Bringing some brand new Homegrown talent this Valentines Month for February 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA introducing Monica Pretorius alongside photographer Graham Charles from URIMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY


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Photography by Graham Charles from URIMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY on

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MUA done by Mizandri Nagel on instagram @nmizandri


Introducing newest mollbabe model that’s making her debut for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA this February Valentines Month, we give a warm welcome to Homegrown Beauty aka Monica Pretorius. Monica is all the way from Randfontein South Africa,

This green eyed stunner truly made us take notice as Monica is a GO-GETTER in life as well as she totally has a positive outlook and attitude as well when it comes to setting goals for herself, Furthermore Monica is very very excited to be part of the MOLLMAGSA FAMILY and she can’t wait to make and take this journey to the next level.

In Monica’s words and we quote: “Doing this Valentine’s Shoot made me feel like I have much more Self Confidence than I thought” 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Monica , Makeup Artist Mizandri and Photographer Graham Charles today.



Warm Welcome Monica and Graham and Mizandri, congrats on your Valentines feature today for MOLLMAGSA FEBRUARY 2021, how does it feel describe for us? 

MODEL MONICA – I feel honored to be part of the Valentine’s day shoot with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFIRCA and,

“Feel like I have much more Self Confidence than I thought!” 

GRAHAM FROM URIMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – Once again Arne, thank you, I feel truly humbled to once again have my work grace the pages of MOLLMAGSA, it’s wonderful to see response of the readers of MOLLMAG USA & MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, “My first time to have a valentine’s feature which is exciting.”

MUA MIZANDRI – It was an exciting experience. Everything came out so well and the way. “Monica looked was so beautiful.”



Monica, please introduce yourself to our fans / readers and followers out there, where you reside from and what makes you being whom you are today as well as where did the passion for modeling all start?

I’m Monica Pretorius, 22 years old. I have resided in Randfontein SOUTH AFRICA since 2014. What makes me who I am today is my relationship with people, and I’m good at setting goals with my positive mindset.

My modeling started at a very young age. My sister and I dressed up on weekends, built our own stage to model for each other while we took photos of each other!!

It’s February month and Valentine’s Day is around the corner, tell us what does Valentines mean to you personally Monica? 

Valentines in my personal view is just another day with your loved one, with more love and something special like roses that you can’t buy every day.

“But I think that everyday should be valentine’s day with the love of your life.”



With this shoot and feature for today what stood out for you and made it so special and also how did this theme and idea for the photoshoot all start Monica? 

“The fact that I’m very comfortable around Graham and my best friend as my make-up artist. I love nature too, so I was comfortable in front of the lens, also Arne had a fantastic vision for this shoot Thank You so Much.” 

Graham & Arne asked me if I would be keen to do a Valentine’s day shoot so I agreed with them and searched for dresses. As instructions for theme from Arne was Valentine’s theme Sophisticated Comfortable and Something Red.  So, I took pictures of all 3 dresses and sent them to Graham, Arne & MUA Mizandri to help me decide on this dress.  

And Location wise AKA Kloofendal Nature Reserve, it was somewhere with enough shade instruction from Graham and Arne!  

Because on the day of the photoshoot it was really blazing hot, as Arne told us to stay hydrated with bottled water and bring sunscreen with… OH YES AND ALSO NOT TO FORGET COVID-19 RESTRICTION PROTOCOLS aka Mask-Up when needed 


Graham, please tell us from a photographer view what makes Monica such a unique model to work with? 

This was actually the second photoshoot I did with Monica as the first one was a few months back, and that made it easy to work with together as we are very comfortable working together. 

She is a great person to work with, very laid back, beautiful with a warm & friendly composure with a great sense of humor. During this shoot had a cute habit swapping between her fluffy slippers & heels, fun to see her adapt to the terrain! 

“I love Monica’s green eyes, in catch-light the way they light up.”

Monica what is it that’s so captivating to be a MOLLBABE model and being part of the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA brand and family? 

It’s an Honor to be part of MOLLMAGSA and I’m really excited for the future. I feel beyond blessed. LOVE the family feeling and stylish and comfortable vibe it portrays. Can’t wait to meet everyone again!!


YOUR MOST MEMORABLE VALENTINES GIFT YOU GOT FROM SOMEONE BACK IN YOUR SCHOOL DAYS WHAT WILL THAT BE SHARE WITH US – I was in Primary School when a guy bought me a bunch of flowers with chocolates. That was also my very first valentine’s gift. 

YOUR NICKNAME AND THE STORY BEHIND IT – Most people call me Mona because they get confused and call me Monique… 

IN YOUR OPINION WHAT DOES TRUE LOVE MEAN TO YOU – True love to me means an emotional and physical connection with someone where you feel comfortable to be yourself. 



DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT FROM THE REST – My personality, my attitude and I’m a “go getter” 

IF THERE IS ONE THING IN THIS WORLD YOU COULD DESIRE TO HAVE ONE DAY WHAT WILL IT BE – To live in a world without fear, pain or danger. 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BY EACH DAY – Give God your Weakness and He’ll give you His strength, no matter what you go through!