for being such an inspiration to many out there.”


WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO WHEN NOT MODELING? – I love dancing it’s my happy place of my heart and soul, and secondly I love to travel the world as I have been all over the globe.

“Some days I wish I can go back in life. Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice!!!” ALSO NOT FORGETTING the nature walks and exploring what nature has gifted us all

FAVORITE PLACES YOU TRAVELD TO SHARE WITH US? – Germany , Morocco, Costa Rica,  Croatia, Argentina, Las Vegas Nevada, Mexico, Puerto Rico  just to name a few wink wink

FAVORITE WILDLIFE ANIMAL YOU ADORE? – That’s an easy one… drumroll please… My absolute favorite are camels I love them so majestic in the desert.

IT’S TIME TO GIVE SOME LIFE LESSONS WHATS YOUR LIFE LESSON TO SHARE AND GIVE US TODAY? –“The smile is the best curve a woman can have!!” Don’t stop smiling



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