Today we focus on being outdoors enjoying the sunshine bathing in white with our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JUNE 2021 edition featuring Elme Muller alongside photographer Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR. SPOOKLES.


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Photography by Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES 

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We embrace the beauty of being outdoors and the beautiful sunshine views on the lake as we go, “SUNBATHING IN ALL WHITE” today with the eclectic beauty Elme Muller, enjoying the sights and sounds lakeside view together with SOUTH AFRICAN photographer Hannes Spookles.

As we feel the need for giving our body some healthy natural VITAMIN D!!! and today is the day when we combine the true beauty of MOLLBABE MODEL Elme Muller with a dose of Vitamin D aka Nature’s answer to true beauty product for our Body’s healthy glow aka Sunshine!!

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Elme Muller and Hannes Spookles in today’s editorial feature aka “BATHING IN ALL WHITE” 

Welcome Back Elme and Hannes, how does it feel to feature and be part of our MOLLMAGSA JUNE month edition?

MODEL ELME – Always a happy and proud feeling I totally feel right at home with today’s feature, thank you Arne and MOLLMAGSA!

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Fantastic feeling every time I get the chance to submit and feature for MOLLMAGSA and the team!!

Today’s feature is all about “Bathing in all White” today what is the message you want to portray through this photo shoot look and feel?

ELME as a MODEL – For me it means and give a chance to make a statement in PLEASE BRING BACK SUMMER!! Let’s wash away the winter cold blues.

HANNES as a PHOTOGRAPHER I totally agree, let’s get into that Summer Feelin with sunshine, sun tans and some FUN IN THE SUN SNAPSHOT MOMENTS!!

Elme, tell us where would you rather be right now if the world was not all caught up and in the vise grip of COVID-19?

Well hopefully this PANDEMIC is surly making it’s voice heard globally and hopefully we all will get through this with the help and grace OF GOD….When we all can travel again after this pandemic is in our rearview mirror,

then please take me on a vacation to any tropical or exotic beach location!!

 “Give me the Maldives Islands or anywhere along the coastal waters of Cape Town or Durban South Africa”

They say VITAMIN D SUNSHINE is nature’s answer to a healthy glowing skin and body, give us your Quote of the day that will give us all a kickstart in getting outdoors more and also enjoying the Sunshine weather today Elme?

“Let me be the SUNSHINE in your life today as my warmth and light be the inspiration to your heart”


YOUR MOTTO YOU LIVE LIFE BY – “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond. That’s where your power is”.

HOMETOWN – Pretoria South Africa

MODEL GENRES YOU FOCUS ON – Fashion editorial, swimwear, lingerie, Body Paint Art, Fitness and Glamour, as well as Promotion modeling.