Valentines Month is in full flow as we give you our next Valentines feature today for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka Naddya Montoya alongside international Photographer all the way from AUSTRALIA the talented Sebastian Werth Photography.


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Hair done by Anthony Talbot LONDON on instagram @anthonytalbot1

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Sydney Australia is the setting for this Valentines fever Romantic setting and feature today, as we welcome back MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE model the splendid and spectacular beauty of Naddya Montoya.

Most of you will remember her as our #MissOctober2020 covermodel, well today she’s back once again as Naddya is making a return with gracing us with some Valentines beauty for the month of FEBRUARY 2021 for us, alongside the talented Boudoir Photographer aka Sebastian Werth.

We asked Naddya, in the spirit of Valentines month what it truly means to her personally and she said as we quote her… It’s about showing gratitude to the people who matters the most to you, on a daily basis. “Every day should be Valentine’s”

Let’s find out more as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLBABE model Naddya Montoya.


Welcome Back Naddya congrats on another sublime feature with us this FEBRUARY 2021 for MOLLMAGSA, how does it feel? 

Thank you very much Arne for another amazing feature, in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. I feel very proud and honored to appear in the magazine again and part of the family, I wish for many more to come.

In today’s feature the vocal point is Valentines what is it about Valentine’s Day that makes it so special for you as a person? 

Valentine’s is a beautiful celebration of love and happiness. I think the love should be celebrated every day with your loved ones. It’s not about a particular day of the year, it’s about showing gratitude to the people who matters the most to you, on a daily basis. 

“Every day should be Valentine’s”

Doing this shoot alongside Photographer Sebastian, what is it about his work that is so captivating for you as a model? 

Sebastian and myself have shot a few times before, and it’s always a different style and it works so well every time!  We have done, beach shoots as well as indoor, a variety of different locations. We bounce ideas off each other and we have lots of fun doing it. 

“As we then pitched and submitted the photo shoot set to Arne for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA feature for the month of FEBRUARY!!!”

One moment that stood out for you about this photoshoot Naddya, what will that be please share? 

For this particular shoot, we wanted the beautiful surroundings of Darling Harbour, in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. We decided on the Sofitel hotel overlooking the Sydney skylight and Darling Harbour. 

Moments that stood out for me was, the beautiful lighting and the captivating landscape, was amazing. It felt like being on clouds, as we were high up in the building.  

“And I must say the photos came out sexy and sophisticated!!”


FAVORITE MOST MEMORABLE GIFT YOU HAVE RECEIVED FOR VALENTINES’ WAY BACK THEN DURING YOUR SCHOOL DAYS – I remember one particular Valentine’s, back in school. I got a note in my locker from this boy, explaining his feelings in a poetic/lyrical way. 

I knew about him, but had no clue that he felt this way about me. I was 14 years old at the time. He then also sent me 20 red-roses, and got it delivered to my desk at school. It was very romantic and sweet, a nice memory from my youth. We dated for a long time after. 

IT’S VALENTINES MONTH IN YOUR OPINION WHAT WILL THE PERFECT DATENIGHT ENTAIL – The perfect Valentine’s date for me would be a romantic picnic overlooking Sydney Harbour. Candles, music and a blanket with that special person. I love nature and outdoors, so that would be just perfect.”

WHAT DOES TRUE LOVE MEAN TO YOU – To feel gratitude and be happy with what you already have in life. Self-love and enjoy people and nature and make the most of it every day with a smile 

WHAT INTRUGES YOU THE MOST ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH AS WE KNOW IT TODAY – People intrigue me, as well as life itself 

YOUR NICKNAME AND STORY BEHIND IT – A nickname I got from my best friend is Panda. I always loved Pandas, I find them really cute and gentle, with a big heart!! I have a collection of stuffed Pandas, and I love it.