Bringing that sophisticated style as we suit up in some pinstripe fashion and glam with MOLLBABE model Claire Du Preez and photographer Hannes Spookles  from South Africa for our January 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA featured editorial.


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Photography by Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES on instagram 

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Venue and photo shoot location BIG THANK YOU to The Royal Elephant Hotel at


Suit Up as we make those glamorous Pinstripe and cocktail dress outfits shine with a mix of sophistication, style, elegance and sexy glam fashion. Ladies and Gents… SOUTH AFRICAN homegrown beauty is back aka,

Claire Du Preez gives us her interpretation of that Elegant Pinstripe Sophistication Fashion and Style alongside the talented Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES, lets join these 2 on a journey of Pinstripe Elegance in today’s editorial feature as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder.



Welcome Back Claire and Hannes how does it feel starting the new year in spectacular style with us and part of our MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2021 feature and edition?

MODEL CLAIRE – What a feeling extremely excited to feature once again in MOLLMAGSA and also it’s wonderful to start the brand new year like this… totally overwhelmed thank you!!!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES –  ONCE AGAIN very grateful for this opportunity as this is my 2nd feature for the month of JANUARY 2021 so blessed thank you.

What are the 3 things that stood out of each other on this shoot?

MODEL CLAIRE – So much fun, loved how stylish and sophisticated the outfits are and it gave me that sense of empowerment as a woman. Hannes truly knows how to capture my spirit and true beauty in a photograph, thank you so much!!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Claire is so much fun to work with, the camera lens truly lights up when she’s around… we had loads of fun let’s do it again soon!!

As we all go through difficult times in our lives Claire, what would  your words of inspiration to others be  today / friends and family and to your followers and fans out there?

“Seek to be worth knowing, Rather than to be well known.”

What does true elegance mean to you in a nutshell Claire, please explain?

It’s the true essence and embodiment of being who you are empowered and strong as a woman, it’s a state of mind firstly and…

“Elegant women don’t obsess over what everyone else is doing… we focus on ourselves.”

Hannes as a photographer what would your words of encouragement be to models in the industry?

If I can give anyone advise…

  • Never stop, Never give up & Never quit,
  • Don’t be scared, see each opportunity as a challenge, an opportunity to learn something new, challenge yourself to learn,
  • Work harder and be yourself, anything in life is possible.
  • Embrace your true and Unique beauty and be proud of it.


FAVORITE WAYS TO RELAX AND REWIND – Just putting my feet up being in some comfy PJ’S and relax in front of the TV on the couch with Netflix or a movie for me #ThatsMeBeingMe

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS – Let’s be more considered and loving and caring towards each other as the world needs more peace more love and more care!!!

FOOD PORN WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FOOD FIX – Few slices of Pizza or a baked banana bread

QUOTE OF THE DAY – “Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.”