Introducing our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Miss April 2021 cover girl “Fitness Fanatic” Nastassja Smit alongside Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA, as we take that fitness fanatic style and beauty in every stride we take this month.


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Photography By Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA on instagram | facebook 

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MUA done by @nsmua1 on instagram and facebook

Gym wear attire by Ryderwear on facebook and website


All about fitness and beauty today as we introduce MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MISS APRIL 2021 covermodel and cover girl aka homegrown sensation Nastassja Smit all the way from Pretoria Tshwane South Africa. Nastassja is not just a pretty face and model in front of the camera, but she’s also a certified makeup artist as well and also recently begin to explore also the fitness modeling genre and journey herself!

Nastassja is very passionate about the things she does and she loves the feeling of accomplishment… as we quote her saying the following:

“When I set my goals and work hard towards them, it is what drives me. I love learning and growing.” 

Let’s find out more what makes this sublime lady stand head and shoulders out above the rest as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her alongside cover photographer Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA.

Welcome Nastassja, congrats on your cover feature for us for the month of APRIL 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, tell us what was your reaction and feeling when you got the exciting news? 

 MODEL NASTASSJA SMIT – First of all, Thank you very much for this amazing feature. I was so shocked and extremely excited at the same time when I got the news. 

EDUARD FROM MODELCONNECTRSA – Glad to be back and seeing my work as a cover for this month totally a humbled feeling thank you, everyone! 

Natassja please introduce yourself to us and the fans and followers today, where you reside from and what makes you being whom you are today… a 5-sentence bio please? 

My name is Nastassja and I reside in Pretoria. I am very passionate about the things I do and…

“I love the feeling of accomplishment when I set my goals and work hard towards them, it is what drives me. I love learning and growing.”

Natassja we’ve noticed your also a very successful Make-up Artist, tell us a bit more about that journey and where did the love for it all start? 

I am sure my passion for pretty makeup started when I was still young. As I young girl I used to wait until my mom left and I would sneak into her room and just admired her collection and her brushes. Years later working and being in the usual office jobs I realized that’s what have always sparked a passion for me and that I wanted to pursue this career.  

“I was lucky enough to do my studies part time whilst still working and everything just escalated from there where I could leave my office job and pursue my then part time Make-up business as a full-time career.”

Nastassja you recently also made fitness a big part of your life, tell us give us a glimpse into your daily fitness routine? 

I am lucky to work with an amazing coach that specializes in female transformations. Her programs are designed for a gym or to exercise home based.  

I exercise 6 times a week and my workouts vary in sessions between Weighted Upper/ Lower Body, HIIT or Cardio (around 1 hour workout sessions) plus I also receive amazing Nutritional meal plans that go hand in hand.

“I also ensure I take all the necessary vitamins and supplements every day.”

As today’s cover shoot feature focuses on FITNESS, what is the one comment or word you will use to describe or the message you want to portray to the world with this photo shoot you did, please share? 

NASTASSJA SMIT AS A MODEL – If you can dream it, you can do it. Set your goal and work hard for it one step at a time. “Don’t let fear hold you back.” 

EDUARD AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – Wanted to put the focus on women fitness today and that you can be proud of what you did to your body feeling fit and looking beautiful doing so!! 

Nastassja as a MAKE-UP ARTIST yourself give us your words of wisdom today on the importance to through away old make-up as soon as it expires? 

Keeping and using old Make-up is truly just bad for your skin and this is something that can cause breakouts/infections from bacteria. 

“It’s best to just look after your skin and treat it well.”



FAVORITE VACATION SPOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU? – I am a West Coast girl and I always love visiting every year 

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS? – Passionate Motivated, Sincere 

WHAT’S YOU’RE HIDDEN TALENT EVERYBODY WOULD BE SUPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT… TIME TO SPILL THE BEANS? – I can sing, but haven’t really sang openly since school. I’ve always been a passionate dancer. 


FAVORITE NETFILX OR TV SHOW AT THE MOMENT? – I love re-watching old favorites like Big Bang Theory or Friends, however I am currently enjoying Lucifer!

WHERE AND WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN 5YEARS TIME FROM NOW? – I just want to grow my business more and possibly be more involved in the fitness industry. I Would love to pursue the Fitness side of modeling more and inspire and motivate other women. 

FAVORITE FOOD DISH TO MAKE OR ENJOY THESE DAYS… WHAT IS THE MEAL THAT TICKLES YA TASTE BUDS THE MOST NASTASSJA? – I absolutely love good food in general so this is difficult but I would say I love a good pasta or a tasty chicken wrap. Lol I know it’s so boring. 

YOUR GO TO ADVISE OR QOUTE TO FELLOW MODELS WHOM LOOK UP TO YOU IN THIS BUSINESS PLEASE SHARE? – Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s and believe in yourself. It’s not always going to be easy but what is important is what you make of it.