Let’s Burlesque, Be Proud of your artistic views this month of MAY 2021 as we introduce this month’s covermodel Ilze Fourie alongside Francois Cloete Photography, Liezl Nortjie Boutique Couture and Taureen Makeup Artistry for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA


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Photography by Francois Cloete from FrancoisCloetePhotography and website

Wardrobe Clothing Designed by @liezlnortje from Liezl Nortjie Boutique Couture 

MUA & Hair done by TaureenArtistry

Artistic Backdrops for photoshoot designed by @backdropsfantasticsa

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Turning Back the “Hands of Time.”  the 1800’s to be exact “The Victorian Era, where musical theater and the love for music. costumes and art reign supreme, the name says it all AKA BURLESQUE

For the month of MAY we set the scene and stage to the sound of our takes and views of Artistic visions through theatre art and music, giving it dramatic, exotic, classical and an artsy flair look and feel to it… Sexy and Artistic yet in it’s own form Historical Classy and Prideful! 


Our very own Burlesque Queen Ilze Fourie is back to bring her take and impression of being proud of one’s artistic visions, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Ilze , Francois, and the team!


Welcome back Ilze Fourie and team, how does it feel to be back and also being this month’s cover girl model for MAY 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA? 

MODEL ILZE – Thank you Arne, it is such a pleasure working with you, I think it is our third time working together now and my second cover for MOLL Magazine SOUTH AFRICA.  

It is always an honor to be chosen as a cover model for a magazine, thank you for the opportunity. It would however not have been possible without the great team I had the privilege working with on this,

so, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Francois as the photographer, Liezl the amazing designer, Yolanda the talented MUA, Nadine who made the backdrops and Rosalie who assisted all of us. 

PHOTOGRAPHER FRANCIOS CLOETE – Wow, a double whammy if not a tripple!  Shooting Ilze, doing a concept that I really thought about and wanted to do for a while with a a dream team and getting featured with a front-page cover!  Thank you, Arne, and MOLLMAGSA and the dream team! 

LIEZL NORTJIE BOUTIQUE COUTURE – Having the opportunity to work, plan, brainstorm and shoot with this amazing team of artists in their own right, is always a pleasure and blessing!


“Having my designs on the cover of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA just makes it all that much more special and exciting!”

For this month the theme is all about feeling creative and artsy and expressing that aspect, tell us what is it that made this photo shoot and theme aka “LET’S BURLESQUE” stand out for you what made it so spectacular? 

ILZE FROM A MODELING VIEW – I absolutely loved the look and feel of the whole theme. Sexy and sassy, yet classy. I felt a little like Dita Von Teese to be honest. What always stands out for me is to see how things come together on the day, after weeks of planning.

“Also, the amount of fun and laughter we have during a shoot, is something I always cherish. We certainly are a awesome team.”

FRANCIOS FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – What inspired me and really got me dreaming was a combination of the movie Burlesque and Dita von Teese.  Being able to shoot our own Dita Fourie and having the creativity of the team flow into the end product stood out for me.  

Yolanda from Taureen Artistry went all out on getting the make-up perfect, the backdrops from Backdrop’s Fantastic and Nadine making her space available coupled with Liezl’s outfits and assistance by my wife Rosalie just made this shoot an absolute highlight.   

“The theme came to live and climbing on a ladder to tie the swing was daunting but the end product and it is so worth it.” 

LIEZL NORTJIE FROM A WARDROBE DESIGNERS VIEW – Burlesque allowed me to play around with textures and designs, something I love doing! And having the pleasure of dressing the gorgeous Ilze Von Teese was, as always, the highlight! Working with a stunning model and amazing person like her, always has my creative juices flowing and we have a way of always trying to push the envelope and do a little something extra to make our shoots special!  

On top of all of that having Yolanda Small, a friend and true artist, do the makeup is always a pleasure to watch! The transformation of our models are always a special part of what we do! Then having the privilege of shooting at Nadine and Ian’s amazing Backdrops Fantastic SA studio, with those mind-blowing backdrops was incredible!!!  

And then, saving the best for last, having the pleasure of Francois and Rosalie as photographers is always for me where the true magic happens!!! Francois just has a way of capturing a mood in his images that makes you think that you’ve been transported in time! 

Describe the word BURLESQUE genre to us in your own meaning? 

ILZE AS A MODEL – In my opinion burlesque is an important form of literature and drama because of its ability to make a mockery of serious and lighthearted subjects alike, it can be used to deliver opinions and messages to encourage change and awareness, especially today, burlesque is an exciting and smart form of entertainment, in a humorous way. 

FRANCIOS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – There is something from years past that brings with it class, tease and style that captures the ravaging beauty of a woman that knows her power perfectly.   Classic Style Seduction 

LIEZL AS A WARDROBE DESIGNER – I LOVE Burlesque!!!! It’s old-world Hollywood combined with a little sexy and naughty, topped with amazing outfits! What’s not to love! 

Francois to you what is the message you want to portray as a photographer in this shoot and feature with Ilze today? 

Ilze and I just seemed to never get the opportunity to work together until last year.  The Burlesque theme has been in my mind for a while, an obsession…a dream.  It has been an idea that I have been twisting around in my mind and playing with but it had to wait for the right model, setup and team.  I am happy with how it all came about and the input from all.  

When I spoke to Arne about the concept, he was equally excited and gave me valuable input and direction.  As the day of the shoot approached…

“The pressure mounted as Arne, Ilze and Liezl challenged me…. the pressure was on!” 


 I think Ilze was the perfect model for this shoot a local Dita Fourie who could easily have played in the movie Burlesque! 



  • Some of the most frequent subjects for burlesque were the plays of Shakespeare and grand opera.
  • In Music some orchestral and chamber works have also been designated as burlesques, of which two early examples are the Ouverture-Suite Burlesque de Quixotte, TWV 55, by Telemann and the Sinfonia Burlesca by Leopold Mozart (1760). Another often-performed piece is Richard Strauss’s 1890 Burleske for piano and orchestra.
  • 6 famous names in the Burlesque ERA are the following: Gypsy Rose Lee, Bettsie Bon Bon, Dita Von Teese, Josephine Baker, Mae West, Ann Corio