Today’s Lingerie editorial feature brings the art of body in motion with our next MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe feature with Lauren Triani and Anthony Neste Photography.


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Art of “Body in Motion” bringing the way of fitness and beauty together as one for today’s feature. As we introduce newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA model and fitness sensation aka the Beautiful and Inspiring Lauren Triani alongside international Photographer Anthony Neste.

All the way from Ormond Beach Florida USA, Lauren Triani is a lady full of hard work, fitness beauty and success in her own right. Being a FITNESS MODEL ATHLETE, we all know what hard work and dedication can bring you in the end, as Lauren is a great example of that and more!!

With today’s feature we put the focus on “Body in Motion Lingerie Editorial ” Bringing Fitness and Beauty together in one time capsule. As we recently asked Lauren what makes her stand out head and shoulder above the rest, she says and we quote:

“Stay committed to you’re Goals in Life and do it in a Positive manner and mindset then and only then will you see Success and Results grow”

Beauty equals Fitness Keep Fit keep Healthy work hard and be dedicated in what you want to achieve in fitness in beauty and in your daily lifestyle. Be the change in… “Making the world a better place with kickbacks & jumpingjacks”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews NPC Fitness Model Athlete and certified personal trainer Lauren Triani and international Photographer Anthony Neste.

Welcome Lauren and Anthony, congrats on your feature with us at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for the month of MAY 2021 how does it feel?

LAUREN TRIANI – Overwhelmed with true joy and humble thankfulness, really an amazing feeling I’m being featured alongside the phenomenal photographer Anthony Neste in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you so much Arne!!

ANTHONY NESTE PHOTOGRAPHY – It’s fantastic to be back again and working alongside such a gem of a lady aka Lauren a true beauty and inspiration, thank you MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, Arne and the team.

For today’s feature it’s all about the art of “Body in Motion” Bringing Fitness and Beauty together, what does that mean to you?

LAUREN TRIANI AS MODEL – This means so much to me!! Being a Fitness Athlete and Personal Trainer, it’s important for me to show that Beauty comes from hard work, dedication and determination within yourself.

“Because Fitness and a Healthy living lifestyle will provide you that Beauty your looking for in the end, mentally and physically.” 

ANTHONY NESTE AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – Lauren is a lady that brings true dedication and hard work to the table, and that is a blend of success in my books.

“Because when your heart and soul is in something you love to do it shines for the world to see, as Lauren is the total package Beauty and Fitness personified.”

Lauren please give us a quick glimpse in whom you are and where you reside from?

My passion and pride is FITNESS. I’m Lauren Traini from Ormond Beach Florida USA, an NPC Fitness athlete. ISSA certified personal trainer. Personal & Online Training. Spending my days in the gym, living a fitness lifestyle.

I also have a love and passion for motorcycles. But yes all in all I love living a fitness lifestyle and being a personal Trainer and Coach, as its giving me true joy in helping others achieve their goals in life through fitness. As I always say…

“You’re success is my commitment and goal to get you their through fitness.”


FAVORITE GENRE OF MODELING – I feel most comfortable and in my element when its Fitness Modeling as well as Lingerie glam or Swimwear / Bikini.

WHAT MAKES YOU THE MOST HAPPIEST IN LIFE – My family and loved ones as well as staying fit and healthy, plus being a inspiration to others and a helping hand and motivation in their fitness journey.

YOU’RE FITNESS MOTTO FOR TODAY SHARE WITH US – I’ve  got a few so here goes:

  • “Do your Squats every day, because no one raps about little butts.”
  • ” Your Body is a bank account healthy good food choices and a daily fitness workout are an investment.”

YOU’RE HAPPY PLACE TO UNWIND AND RELAX – A workout session in the gym or a bikini day on the beach that’s where you’ll find me!!