For the Month of June 2021 our Special Edition is all about PASSION FOR FASHION with the talented Ashley Salazar and Photographer Ian Nathaniel for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA


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Photography by Ian Nathaniel 

Wardrobe Outfit Dress Attire By Chambre de Salazar

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Passion for Fashion is the attire and feel for the month of JUNE 2021 as we at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA celebrate The Passion for Fashion in true style and flair as we embrace every moment of it today. Introducing international Model, Business Woman, Photographer and Activist, A lady with true class and many talents aka ASHLEY SALAZAR.

An active animal rights advocate, and Philanthropist, Ashley is described as: “Divine, a Natural beauty, Down to earth, Inspiring, Charismatic and a Passionate individual” she continues planning on creating nothing but “Phenomenal” work.

As we recently asked Ashley to describe herself to us all in a nutshell, she says and we quote:

“I consider myself first and foremost an artist muse. Modeling has allowed me to express power, beauty, strength, literally an endless list of raw human emotions. I’m a down to earth girl at heart, for me it’s where I feel myself the most free and liberated.”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s today’s MOLLMAGSA SPECIAL EDITION feature model aka the inspiring beauty Ashley Salazar for the month of JUNE 2021

Welcome Ashley Salazar and Photographer Ian Nathaniel, congrats on your MOLLMAGSA JUNE MONTH SPECIAL EDITION cover feature, how does it make you feel right now what’s the emotion and feelings you’re going through? 

In this month of global pride, I feel pride in the team we have grown into here at MOLL MAG USA, MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA & MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA.

“This cover series is a testament about not giving up on your entrepreneurial dreams.”

COVID has been hard on many small businesses over the last year our brand included, but we are determined to keep the publishing dream alive and look forward to bringing timeless editorials for many years to come. 

Give us a quick 5 sentence bio in whom you are and where you reside from and what makes you stand out from the crowd Ashley?

My name is Ashley Salazar all the way from St Louis Missouri USA, I consider myself first and foremost an artist muse. Modeling has allowed me to express power, beauty, strength, literally an endless list of raw human emotions.

“I’m a down to earth girl at heart, for me it’s where I feel myself the most free and liberated.”

Aside from modeling I am also a very creative soul as I am also a Professional photographer, Photojournalist, Founder and CEO of MOLLMAG  USA, an active animal rights advocate, Philanthropist and much more! 

For this month’s JUNE 2021 MOLLMAGSA SPECIAL EDITION cover feature the theme is all about “PASSION FOR FASHION”, Ashley tell us where and how and what it is that brings you such passion for fashion, please explain in your own words? 

The dress featured on the cover was designed by me in quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It reflects my ever-growing passion for fashion as I learn to re love my own body after many years of actually being rejected by the fashion community.”

I’ve openly written about my breast explant surgery in past issues, and experiences as a model in MOLL over the last eleven years in my Editors letters.  The modern-day modeling industry still has a lot to go when it comes to acceptance of ALL bodies.   

Modeling and Fashion in today’s day and age has changed a lot, what is it about modeling and fashion combine that’s so mesmerizing to you as a woman these days Ashley? 

Honestly, it’s been vintage and more eco-friendly fashion that’s got my FULL attention these days. With the tremendous amount of destructive fast paced fashion that is taking place and the vast amount of pollution we are creating I try to focus my efforts on pieces that are timeless vs trendy.  

Complete the following sentence in your own words: What is the truest form of True Beauty for you?… 

“Kindness is the measure of true beauty; it takes much more compassion to show kindness vs hate.”


Through your illustrious modeling career Ashley, tell us what is the message you want to portray through your modeling to others? 

Be you be confident in whom you are never give up on your goals and dreams you have, because you will never know whom you will inspire through your journey of life. Also be Professional and thankful to those whom helped you to get where you are in your career! Be a reflection of Self-acceptance, Self-love and BE PROUD of whom you become in the end. As the mirror we look into each day is a reflection of true beauty within ourselves, as we must share then the visions of loving each other through peace and harmony and equality for all! 


FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AND UNWIND? – I love to do gardening it’s truly my happy place, painting, being one with nature, archery, pilates and yoga! 

FAVORITE FOOD DISH TO MAKE OR ENJOY? –Nothing beats a meal from my favorite restaurant Qdoba, I just love their salsa.   

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH ASHLEY, PLEASE TELL US WHAT’S ON YOUR WISHLIST FOR THIS YEAR? – For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Wolf Conservation Center. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING IN FASHION THAT WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE FOR YOU? –The elegance & grace models bring EACH in their OWN UNIQUE WAY, as it puts a stamp on that timeless fashion through the ages and timeline of fashion.

FAVORITE DREAM VACATION SPOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE WILL THAT BE FOR YOU AND WHAT WILL IT ENTAIL? – I would love to travel to SOUTH AFRICA one day as it’s very high on my bucket list and a Safari Wildlife Game drive! 

HIDDEN TALENT’S PLEASE SHARE WITH US? – I am learning  to do hand craft embroidery as well as designing dresses and outfits, also learning to play the Violin.

WHOM DO YOU LOOK UP TO AND INSPIRES YOU THE MOST IN LIFE AS WE KNOW IT RIGHT NOW? – There are so many, but as I have a passion for saving wildlife and being an activist for nature and animal wildlife I would say the following 3 people,

  • Dr. Jane Goodall
  • Sir. David Attenborough
  • Greta Thunberg

FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS PLEASE INTRODUCE US TO YOUR PETS YOU CARE FOR? – Say hello to my lovable Labrador Retriever also my cat, my ducks and rabbit… all a happy family together! 

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? –  I’ve decided to return to college to study Botany. 

QOUTE OF THE DAY PLEASE SHARE YOUR’S WITH US? –“Be the inspiration to inspire a nation, a world and all of humankind. Through love, respect and kindness towards each other!”