A Swimwear Editorial all the way from Costa Rica, as we all give you the Tropical Summer Wonder Sensations of Angie Murillo alongside international Photographer Chalo Garcia this December 2020 in MOLLMAGSA


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Welcome La Costa Rica as we travel to the rich coastline shores and lush jungles to get that TROPICAL FEVER from the Central American Country known for it’s golden shores beaches and also erupting mysterious volcanos as well as the LUSH TROPICAL jungles…

Mix those elements of nature together and you all get a blend of mesmerizing TRUE BEAUTY in the looks of our newest MOLLMAGSA mollbabe international model aka Angie Murillo alongside International Photographer  Chalo Garcia… As they both bring a blend of Unique Mesmerizing Beauty in today’s Swimwear Editorial.

This Tropical Latina Beauty aka Angie Murillo loves to travel the world to explore as it gets her to learn more about other cultures and meeting new people. Other than modeling she’s also a certified Graphic Software Developer so in other words very tech savvy,

if she’s not modeling she’ll be behind the computer making her Graphic Software skills do the talking. When she wants to relax and unwind and escape from the busy world out there she enjoys being one with nature. Hiking the mountains, exploring the wonders of the beaches, jungles and waterfalls in COSTA RICA.

Let’s find out more about Angie as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder, “Tropical Summer Wonders in Costa Rica – Swimwear Editorial”


Welcome ANGIE & CHALO, congrats on your December Holiday Season feature for MOLLMAGSA what’s your feelings right now in a short sentence explain? 

Model Angie – Truly blessed Gracias!!!

Photographer Chalo – An honor to be featured in such an amazing magazine very humbled by the opportunity.

Angie please introduce YOURSELF to the fans / followers and readers out there?

Hello everyone I’m a model from the beautiful tropical Latin America known as COSTA RICA, My beauty and personality makes me who I am with rich roots in my culture as well that I am very proud of, I am also a strong woman in my beliefs that the rain must be turned into fire.

That means my beauty is true as it burns like a warm fire in my soul to show the world who I am and what I stand for in this lifetime… “As the Saying is “Pura Vida” aka Living life Pure (Pure Life)”

We hear along the grapevine you also love to travel the world what’s so fascinating about traveling for you Angie?

“I love to travel and learn about different cultures and meeting new people along the way”

Other than modeling what would we find you doing occupation wise?

I’m working as a Graphics Software Developer so yes I’m a tech geek so to say, but I love it very very much my job. As a software developer, I try to escape from my routine spot sometimes to breakaway and enjoy my modeling with beauty and fashion professionals and express myself through BEAUTY AND FASHION 

Angie what is it about that’s so unique and wonderful as a model working with Photographer’s like Chalo today?

“My Photographer knows how to get the best results out of me and achieve what we want as an artistic team together and I love that.”


HOBBIES? – Love to travel the world, Also being one with nature and exploring the beautiful waterfalls, jungles, mountains and volcanos, as I love hiking in COSTA RICA.

HIDDEN TALENT? – I am very artistic and express myself through Painting, My passion is art and I love to paint with Graphite, Coal, Oil painting, and my two favorites Watercolors and Pencils.

GENRES OF MODELING YOU ENJOY TO DO? – Beauty and Glamour photoshoots that capture MY feelings, candid moments, and different looks.

MESSAGE OF INSPERATION AS A MODEL, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? – The camera inspires me and makes me extremely happy. I love expressing myself and share my vision as a positive story to others. “Modeling makes me see everything with different eyes and guides me through the maze of life. It comes from my heart.”

IT’S THE FESTIVE SEASON WHAT’S YOUR CHRISTMAS WISH PLEASE SHARE WITH US? – Just to be healthy and also be kind to others and show love and respect and peace to one and another as the world needs peace love and joy right now.