It’s all about having fun poolside in the summer seasons time in SOUTH AFRICA so today we bring you a SWIMWEAR EDITORIAL and poolside Goddess all the way from Canada with international MOLLBABE model Taryn Maria and Photographer Mark Wong for our MOLLMAGSA February 2021 edition.


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Swimwear and Sunshine we enjoy the vibes poolside with today’s international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe model and swimsuit beauty aka “The Poolside Goddess” all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the one the only Taryn Maria.

This Canadian Beauty Bombshell has made some interesting inroads into the modeling / actress, acting scenes that speaks volumes. Taryn Maria is a well known name and beauty in her own right when it comes to modeling, in her words and we quote, “I am an absolute pleasure to work with and that I needed very little or no direction at all.”

When given directions I am very capable of grasping the look / task they want. They said that I made their jobs so easy and I was always invited back to shoot with them again.

Along with modeling, Taryn also dipped her toes into the movie / tv shows , acting actress entertainment industry as well and she STARRED in some WELL KNOWN MOVIES AND TV SHOWS back in Canada and the USA.

As Taryn showed her acting skills in the movie “AMERICAN PIE presents  THE BOOK OF LOVE” and the Canadian TV Series “SHATTERED” as well as a contestant on “WIPEOUT CANADA” 

Let’s find out more what makes Taryn Maria’s Star Shine bright as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her today alongside photographer Mark Wong.


Welcome Taryn and Photographer Mark Wong, congrats on your FEBRUARY 2021 feature with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA today, how does it feel what’s your emotions right now? 

MODEL TARYN MARIA – Thank you It is a blessing & privilege to be published with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA! I believe the last time I had the pleasure of working with MOLLMAG USA was back in 2014 with the “Miss Paradise.” FEATURE, 

PHOTOGRAPHER MARK WONG – Glad to be back to showcase for MOLLMAGSA in 2021 again thank you so much!! 

As the month of February is here and we know Valentine’s Day is around the corner this month, what does it mean to you personally aka #ValentinesDay? 

MODEL TARYN MARIA – For me nothing. It’s just another day. I have always been more of a fan of Halloween. Valentine’s day is amazing,

“But I do not want just one day, I would rather my daily life be filled with love, affection and appreciation each day every day!!”

PHOTOGRAPHER MARK WONG – It’s a day to celebrate something special with your loved one right beside you, and photography is a perfect tool for this because you can capture and treasure these moments for a very long time. 

Mark, please tell us from a photographer’s view what makes Taryn Maria so a unique model to work with? 

“She’s truly professional in every sense, loved working with her and the weather also was perfect to do this shoot at the swimming pool!”

Taryn back to you, in your career as a model what would you say are the golden rules to follow when it comes to working with the correct photographer in the correct way to not taken advantage of? 

I have been modelling for over a decade and I have seen how the internet has advanced and how easily young women can be taken advantage of. My advice is: 

  • DO RESEARCH!!! Get as much info on the photographer in question, look for references (past models, clients, event coordinators) Do not go to a shoot alone, or at least give all relevant details (location, time, names, info, photographs, whatever!) to someone whom you trust, 
  • and last and most important, TRUST YOUR GUT, if something doesn’t appear right, or the (photographer/staff) ever try to convince you to Say or Do or Shoot something you’re not comfortable doing. THEN DO NOT DO IT! If You do not want to shoot nude & THEN DON’T SHOOT NUDE. End it there and leave.  
  • Oh, and don’t sign anything you don’t understand LOL!!


Your modeling genres you focus on mostly these days as a model Taryn… please list them below? 

  • I have shot nude for Playboy USA, Mexico & Croatia (also had a small feature in their SELFIE issue for Argentina) 
  • I have done some Glamour shoots, A lot of Bikini and Lingerie, I enjoy shooting implied nudity. I have also done some brand modeling for companies like Flat Tummy Tea. 

As a MODEL and a PHOTOGRAPHER how are you coping in the industry as the world and all of us are going through the COVID-19 pandemic? 

TARYN, MODELING WISE – Well due to the Pandemic I have not been traveling so I have not really had the opportunities to shoot as often as I’d like. It’s just not worth the risk, location, other people, close quarters. I have been doing a lot of at home selfie shoots for my social media. This year I decided to go back to school for Graphic design and interactive media. 

“I am always paying someone else to make my posters and banners so I decided since I can’t leave my house why not learn something useful that I can use for myself and maybe others can come to me for their needs.”


