Swimwear heating our pages up this month with our next and newest swimwear feature today with Lillie Suzanne alongside Alex Sears Photo and Paradise Challenge for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA March 2021 Swimwear Special Edition.


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Event done by Paradise Challenge


It’s time once again for some Paradise Beauty as we bring the luscious Swimwear Sensation all the way from the USA aka Lillie Suzanne alongside international Photographer Alex Sears at the Paradise Challenge event.

Luscious and newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model Lillie Suzanne is all about that zest for life and adventure, as we recently asked Lillie… what it is that makes her life so adventurous, and she says the following as we quote her:

“Life is all about the beauty of adventure, so it’s time not to sit back but rather spread your wings fly and explore it all!!” 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Lillie and Photographer Alex today for our MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2021 Swimwear Special Edition Feature.

Welcome Lillie and Alex congrats on your Swimwear Editorial feature today in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA March 2021 Swimwear Special Edition, how do you feel right now?

MODEL LILLIE SUZANNE – Very excited and truly honored to be featured today thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!!

PHOTOGRAPHER ALEX SEARS – I’m so happy and excited this set of Lillie made it for feature with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you so much Arne and team.

Lillie Suzanne tell us a bit more about yourself what makes you being whom you are today?

Hi everyone my name is Lillie Suzanne from Redlands, California USA. I’m a model… if I’m not modeling you’ll find me doing my day job as a Business Owner & Property Manager.

As the saying goes my zest for life is traveling the world and explore it everywhere I go… as life is a true adventure. And thanks to modeling this has open those doors to me to…

“Adventure the modeling world and thus far I love every moment and step of it.”

What is the one moment Lillie, that stood out for you from the modeling event done by Paradise Challenge?

Everyone is so professional, the models and the photographers, it’s truly a perfect way to mingle and connect with fellow talents in the industry alike. A perfect way to kickstart your modeling career. And don’t get me started on the amazing exotic locations we get to go to for photo shoots, truly mesmerizing the views every time

“To work with Photographer Alex is such a amazing experience, you always get that NUMBER 1 modeling feeling, as he truly knows how to capture those beautiful moments of me in front of the camera.”

Alex tell us, what makes Lillie such an unique model to work with on set or location?

The fact that she’s always smiling and has that true zest and energy for life, it makes such a mesmerizing moment and feeling to work with her every time, she makes every moment a true adventure in front of the lens.

Lillie what is it that makes life so adventurous to you?

“Life is all about the beauty of adventure, so it’s time not to sit back but rather spread your wings fly and explore it all!!” 

And modeling and traveling combine gives me that opportunity I am totally thankful for.


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT FOR YOU? – I love Italy… as I got the opportunity to visit The Grand Canal Venice as well as The Colosseum and Arch of Constantine in Rome!!

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS? – Adventurous, Smiling and Energetic

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT AS A MODEL? – My time that I was on the Playboy Morning TV show back in the day alongside the Playboy bunnies and cast from the PB Morning show

LIFE MOTTO QUOTE OF THE DAY? – “Life is an adventure, make every moment count and enjoy every second of it.”