A success story today of true sparkle and elegance with newest MOLLBABE model IsJeanne Du Toit alongside EnVogue Image Photography from SOUTH AFRICA for our MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2021 edition


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Photography by EnVogue Image on instagram | facebook | website

MUA done by Robin Herbst from @refinery_makeup

Styled by Just Gorgeous Evening Dress Hire 

Hair done by Elegant Secrets Hair and Beauty

as well as Strands of Love Hair Extensions 

Lips Botox filling done by www.drhaesthetics.com



It’s a splash of Glam and Elegance in today’s newest feature and editorial, Brining that GLAM AND ELEGANCE is non other than South Africa’s very own homegrown talent Fitness model and Ambassador  IsJeanne Du Toit alongside the master class in Glam Elegance Photographer aka JT from EnVogue Image.

MOLLBABE model IsJeane Du Toit has a true passion in living life to the fullest and reaching 100% for her goal driven dreams in life, along with that said she’s also a fitness beauty as she’s making name for herself in the Fitness modeling world as well , So for her living life the healthy way is a big thing to her success story.

But today we decided to focus on that Elegant side of life and IsJeanne truly have it it buckets and spades as she and photographer JT from EnVogue Image Photography, as we splash that Glam Elegance and Classy lifestyle this month on our pages and more at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA

Lets find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with IsJeanne and EnVogue Image Photography.

“Sparkling Elegance Success Story” –  Editorial

Welcome MODEL IsJeanne and JT from EnVogue Image Photography how does it feel to feature today and being part of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA January 2021 edition?

Model IsJeanne – Truly spectacular to be back and featuring again so so honored and thankful.

EnVogue Image – Phenomenal feeling to showcase my photography work and to work with model IsJeanne, she made it a shoot and project to remember for a long time to come, thank you so much,

“Also not forgetting to feature this for MOLLMAGSA truly makes me so proud!!”

IsJeanne tell us a bit more about yourself and what makes you whom you are and stand out from the crowd, as well as your modeling journey?

Well as you all know by now I’m a inspiring and fitness model Ambassador by heart as fitness and health has a huge impact on my life today and for the future!! I took part in the IFBB ARNOLD MODEL SEARCH back in 2019 and I was the winner,

So yes after all the training and hard work and determination, doors of opportunity is truly opening for me one by one!! so blessed and thankful. I want to give a shoutout and  say a BIG THANK YOU to my training coach who’s been there from the start of my journey  aka Hayley T-Rex Wright,

” Thank you for pushing me and making my dreams come true with hard work and determination AND the BELIEVE in my-self every day!!”

Furthermore you ask what it is that makes me stand out from the crowd?… Let’s just say… simply put, it’s all in my nickname I have ” The Fit Unicorn”

“Because I see the positive in every situation life deals us and then the hard work and determination I give 120% everyday to catch and get that rainbows of success at the end… so so rewarding.”

IsJeanne when it comes to relationship advise what will yours be to those couples out there who want their relationships shine and sparkle?

Be respectful towards each other and always listen to each other, plus… A relationship isn’t always 50/50. Someday you and your loved one will struggle at times so…You suck it up and pick up that 80/20 because they need you and you need them in the end.

Today’s feature is all about ELEGANCE what does that mean to you IsJeanne?

Each one of us has that Elegant touch within us. It’s up to  each one of us too make that potential within our hearts to shine through in every dark situation in life,

“You have the power within you to be bright and be the light in the room.”

In the end it all comes down to, remembering no matter who you are, where you are, or how you look it is all about what goes on in the inside and what your actions portray outward!

“Stay true to being you and keep to your values in life and never give up!!”


GENERES OF MODELING YOU FOCUS ON? – Fitness, Glamour, Fashion and Swimwear

NICKNAME? – The Fit Unicorn

QUOTE OF THE  DAY? – “You will Rise, be Unstoppable, be Humble and you will have everything you dream of!”

YOUR TRAITS YOU HAVE THAT MAKES YOU SO A BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND THAT YOU GET COMPLEMENTED ON EACH DAY… WHICH WILL THAT BE IN YOUR OPINION? – Mmmm surly a tricky question this but I must say… A good sense of Humor and Vibrant & Great set of thighs wink wink!!

HIDDEN TALENTS OTHER THAN BEING A FITNESS MODEL AMBASSADOR? – People don’t know this but my other talent is being a Eyelash Artist

YOUR ICON AND INSPIRATION IN LIFE WHO WILL THAT BE? – That’s an easy one aka my fitness coach Hayley T-Rex Wright and also the BIG FITNESS MAN himself aka Arnold Schwarzenegger