MARK, PHOTOGRAPHER WISE – When the pandemic started last year February for us, I did not imagine how everyone lives would be affected from Covid-19 for so long. I mostly stayed home and hanged out with family and friends for the first few months. As the weather got warmer towards summer, I began to slowly shoot outdoor while keeping my social distance. Now it’s winter and with an increase in numbers I only shoot selectively with people whom I know. With our positive rate increased over the winter and our last stay at home order I’m no longer shooting with anyone at this time. 

I’m not going to lie it has been very disappointing as I would have been travelling normally internationally in 2020. Now our local federal govt is making it almost impossible to travel. They are thinking of bringing in severe steps additional to being tested negative 72 hrs before you board your flight home and quarantining for 14 days. Our prime minister wants us to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days even if you test negative with your PCR test at a hotel at our expense.  

I just hope the vaccine will be available for everyone soon, so covid19 can be controlled and eventually eliminated. Meanwhile stay safe everyone. 

As fans and followers will remember Taryn you also starred in the movie called “AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: THE BOOK OF LOVE” back in 2009 as your character was Jenny in the movie, tell us a bit more about that experience you had? 

Oh my, yeah that was a lot of fun. I remember the audition quiet well, I had actually gone in and tried out for 2-3 different roles and was surprised I got the part of Jenny aka “Vomit Girl” honestly, I think the PLAYBOY background helped.  

About a month later I was on set in White Rock, British Columbia (one of many locations in BC they filmed in) and that is where I found out my Co-star for my naughty s** scene was with Bug Hall (Alfalfa in little rascal, 1994) so of course now I’m like OMG I was so excited and nervous but after the first day of shooting in the kitchen we started chatting up and getting cozy with each other.  

Day 2 was the make out scene in the middle of the party which was awkward to film in front of so many people but kind of hot LOL  

and by day 3 of shooting Bug and I were quite comfortable with each other (it was a closed set due to nudity, which means limited people due to nudity so it was basically Bug, Myself & 4 other people) he made me extremely comfortable,  

Bug loves to sing so between takes he would cover me up with a blanket and sing to me. 110% gentleman. I think my favorite part of it was after we had shot the puke scene about 3-4 times and on the last take Bug decided to jump back up,  

pulled a spoon out of his back pocket and proceed to eat the “vomit” off my back for a blooper LOL (the “vomit” was fruit cup, apple sauce and oatmeal shaken together in a bottle for him to drink out of too puke on me) 

Modeling career Publications and achievements your most proud of Taryn please list them below? 

The local newspaper back home in Vancouver has this “Top 30 under 30” list and I had made the list being a born and raised BC girl who had traveled because of modelling & acting.  

But honestly for me I am proud of each publication from when I was 18 to now in my 30’s. so many amazing opportunities were given to me and I am grateful for each and everyone. I spent my 20’s partying every 2-3 months at the PLAYBOY MANSION so I can’t complain too much lol.


NICKNAME AND THE STORY BEHIND IT PLEASE SHARE – Dad Calls me Bird, friends call me Squirrel because I tend to eat little things throughout the day instead of large meals like Trail mix. My mom calls me Bug because since birth I have always had large deep dark eyes like a bug. 

FAVORITE VALENTINE’S GIFT YOU EVER RECEIVED – In my younger years, an ex was very romantic, and I am not so much, makes me so uncomfortable lol He had gone the full 9 yards, Rose peddles, candles, bubble bath, lingerie, chocolate, the works. 

WHAT DOES TRUE LOVE MEAN TO YOU – Means finding someone to connect with on a deeper level, not just physical/s**ual, but someone who loves you for who you truly are. Beauty fades, quarantine has been a test for a lot of relationships. It brings people closer together or it shows a side you didn’t necessarily notice before. 

FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX WHEN NOT MODELING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA – I am back in school so Right now I am learning Graphic Design and Interactive Media so that keeps me pretty busy 

but it depends on time of year, when it’s cold I love arts and crafts so I’m always doing something like coloring, painting, sewing. In the Hot I’m outside, bike rides, gardening, swimming.   

STARSIGN / BIRTH MONTH – Capricorn, December baby 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE RIGHT NOW ON YOUR WATCH LIST – When I am working, I like background noise so usually the show “Friends” was my go-to but they recently removed it from Netflix so now I am watching the new Sabrina series. 

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE WORDS OF WISDOM, WHAT IS THE ONE THING THAT MAKES A RELATIONSHIP WORK IN YOUR OPINION – I have no idea honestly. Everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others. Just be true to yourself. If you’re not happy then make that change. 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE YOUR DAILY LIFE BY – “Carpe Diem” Latin for seize the day. 

WHAT INTRUGES YOU THE MOST ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH AS WE KNOW IT TODAY – When will the entire world one day have adequate health care? In Canada we have universal healthcare.