Bringing that artistic Charlie Chaplin Fashion effect today in our June 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA edition with mollbabe South African model Phoebe Poggiali Trapani alongside Photographer Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA By MR SPOOKLES


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Photography by Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES 

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We bring today a inspiring and fashionable twist on the Legendary Comic Actor  and film maker aka CHARLIE CHAPLIN today as we pay tribute to him and what he has done as an actor and artist for the entertainment industry, in our very own take of “THE CHARLIE CHAPLIN FASHION EFFECT,” with fitness model South African Phoebe Poggiali Trapani alongside Photographer Hannes Spookles.

Ladies and Gents, mollbabe model Phoebe is back and today we get to pay tribute to a Comic Actor / Film maker and Artist through fashion and model Phoebe Poggiali Trapani is the perfect choice to bring the ICONIC CHARLIE CHAPLIN vibes to life today.

“Imagination means nothing without doing.”

And today we do exactly that in today’s fun fashionable and a splash of style sophistication and laughter Editorial with Phoebe Poggiali Trapani and Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR. SPOOKLES

join us as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Phoebe and Hannes in today’s editorial feature for MOLLMAGSA JUNE 2021 EDITION – “THE CHARLIE CHAPLIN FASHION EFFECT.”

Welcome Back Phoebe and Hannes, congrats on your feature this month for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA June 2021, how does it feel to be back for a sublime tribute feature?

MODEL PHOEBE –Means so much aka WOW FACTOR, truly thankful to be back and also doing it again with the amazing photographer Hannes Spookles and the team of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, Arne you make my day today really!!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Glad to be back AND working with Phoebe and the MOLLMAGSA team is always a creative experience I am so thankful to be part of!!

Today’s feature is all about paying tribute to the Iconic CHARLIE CHAPLIN through fashion today, what does it mean to you personally?

PHOEBE as a MODEL – Just to be chosen as a model to bring that vibe of the ICONIC MAN HIMSELF AKA CHARLIE CHAPLIN, it’s a great great honor in it self , thank you so so much!!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Mmmm… where shall we start… A man considered as one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry. A man with a very creative mind in giving the world and audience great laughter through silent film each and every time!!

And being part in brining that factor to life through photography and fashion is a humble proud feeling!! R.I.P. Charlie Chaplin and thank you that your visions and creative mind still inspires us all through the world till this very day!

What is it about modeling and being creative through modeling that makes it so interesting for you Phoebe?

“It’s a platform and means of showing how creative one can be through the love for fashion and one’s creative ideas together and also giving one the confidence in showing that vision through the passion for it!”

Phoebe we also noticed your a YOGA TEACHER as well when your not modeling, what would be your Yoga lesson message of inspiration today?

Yes that’s very true… My message of getting ya inner zen glowing today is the following:

Let’s take today to balance our bodies and minds with water, food, movement and meditation. Even if you have an extra glass of water today or just climb a flight of stairs. You’re helping your body to balance itself.


WHAT IS IT IN LIFE THAT BRINGS YOU HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION – Always striving to be better and when I achieve my goals I set myself, that’s the most rewarding and satisfying for me!!

YOU’RE HOBBIES – This is an easy one as it’s not just a hobby but also my work that I love to do and have a huge passion for!

  • Yoga / Yoga Teacher, Dance and illustration Art.
  • Rock climbing, gymnastics,
  • Cooking, writing, and music.

YOU’RE GOALS AND AMBITIONS RIGHT NOW – I want to travel, and work on what I love to do and collaborate with people and artists that has the thirst for creativity.

YOU’RE MOTTO IN LIFE – “Let’s Live More for this Moment in time, than for the future ahead”