Introducing our JANUARY 2021 covergirl and MOTY for MOLLMAGSA the beautiful and ravishing Rachel Ashley Johnson alongside international Photographer Peter Baratti.


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A “New Year” is here and that means a fresh new start to new features and new faces as well as brand new beauty that inspires us all for what’s to come in 2021, Plus it’s also a huge and big honor and congratulations to this month’s MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2021 Covermodel and also our MOTY (MOLLBABE MODEL OF THE YEAR FOR 2021)

The Ravishing Blond Beauty from Los Angeles USA, and also known as our Queen of Lingerie aka Rachel Ashley Johnson alongside the international and very talented photographer Peter Baratti. As they bring a touch of sophisticated and sensual Pink Velvet feel to our pages this month in today’s Lingerie Editorial.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with Rachel and Peter in today’s interview covermodel feature and 2021 MOTY FEATURE

Welcome back AND a Happy New Year to you Rachel, congrats on being our covermodel for JANUARY 2021 as well as our chosen MOLLBABE MOTY for MOLLMAGSA how does it all feel this exciting news?

SUPER AMAZING news, really shocked and honored to be named MOTY as well as covergirl for JANUARY 2021… thank you so so much…

“Totally overwhelmed with tears of joy!!”

How has your lead up to 2021 been like so far Rachel Ashley… model work wise and in personal life please share with us?

Well in one sentence let me say this… “Crazy, but beautiful in its own unique way.” been blessed in so many ways as the lead up to 2021 has been tough with all its obstacles in the way, but to see and feel the people around me surrounding me and being there for me in these times is a totally true blessing.

Modeling and Work wise I’ve been doing and working around the clock doing photo shoots non stop for Magazine features, I’m also very excited about working with IBMS on their IBMS REALITY TV SHOW “THE MODEL LIFE” coming soon in 2021 so keep an eye out for that as well.

And to top it all off this MAGAZINE FEATURE with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA surly made my year completely knowing that I am chosen as MOTY for 2021 , Arne and Ashley and the team you are all total gems thank you so much!!!  … 

“Being part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY is a true honor I love it”


Who would be your favorite photographer to work with on a project or photo shoot Rachel Ashley?… It’s time to share that Photographer Fantasy of yours!!

Wow what a question to ask wink wink… mmmm… EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER I worked with so far in my modeling career, are all very talented and very unique in how they bring the story and portray look of me to life on set and location, and…

“I love working with all of them as I learn something new each and every time from all of them.”

,but in this specific photo shoot and editorial PETER BARATTI is truly master class and the man to work with, as he brings out that classy and professional feel every time in his work. And I really love it because it totally shows in the final results. Will recommend him to anyone and everyone out there!!


WHAT’S YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION FOR THE BRAND NEW 2021 RACHEL ASHLEY? – Enjoy life make every minute , second and hour count every day and remember to be your own you!!

MOST ENJOYING THING OF LIFE FOR YOU IS TO? – Spend the valuable time and memories you create with the friends and family you can count on in life whom is there to support you and help you in the time of need.

INSPIRATION TO DO MODELING AS A CAREER FOR YOU RACHEL ASHLEY? – I look up to Kate Upton very much as she’s my inspiration in modeling.

FAVORITE HOBBIES TO RELAX WITH? – Ballet Dancing, Going to gym and fitness runs Yoga classes and also enjoying the nightlife of Las Vegas with my Girlfriends… #GirlsNightOut

FAVORITE LINGERIE BRAND? – Definitely by a shadow of a doubt… AGENT PROVOCATEUR!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY? – “Time to let go of pain, worry and fear and put all your trust in God!!”