Our Blond Beauty from Los Angeles California is back aka Rachel Ashley Johnson for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA July 2021 edition alongside international photographer Bob Womack.


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Our recent MOLLBABE MOLLMAGSA MOTY 2021 is back the Cali girl Blond Bombshell beauty Lingerie Queen aka Rachel Ashley Johnson from Los Angeles California USA,

Looking all so beautiful and decadent in her amazing lingerie wardrobe as we join her on tour at her recent modeling event held in Miami Florida USA, alongside Photographer Bob Womack as they make it sparkle and shine in front of the Camera Lens.

As we get the inside scoop of today’s editorial aka Manifestation of True Beauty Editorial, as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Rachel today, 

Welcome Back Rachel, how do you feel to be back and featuring for MOLLMAGSA for the month of JULY 2021?

Truly spectacular to be back once again in making my MOLLBABE family proud as always, totally an amazing feeling to feature again!!

Please explain to us, what is it that makes modeling events so unique?

Love being part of it as you get the chance to mingle and meet up with amazing models, which I can totally say most of them are my friends,

and you also get the chance to collaborate and work with world renowned international photographers that paves the platform for your career as a model, which, “I am totally thankful for and humbled by!!”

What does it mean when we say, “The Manifestation of True Beauty” what does that mean to you personally, please share your views on it with us? 

To me it’s all about growing with confidence in yourself and then working hard to evolve the inner beauty of yourself inside.

“To shine and reflect upon others outside which you interact with and connect with on your path to greatness.”

Other than modeling what’s your goals and plans for the future ahead?

I recently attended also Miami SWIM Fashion week recently and,

“It inspired me to start my very own Bikini Swimwear clothing line soon so be on the lookout for that, as I’m very excited.” 



PERKS OF BEING A INTERNATIONAL MODEL AND A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN LIKE YOURSELF RACHEL? – Well I get to travel worldwide and see amazing destinations and also get the chance to meet amazing people.

HOBBIES TO RELAX? – Fitness, Running, Ballet, Did I mention traveling the world…

WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AT THE MOMENT? – Getting the chance and time to be confident in front of the camera lens getting all that amazing photo shoots done in beautiful and comfy sexy lingerie… Totally LOVE that feeling!!

QOUTE OF THE DAY PLEASE SHARE? – “Be confident in yourself to go out of your comfort zone sometimes to create something truly unique that’s true to whom you are.”