It’s all about those “Flower Girl Visions” today as we introduce newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Homegrown Beauty aka Chane Kotze alongside Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA for March 2021 edition.


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Photography By Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA on instagram | facebook 

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Time is here for the Beauty of Flowers to bloom and to be uniquely showing its true colors and beauty to the world out there. Well today is no exception as we want to introduce our newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Homegrown beauty aka Chane Kotze in today’s Flower Girl editorial alongside ModelConnectRSA.

Like the saying goes and we quote: “A flower does not think of competing with the flowers next to it. It just blooms.” 

Chane is all about those moments that gives you those smiling moments, a very passionate and bubbly personality with always a positive and inspiring outlook to life. Always knows what she wants and going for it and always having fun when going 100% for her goals in life.

As we recently asked her what is it that makes her so a positive unique smiling person in the outlook of life she answered and we quote: “If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down, no matter how hard life hits you at times always remember to give a smile.” 

Let’s find out more what makes this flower girl Chane Kotze bloom in the modeling world of today as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her today for our MARCH 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA edition.

Welcome Chane and Eduard how does it feel to be featured and part of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA March month edition 2021?

MODEL CHANE – What a super and amazing feeling didn’t really think I would be considered as a featured model in a local and international modeling magazine as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA thank you so much truly privileged,

“Also a big thank you for everyone involved in making this happen a dream come true for sure!!”


EDUARD FROM MODELCONNECTRSA – Once again, thank you so much for featuring my work Arne and team totally a humble and blessed feeling working with the team at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.

Eduard from a photographer’s view, what makes Chane such a unique model and person to work with?

She’s absolutely a stunning person and awesome model to work with…

“A flower that blooms every time she’s in front of that camera lens that’s a fact!”

What is it that makes MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA such a amazing and unique brand and magazine to feature with?

CHANE FROM A MODEL’S VIEW POINT – Truly professional and that warm welcome family feeling it gives every one as well as beautiful pictorials and models right around the world. A recipe of total and unique beauty and style, in every sense of the word!!

EDUARD FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – Open and honest from every walk of life and every photographer gets a chance and platform to showcase THEIR story through the photos and pictures that’s done.

Chane give us a sneak peek of what and who you are in life?

Hi everyone my name is Chane Kotze and I am homegrown right here from SOUTH AFRICA and proud to be! I am a, very passionate and bubbly personality with always a positive and inspiring outlook to life. “I know what I want in life, and going for it and always having fun when going 100% for my goals in life.”

As the saying goes always dream the impossible dream as dreams is never impossible when you go for it 100% to make it possible in the end.

“I am uniquely me, true beauty that blooms within.”


IF NOT MODELING WHERE AND WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE DOING – Easy one I love the outdoors love to be one with nature as SOUTH AFRICA have such a rich and beautiful history when it comes to the beauty of being outdoors in nature.“I want to leave footprints of kindness and love everywhere I go.”

FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION – Keeping it homegrown on a safari in the bush and then enjoying and ending the day in the arms of my soulmate and love of my life, watching the sun go down with a braai and glass of wine.

WHAT IS IT YOU STRIVE FOR IN LIFE AS WE KNOW IT – Strive for progress not perfection “Be uniquely YOU and no one else”

YOU’RE QUOTE OF THE DAY SHARE WITH US – “Don’t stop shining because someone is intimidated by your light”