For today’s Lingerie Editorial we bring you Beauty from the Bedroom ” Smitten Bedroom Kitten” featuring Canadian beauty MOLLBABE international model Jess K Cat alongside Photographer Robert J Deak for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA January 2021 edition.


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That Lingerie Feelin straight from the Bedroom view with newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE model from Canada making her debut aka ” The Smitkitten” Jess K Cat alongside international Canadian Photographer aka Robert James Deak.

Today’s Lingerie Editorial focusses on that comfortable moments in one’s lingerie straight from the views of the bedroom with model Jess K Cat, as she’s a lady that’s very comfortable in her own skin and own beauty.

All the way from the shores of Canada, Jess is a lady that puts her focus in life in what she wants she goes out and get it 110%, when we asked her what her MOTTO MANTRA IN LIFE IS she says and we quote her… “Life is like a sandwich no matter which way you flip it, the bread comes first.”

When it comes to modeling Jess loves to use the platform to express herself as its the best way to express one’s true beauty inside and outside and also the creativity and amazing outfits to wear that comes with it all.

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Jess K Cat and Robert James Deak Photographer.

Welcome Jess and Robert, congrats on your lingerie editorial feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA January 2021, how does it feel?

MODEL JESS K CAT – Wow super proud moment of my life, so blessed to be recognized internationally in my modeling I do, Thank you MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and everyone involved…

“I am loving the feeling to be featured and being part of the MOLLMAGSA family!!”

PHOTOGRAPHER ROBERT J DEAK – Amazing to know my work is been published in such an phenomenal magazine in South Africa aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you Arne truly appreciated. Loved working with Jess, her beauty is smitten and very captivating!!

How and where did your love for being a model all start, give us a glimpse into your journey thus far Jess?

My love for modeling started at the age of 16 back then, a local photographer was a friend of mine and we would shoot together. Since then I have grown into a very successful model and have a great following of supporters.

“I have been modeling for about 2 years now and I absolutely love every moment of it!”

Robert Back to you tell us where did your passion for photography all start?

After graduating, I decided to begin  my own Photography business out of the comfort of my home as aka Robert Deak Photography was born. Photography is my passion and what I live for in life!!

I started with a few photo shoots of friends and family just for fun in the beginning , but it all  eventually my love for photography soon  grew into a well oiled business so to speak.

“I have received nothing but positive feedback from clients. Plus I am very professional in what I do as well as my work speaks for itself!!”

What is the message you portray to models and your clients with your Photography work you do Robert?

Well… I am able to make my clients feel comfortable while keeping structure and organization in the job I do… Plus did I mention I love it with great passion as you all can see!!

Jess describe Photographer Robert’s work from a modeling view in 3 words?

“Comfortable, Flawless work, and totally professional!!”



NICKNAME – Smitkitten


  • Love being able to express myself in front of the camera
  • I love all the wonderful creators I’ve met thus far along the way in my modeling career
  • And I love the cute outfits that come with the gig

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION FOR THE YEAR OF 2021 – To get a magazine publication… Published in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA or PLAYBOY

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO TO RELAX WHEN YOUR NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA – I love being in the hot tub or sauna… “Really enjoy being warm and cozy.”