Something for our female fans / all the ladies out there today as we introduce our FEBRUARY 2021 MEN’S SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION covermodel aka Xander Neff from the USA alongside international cover photographer Alex Sears.


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Event done by Paradise Challenge


Army Veteran Dog trainer turned fitness model / fitness instructor and self proclaimed Entrepreneur please meet our MENS SWIMWEAR covermodel for the month of February 2021 aka Xander Neff as he recently showed what he is made of in the beautiful mystical Beach Views of the Paradise Challenge event held Negril, Jamaica.


Xander is a true trooper and a man of grit and determination… a fighter and survivor when it comes to making a mark and making it count when the chips are down and the odds are stacked against you in the moment of being a true patriot for your land and country aka USA.

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! United we Stand”

And to go with all this he also is very talented in front of the camera lens as a heartthrob tattoo / fitness model, as well as showing his metal when it comes to keeping your body fit, focused and in shape for a very taunting and demanding lifestyle of a hard working man in today’s world and life!

Our CEO ARNE SCHREUDER recently sat down with Xander and photographer Alex Sears in interview talking about all things Men’s Fitness, The New Normal of Life in 2021 as well as How Should a Man treat his Lady on Valentines Day and every day!

Warm welcome to you Xander and congrats on being our chosen MAN OF STYLE SWIMWEAR EDITION men’s cover model for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for February 2021, tell us how do you feel right now about the news?

Did not truly expected this, but when Photographer Alex Sears gave me the news I was like….daaammmnn!!

“Oh hell yes another cover!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! And remember when you work hard and be positive and just be you, things will come your way eventually!!

Please introduce yourself to us and our readers and fans out there in a small bio of where you’re from who you are and what makes you being you?

Hi everyone My name is Xander Neff aka Xander fit or better known as Xander the Savage on social media… I’m a Army Veteran Dog trainer, fitness model , entrepreneur and fitness instructor. Life has given me loads of lessons along the way in my lifetime…

As a Army Veteran Dog Trainer Life has thrown me loads of curve balls but when you… keep focused keep determent and the believe in yourself things will workout the way you want it to, just “Keep Positive and you can do anything you put your mind to!” 

Xander you’re also a fitness hunk, tell us what’s your fitness routine to keep your body in tip top shape?

  • Eat Healthy Eat Right
  • Follow a strict training routine in gym and diet plan
  • Keep focused, A healthy mind is a healthy body… train hard to get those results in the end #NothingComesEasy #BePositive #BeASavage #TrainLikeASavage

“Stop making wishes and start making an IMPACT”


FEBRUARY MONTH is  Valentine’s Month, in your opinion Xander tell us how and what is the best way for a man to treat his lady on Valentine’s Day?

Well there is a few factors at play….

  • Treat your loved one / the woman of your life as a human-being and not an object
  • Be Respectful and always listen to each other. Work on trusting each other and making your moments together count the most you can, as life is a gift from above, It’s a Journey together not a race so enjoy every moment together the best you can!!
  • Don’t just make your lady feel special on a special day like Valentines Day, but rather make her feel special each and every day!!

My motto is the following: “Become friends before you become lovers under them covers” relationships aren’t just based on s** but it’s more about laughter and conversations with each other together!

The World and all of us are going through the COVID-19 pandemic, Xander tell us how has the “NEW NORMAL OF LIFE” in 2021 changed you personally?

2021 my biggest goal is not just to change my physical appearance, but to become the best version of myself. “I wanna wake up every day with a purpose and confidence that my actions are only having a positive impact on those around me.”

“Stay positive be you and I dare you to dream because dreams do come true!!!”