Bringing that South African Summer Sunshine breeze and swimwear beauty today for our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2020 feature alongside the charismatic charm and beautiful Ciara and JP Photography.


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Summer Season’s in SOUTH AFRICA is all about sunshine, getting ya tan on, spending days at the beach and having beach parties or pool parties with your friends AND family, so lets get that #SUMMERVIBES flowing for December month in our beloved SOUTH AFRICA…

As we bring you the beautiful and charismatic charm aka CIARA TAYLOR KRUGER alongside local Photographer JP Photography from Cape Town South Africa. It’s a perfect day to hit the beach and bring the beauty of summer and beautiful sunsets to your doorstep.

And in today’s Swimwear Editorial we bring it with our own unique SOUTH AFRICAN aka Mzansi flair and beauty for summa. As we find out more what brings the Summer Fun out for model Ciara and Photographer JP as they both sat down in interview with our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder today.


Welcome Ciara and JP how does it feel to be featured today in our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2020 holiday edition?

MODEL CIARA – I feel absolutely honored to be part of this month’s feature thank you so much.

JP PHOTOGRAPHY – Feel so good to be back for another feature, always super cool and fantastic to see my work gracing the pages of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you to everyone…

“Especially the Beautiful Ciara and MOLLMAGSA CEO #TheBossMan making it always happen Arne”

Tell us Ciara where and how did your modeling career all start?

Well… I was scouted by a modeling agency here in Cape Town South Africa aka and thanks to them and their team, it totally opened up doors to amazing modeling opportunities and features,

just like this one today for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, and I am totally thankful and blessed.

As today’s feature is all about “Summer Sunsets and Swimwear Beauty” how would you describe this photo-shoot and feature in a nutshell Ciara and JP?

CIARA FROM A MODEL’S VIEW – December and Summer Holidays for me its all about being out there and enjoying summer on the beach taking in that fresh sea side air every morning,

and just be me being comfortable in my bikini in the dipping my toes in that sea water and sand!! What more can you ask for because this is the life to have!!!

JP FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – Mmmm where shall I start, As we photographer’s like to say #WelcomeToTheGoldenHours of Photography, 

  • It just makes everything pop, including skin tones.
  • It’s also important to note we can once again thank haze particles reflecting more of that warm Summer light in the evenings than in the mornings.
  • And thirdly Cape Town truly has the most amazing beach locations to do Swimwear photo-shoots, I love it… because its part of my backyard!!!

JP from a Photographer’s eye through the lens describe Ciara’s modeling look to us and the fans out there?

“Ciara is very confident and totally the perfect package to work with… she oozes that charismatic charm.”

As it’s the holiday season and Christmas Festive Time how will you spend it?

MODEL CIARA – Just being with friends and family and also walks on the beach and then signing the day off with a glass of wine and a BBQ with friends and family, that would be perfect for me thank you very much wink wink

JP PHOTOGRAPHY – Taking in those valuable moments with our friends and family close to us, and yes a few BIKER breakfast runs on the road!!


WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING WHEN NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA LENS MODELING? – Well other than modeling, I love to travel the world to some amazing destinations as the saying goes, “Life is a Journey Enjoy the Ride to Explore more…”

FAVORITE DESTINATIONS YOU TRAVELED TO THUS FAR? – There are a few that’s my favorite which are: The Netherlands, Budapest Hungary…

but nothing beats my Hometown aka Cape Town… Local is surely Lekker and the best vacation hot spots beaches around Western Cape.

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SERIES TO RELAX AND UNWIND TO? – Well for me it’s the series of Modern Family and Black Mirror those 2 shows rock my world … and my ultimate movie is Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze ( The Best Dance Romance in my opinion by  far)

QUOTE OF THE DAY SHARE WITH US? – “To Love you have to start with Loving Yourself for whom you are and want to portray to the world, as self-love is the most rewarding for the mind body and soul.”