Bringing that Glam Look with a touch of Elegance as we feature South African modeling beauty Ilze Fourie alongside Francois Cloete Photography and Liezl Nortjie Boutique Couture for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA January month edition 2021.


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Photography by Francois Cloete from FrancoisCloetePhotography and website

Wardrobe Clothing Designed by @liezlnortje from Liezl Nortjie Boutique Couture 

MUA & Hair done by TaureenArtistry


The Illustrious Beauty of the stunning Ilze Fourie is back ladies and gents, and this time Ilze is bringing that “Rockin Glam Look with a touch of Elegance.” So prepare yourselves to be amazed by the true beauty of this homegrown South African.

She’s Glam She’s Elegant and she has a fresh new outlook on life this new year and season… A FASHIONISTA in her own right, let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model Ilze Fourie in interview for today’s feature.



Welcome Back Ilze , Francois Cloete and Liezl Nortjie for a brand new feature in the beginning of the new year of JANUARY 2021 for MOLLMAGSA, how does it feel to be back for this month’s feature?

MODEL ILZE FOURIE – Amazing feelin to be back for the brand new year and a new look and refreshed and ready to do this for 2021, thank you so much everyone!!

PHOTOGRAPHER FRANCOIS CLOETE – So glad to be back and showcasing my photography work with MOLLMAGSA… so grateful thank you.

LIEZL NORTJIE BOUTIQUE COUTURE – Always stunning and thankful to work alongside Francois and Ilze for photo shoot projects, and also always rewarding feeling to see it recognized by such an amazing Magazine and family like MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA… so blessed thank you.

Ilze what would you say is the fashion statement this year in your opinion?

Mmmm… that’s something to ponder and think about… Let me say this: Keep it real, be passionate and comfortable and confident in what you wear.

“Keep it Glamourous Keep it Elegant, Rock that Confidence of yourself!!”

…Oh yes and don’t forget to bedazzle those face masks as well make a bold statement when your out in public, as we all are still going through the pandemic of Covid-19.

One thing that makes Photographer Francois Cloete’s Photography stand out for you Ilze, what would that be?

Well it’s a mix of a few things for me:

  • Francois is always professional.
  • He makes us all feel comfortable on set for that perfect result in the end.
  • We make some jokes and it is fun to work together.


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT – It will always be the bushveld around a crackling campfire or watching the beautiful beach sunsets with a glass of wine for me.

FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX – Surf-ski and cycling.

MOST VALUBALE MOMENTS IN LIFE FOR YOU WHAT WOULD THAT BE – To spend it with friends and family we love and care about the most.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS – Being the best version of me, not sweating the small stuff and being happy.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE OF THE DAY – “Confidence, is the best outfit, rock it, own it!”