Today is all about Face Painting Portraits as 2021 May month we celebrate our artistic visions. And today it’s local homegrown model Elme Muller & Photographer Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES 


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Photography by Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES 

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Body art and Painting are the vocal points in today’s feature as we express ourselves through the means of art and today its Body Painting Art.

Introducing Homegrown MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe model Elme Muller as she’s back again and this time being “PLAYFULL WITH PAINT” alongside Photographer Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES.

As it’s time to showcase the artistic side of life through “Face Paint Portraits” and combining one’s vision and creativity through modeling, photography and painting Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s model Elme Muller and Photographer Hannes Spookles.

Welcome Back Elme and Photographer Hannes Spookles, how does it feel to feature this month of May 2021 for MOLLMAGSA again?

MODEL ELME – Super proud to be back for another feature… proud to be part of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you Arne!!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Really proud to showcase my work again and 2ndly working with Elme on this project was so much fun, and seeing it being published so a rewarding feeling thank you!!

For this feature the vocal point is all about Face Painting Portraits how did it feel to express yourselves through paint today in working together Elme and Hannes?

MODEL ELME – Love being artistic and being playful with paint, this shoot was so much fun!!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Truly proud of this work Elme brought that charismatic artsy bubbly and fun feelin to the studio and we then just clicked and brought that artsy feeling to life today!

Hannes from a photographer’s eye what is it that makes Elme as a model stand out from the crowd for you?

“Very charismatic artsy bubbly and fun feelin working with her very professional.”


ANIMALS PETS YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR? – That will surly be my Labrador and my Koi fish I love them with all my heart!!

A PERFECT WAY TO RELEASE STRESS ELME? – Well for me I would go to the shooting range, load the gun and shoot a few rounds, who’s up for joining me… , Or I will go for a workout session in the gym!

HIDDEN TALENTS – Mmmmm… Shopping I love buying fashionable dresses and shoes and everything a girl’s heart desires!!

FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION – Love going to the beach and being in the ocean gives you that freedom of feeling like a mermaid in the water!!

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE OF THE DAY – “When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say “why me” rather  Say “Try me”.