It’s a seduction of fashion this month of April 2021 with newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA feature aka Victoria Ann giving her take and self expression on bein the “fashion seductress”


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Photography by Francois Cloete from FrancoisCloetePhotography and website


Fashion is a self expression as today we introduce the “Fashion Seductress” of April 2021 our very own homegrown beauty making her debut for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA this year aka Victoria Ann. All the way from Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa… Nicknamed “The Garden Fairy”.

Victoria Ann is a lady and beauty of true self expressions, when asked what is it about modeling she loves so much Victoria says… “I love expressing myself creatively.” as she started modeling at age 20, combining the art of photographic modeling and also  figure drawing art classes makes VICTORIA a true gem find of a model and lady.

Join our CEO Arne Schreuder today as he interview’s Photographer Francois Cloete and MOLLBABE model Victoria Ann…

Welcome Victoria and Francois, congrats on your feature with us for the month of APRIL 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, tell us what was your reaction and feeling when you got the exciting news? 

MODEL VICTORIA ANN – My reaction when I got the news to be featured in the April issue of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA was instant excitement. “I love doing different things with my life and challenging myself. I felt proud to be chosen.” 

PHOTOGRAPHER FRANCOIS CLOETE – It is always a pleasure working with the team of MOLLMAGSA and the opportunity to showcase Victoria Ann’s talent was an opportunity I could not let go.  I trust that the readers will enjoy this feature.  

I for one hope to be able to show more of her versatility and to work with MOLLMAGSA on a number of projects in the future.  When I first met Victoria Ann, I told Arne about her talent and showed him some photos.  He gave us a brief and I am overjoyed by the opportunity to be featured. 

Victoria, please introduce yourself in a small 3 sentence bio in whom you are and where you reside from and also where and how did your passion for modeling all start? 

My full name is Victoria Ann Clark. “BUT PEOPLE CALL ME VICTORIA ANN AKA The Garden Fairy” I am from Johannesburg, Gauteng. My passion for modelling started when I was just turning 20 years old. 

“I began modelling for figure drawing art classes and that later branched out into photographic modelling.”

In today’s feature and editorial, it’s all about that “FASHION SEDUCTRESS STYLE AND MOMENTS” tell us what is it that stood out the most for you in this photo shoot? 

VICTORIA FROM A MODEL’S VIEW – Was the freedom to be myself. I love expressing myself creatively and really had fun doing so in this “fashion seductress” editorial. 

FRANCOIS FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – It was fantastic to work with Victoria and Arne on this project / shoot… And I must say Victoria brought that Fashion seductress feel to it straight off the bat, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and expressed herself in front of the lens. 

Victoria what is it about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA that is so fascinating to feature with our brand and magazine for you? 

Overall, it was exciting to shoot for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, because the brand likes to meet interesting and innovative individuals, so I felt honored to be a part of the team. As with most things it’s all about meeting and networking with great, like-minded people. 

Victoria what is the one thing in fashion these days that evolved for you the most through time as a woman, please explain in your own words? 

This feature is all about style, and I have to say the one thing in fashion that evolved for me the most would be my license to wear whatever I want to wear.

“It’s about dressing for our most authentic selves and not what’s necessarily on trend.”


In today’s modeling business / industry and lifestyle, we all are going through stressful moments every day, Victoria tell us what works for you the best in handling and coping with those stressful moments please share? 

I handle this best by trying to plan in advance and being mindful of self-care to avoid burnout. “In the bigger picture it’s all about being a better version of myself than I was yesterday and not stressing the small stuff.” 


WHAT IS IT ABOUT MODELING THAT GRABBED YOUR ATTENTION? – I’m drawn to creative people; this industry is thriving with the weird and wonderful and that’s where I like to be 

FAVORITE FASHION ACCESSORY OF ALL TIME? – I love a pretty scarf, they are so versatile 


YOU’RE HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING? – I enjoy gardening very much, it’s my favorite pastime!! 

ANY HIDDEN TALENTS ITS TIME TO SPILL THE BEANS AND SHARE WITH US TODAY? – I did swimming training until I was in my teens, won a few gold medals back then and still love to show off in the water! 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SHOW AT THE MOMENT YOU LOVE TO BINGE ON? – my favorite will always be one of the Wildlife animals / Planet Earth documentaries, I love nature and I find those documentaries inspiring. 

WHAT MAKES SOUTH AFRICA SUCH AN AMAZING COUNTRY EXPLAIN IN YOUR OWN WORDS? – So many things make South Africa a unique and incredible place, it’s diversity and unsurpassed beauty to mention but a few, and of course it’s eclectic people. 


YOUR FASHION ICON AND MODEL INSPIRATION WHO WILL IT BE AND WHY? – “Dita Von Teese”, because her vintage inspired look is supremely classic. 

INSPIRATION QOUTE OF THE DAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BY SHARE WITH US? – “When you are authentic, you create a certain energy, people want to be around you because you are unique”.