The Blossoming Beauty aka Heather Spytek is back for yet another stylish feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA March 2021 edition alongside the international photographer Jim Blankemeier.


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Photography by Jim Blankemeier on instagram at @photographyjimblankemeier

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Heather Spytek the name says it all… the true beauty inside and outside with that Sparkling Smile and Sophisticated Style… yes Ladies and Gents MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international sensation MOLLBABE Heather Spytek is back yet again.

As she splashes and gracing our pages this month for MARCH 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA together and alongside international photographer Jim Blankemeier.

Always blossoming and sparkling with her inner beauty and style, Heather is a lady that makes heads turn and take notice everywhere she goes.  It safe to say this blond bombshell beauty knows exactly the meaning of “making it count when it truly matters the most.”

Let’s indulge into the true beauty of model aka Heather Spytek today as she’s interviewed by our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder,


Welcome Back to you Heather Spytek, congrats on yet another amazing feature with us for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and also part of our MARCH month 2021 edition, how do you feel?

Always a warm and happy feeling being part of the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA family, its such a honor to be back yet again to show my beauty and talent alongside photographer and good friend of mine Jim, thank you so much!!

Why this look for today’s feature Heather, please tell us more?

With this shoot with photographer Jim Blankemeier, I wanted to showcase the more fun and elegant side of me always smiling as I love the white dress and red heal shoes I wear when I go out to town to enjoy a glass of wine or bubbly champagne with friends and family. 

“As this is me elegant stylish and sophisticated… Keepin it Real!!”

Also a very warm welcome to you Photographer Jim Blankemeier, tell us what is it that makes Heather such and amazing model to work with in your eyes and view?

Well first of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story through my art and photography. It’s always totally a humble experience and journey to work with Heather Spytek every time I can.

“She’s very professional, very goal driven and down to earth always fun to work with her on set and location as a photographer because she brings that true beauty and energy to a photoshoot every time!”

Jim tell us what is it about photography that makes your soul so happy every time you pick up that camera lens to create your visionary art as a photographer?

“As I travel the world doing photoshoots, I enjoy meeting people, seeing places, working with models, designers. And telling my story through the artistic lens of mine.”

Tell us Jim, which destinations you traveled to for photography projects were your most favorite places to travel too to do photography?

Mmmmm not an easy one this as there is so many traveling stories I have but a few that stands out for me are, when I got the chance to shoot in Paris, and Cannes, France; Venice, Italy and Switzerland for fashion shows.


THINGS YOU LOVE TO DO TO RELAX HEATHER? – Spending the days at the beach dipping my toes in the water swimming and jet-skiing

 MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS AS A MODEL IN YOUR CAREER? – For sure being chosen as Playboy Playmate Centerfold of the year back in JUNE 2001


FAVORITE VACTION SPOT YOU WANT TO BE AND VISIT – Paris France, Somewhere tropical like Hawaii or Let’s go for a Wildlife Safari in South Africa or the Serengeti