MARCH MONTH has some exceptional Imported true Beauty all the way from the UK aka please meet our Miss March 2021 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA the UK stunner Lizzie Pope, as she’s gracing her beauty on our cover page this month.


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Photography By Owen Juice on instagram at @owenjuice also on website

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UK stunner all the way from Liverpool Lizzie Pope the Glamour Model British import beauty gracing her beauty and unique personality on our pages and cover for the month of March 2021 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA alongside international fashion photographer aka Owen Juice.

Lizzie’s dream is to model and make it big on covers of international magazines and also in the modeling industry, and today is surly one of those days as this British stunner is excited to showcase her true beauty to us for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. When asked what is it that makes Modeling and Photoshoots so exciting for Lizzie as a model, she says and we quote:

“I love doing the photoshoots. I love being creative with it, choosing what to wear, where to do the pictures and so much more.”

Furthermore outside of modeling Lizzie wants to pursue a career in building her own company of cosmetics as she’s got a huge passion for cosmetics and makeup,

So lets find out more what this British Beauty heart desires in today’s covermodel interview as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Miss March 2021 Lizzie Pope.

Welcome Lizzie and congrats on being named our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Miss March 2021 covermodel, how does it feel?

Thank you so much everyone… “This is so totally unexpected, a humble warm and proud feeling really it is!!!”

Tell us where did it all start for you, your modeling career Lizzie?

Well like everyone on social media these days I was discovered on the instagram platform. I did a photo shoot with a photographer back in NEWCASTLE in the UK and then I posted the photos on instagram,

“a few minutes and days later my instagram feed blew up with likes and comments all over the show with people, photographers, brands and fans showing huge interest.”

After that I then completed a chance question one day on instagram and then got the opportunity to do a modeling feature in the DAILY STAR PAGE 3 Girl Newspaper spread back here in the UK! It totally blew my mind and totally gave my modeling the jumpstart it needed, #soblessed


“My friends, family and my boyfriend are very supportive of me doing what I love to do aka modeling, without them in my life I wont be where I am today I am so thankful and love them so much!!”

What is it about modeling that’s so exciting for you Lizzie please tell us?

“I love doing the photoshoots. I love being creative with it, choosing what to wear, where to do the pictures and so much more.”

Modeling achievements your most proud of?

I’ve featured in the following that I’m most proud of:

  • Epitome Magazine,
  • Lifestyle For Men Magazine
  • And, of course, my FIRST EVER spread in the Daily Star Page 3 Model spread where it all began.
  • Plus my MISS MARCH 2021 cover feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA today as well!

Favorite genres of Modeling you focus on?

There is quite a few I love to do and they are:

Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear and Body Paint… “Love to be creative in front of the Camera!” also interested in collaborating with music artist and feature in some MUSIC VIDEOS as well in the future!!

Where and how do you see yourself in life where do you want to in life say in 5 years time Lizzie?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about life and what direction I want to take mine in. I feel like sometimes society makes us feel like we are all meant to have it figured out at such a young age, but the truth is we haven’t and we’re just only just getting started and that’s normal!

We are so blessed to be living in an era where we can pretty much do whatever we want with our lives, the sky’s the limit. Right?…

“Those dreams that you are dreaming weren’t given to you by accident my dears, they’re to guide you to the place where your supposed to be. Go and create your dream life because you only get one!!”



WHEN YOUR NOT MODELING WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE DOING? – You will find me working in a clothing retail store, One day I want to open up my own cosmetics and makeup company, as well as I love to travel the world.

FAVORITE FOOD DISH – That’s an easy one… Every time back home in Liverpool I crave for Italian food, I love having a big bowl or plate of Spaghetti Bolognese!!!

HAIR AND EYE COLOR – Dark Brown hair and my eyes are Blue


FAVORITE SEASON OF THE YEAR? – Definitely Summer love to spend the whole day in some designers Brand name Swimwear and Lingerie and take beautiful photos all day long!!

BEST WAY TO RELAX FOR YOU? – A hot bubbly bath, peppermint tea!! And spending the day with the SPECIAL ONE in my life my puppy Frank!!

YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? – Pink or Red tickles my fancy

FAVORITE ATTRIBUTES OF YOU? – My curves and my eyes!!!

YOUR  GO TO QUOTE OF THE DAY? –“Sassy, classy and a bit bad-assy… Don’t be like the rest of them, darling it’s time to be your own and stand out from the crowd.”