Bringing some Tropical Swimwear Beauty in focus today as we feature the Captivating and Mesmerizing beauty of Coralita alongside Photographer Alex Sears and Paradise Challenge event for our FEBRUARY 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION.


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Event done by Paradise Challenge


Swimwear Paradise in motion today all the way from, Nigrel Jamaica, bringing that SUMMER SUN FUN TROPICAL VIBES, as we introduce a true beauty… a lady that’s Energetic, Passionate. Goofy at times. Aka the captivating Coralita!

She’s all about POSITIVE ENERGY and REAL VIBES in life. Very close to this Beautiful Canadian’s heart is her love for animals and a slight obsession with plant based food diets, We also recently asked Coralita what makes her the most happiest in life today, and she says as we quote…

“I tackle each day by being the happiest I possibly can be. Anything I can do to make others feel the same way is always a goal of mine!”  

Let’s find out more what makes this Captivating Beauty from Canada such a spectacular Beauty and more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Coralita and Photographer Alex Sears for today’s FEBRUARY 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL feature!!


Welcome everyone and congrats on your SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION FEATURES for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA February 2021 feature edition, how do you feel right now explain your emotions you’re going through ladies and gent?

MODEL CORALITA – This is my first magazine feature so I’m pretty excited! When Covid started in 2020 I wasn’t able to travel, photoshoots had to be postponed, and opportunities were lost! I felt so down because everything I always wanted felt like it was slipping away.  

“Going to Jamaica for Paradise Challenge in September 2020 helped spark back my creative side!”

It felt great to finally be back doing what I love! I am so happy that such a fond memory is my first publish… it makes it that much more special!

PHOTOGRAPHER ALEX SEARS – Working with each and every one of these ladies was phenomenal, thanks so much to each and every one of you for giving me the opportunity to work with you all and creating sublime art via my photography lens during this trip.  LOVED EVERY MOMENT!!

Tell us a bit about yourselve introduction into whom you are where you’re from and what makes you being you? 

I’m a 5’3, 111lbs animal lover with a slight plant obsession from Canada. 

I was extremely bullied growing up and as an adult that hasn’t fully stopped. Difference is now I don’t allow it to consume me! I’ve learned over the years that people who constantly hate and judge are just unhappy with themselves. Due to this I put a high importance on my friendships, no matter what.  

“I believe in integrity, loyalty, and women who support women!  I tackle each day by being the happiest I possibly can be. Anything I can do to make others feel the same way is always a goal of mine!”

I’m always smiling and dancing. I’m extremely loud and proud. I strive to always authentically be me, no matter what anyone else says! Overall, what makes me be me is how comfortable I am with being me and I hope me showing this in every aspect of my life encourages other people to be the same! There’s a peace you reach when you are entirely happy with yourself and I wish that on everyone! 

What is the one moment for you that is unforgettable about this photo shoot with Photographer Alex Sears from @Photos_By_Alex_ ? 

It started to storm on our way to the island for the sunset shoots happening that day. By the time we got to the island we had to run for cover! We all got completely soaked, makeup and hair ruined and just had a dance party under the trees.  

A couple other models joined me in the ocean to splash around and make the best of it and Alex just went for it. I had no idea if I had mascara all over my face, what my hair looked like… but since I was wearing a shirt that said 

“I legit do not care I went for it and the shoot ended up being one of my favorites from my trip!”

FUN FACTS with Coralita:  

IT’S VALENTINES MONTH DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL DATE NIGHT – I’m a sucker for food and cuddles. A simple homemade meal, a dope snack tray, and a movie is really all I need.  

I like to act like people do on Valentine’s Day all the time, so little gifts here and there with a special meaning or just because are my favorite! 

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS – Energetic. Passionate. Goofy. 

My most embarrassing moment (that is magazine safe) is probably when I tried to hit on a guy tying in his Thor Motocross gear with Thor the Norse God of thunder… 

 it did not work… I did not think it through. The brand label haunts me and I cannot stop laughing any time I see it! 

MOST MEMORABLE VALENTINES GIFT YOU RECEIVED FROM SOMEONE – My sister Kayla has always been my favorite Valentine! We love spoiling each other with cute gifts (even just our favorite candy) randomly to make each other smile. She got me a Harry Potter chocolate frog with a Harry Potter card one year and I freaked!! Best. Gift. Ever.

FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION OF ALL TIME – Oh this is hard! My favorite vacation destination of all time (so far) is probably Negril, Jamaica. While I’ve been to Jamaica a couple times, when I attended Jamaica’s Paradise Challenge in 2019 I was blown away!  

It was my first modelling event and I went without knowing anyone! It was a bit scary but I had been following the host Joel Alvarez on Instagram for years and years and when he invited me saying no just seemed disrespected to myself.  

It was a dream of mine to be taped by BlackTapeProject and dreams don’t happen without action! I’m so glad I went! It changed my life forever! There’s something about Jamaica that feels like home. The creative energy in the air is intoxicating. I was able to meet and work with professionals that I had admired for as long as I could remember and then those people also became friends! What’s a better travel destination than a place where magic happens? 

IF YOU WIN THE LOTTERY JACKPOT WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU WILL DO WITH YOUR WINNINGS – I really want to do more to help animals, specifically dogs and cats! Since the pandemic begun, volunteers in animal shelters haven’t been allowed and I can’t imagine what’s happening to all the animals…  

I would love to create places all over the world that takes in and cares for any animal that doesn’t have a home without the risk of being put down. Animals are such selfless, loving creatures that definitely need more of our help! 

HIDDEN TALENTS – How hidden? Haha just kidding. 

LIFE MOTTO – “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” and “Have the courage to be who you are”. Both tie in to things I struggle with personally.