That colorful fashion is making a return for the ages aka TIE-DYE fashions is here to stay in today’s newest and debut feature with homegrown MOLLBABE model Nawal Azrira and Photographer Farron Jade Middleway.


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Time to be Colorful, time to be free spirited as we go back to the time of the Hippie Nation… Fashion made a true statement through the flowerchild groovy times free spirit Hippie times. Today is the time when we close our eyes and transform ourselves back to those moments. Of living free, living for love, happiness and peace for all!!

Bringing Back those colorful groovy vibes of TIE-DYE FASHION is a true colorful and happy statement to all that we should live life to our full potential , through our pride for Living for love happiness and peace all together as one in this beautiful world!! That’s our message today! Let your INNER HIPPIE SHINE BRIGHT.


As we introduce our newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model today making her debut aka Nawal Azrira, A true “Calm Collective Joyful spirit, she is with a dash of love, peace and free spirit soul! Alongside local Photographer Farron Jade Middleway,

As they both bring that historical times of the TIE-DYE Fashion moments back to life with the magical energy of PEACE LOVE FREE SPIRIT HAPPINESS to all. 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Nawal and Farron today “TIE-DYE FASHION FRENZY PLAYTIME EDITORIAL”

Welcome NAWAL and JADE, congrats on your feature today for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JULY MONTH edition, how does it feel to be featured what’s your feelings right now? 

MODEL NAWAL AZRIRA – I am so excited and grateful to be featured and to be a part of the MOLLMAGSA family. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. 

PHOTOGRAPHER JADE FARRON MIDDLEWAY – This is so awesome because Nawal is my absolute favorite friend to photograph! I mean look at her!!! 

As this is your very first debut modeling feature Nawal please introduce yourself to the readers fans and followers in whom you are where you reside from and what makes you being you? 

I am a student and aspiring model. I am a calm and collective person with a bit of a joyful spirit. I grew up and still reside in Grabouw with my household. For the last question, “I can humbly say that God plays a huge role in what I am, who I want to be and how I would want to live this life.”  

“With HIM I can fulfill any possible task and with HIM I have learned to authentically be myself with no filters which is something I’ll recommend others to do as well.”

Give us a quick glance into your love for modeling and fashion where did it all start for you NAWAL? 

When I was younger, my mom would always take photos of me and I enjoyed doing that with her. Also, with that, I realized that I like to be on the other end of the camera lens. I don’t have any specific person who inspired me really because I feel like it came from within.  

My mom took me to my first small event at around the age of 8, where I took part in a photo-shoot for an agency and right there, I ignited my passion for modelling. As for fashion I just love whatever I love, I don’t have a particular preference in clothing.

“I only wear what I feel comfortable in. Also working with Farron, my passion for modelling grew much more and to see what we are capable to create together brings much joy.”

In today’s feature the focus is on the “TIE-DYE TRENDY LOOK” what is it that stands out the most about the given trend aka TIE-DYE FASHION? 

AS A MODEL NAWAL – Hippie is the first word that comes to mind, they were the ones to first wear it as a style and statement. It also gives a vibrant and young feel. It speaks for itself and doesn’t need many adjustments to it. In the sense of lines and words to make it look different. The splash of colors as it is, is enough 

AS A PHOTOGRAPHER JADE FARRON MIDDLEWAY – Tie dye has such a rich history for me, being symbolic of peace worn by the free spirited-but before going in too deep… – my hippie soul with a hip hop twist love that the pink tie dye came together in this photoshoot playful, the exact energy Nawal and I always get when we are together. 

Jade this one is for you, tell us since the love for photography started for you as a photographer, what would you say is the given challenges you face as a photographer in the business and industry due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, list 3 given challenges? 

  • Firstly, the rules (ideally photograph outside, but not in a public place… (pulling my hair out) 
  • Social Distancing rules. 
  • And missing out on events. It’s my main stream of income right now, so COVID has not been very kind. 

Nawal what would you say is the truest form of “TRUE BEAUTY” in your own meaning? 

Confidence on any person looks very attractive yet not to the point where it becomes something egotistical because that is unattractive. Then also self-love, whenever a person broadcast this from within you would notice it and it’s truly

“such a beautiful thing to see people especially women being comfortable in and loving their own skin.”

Jade back to you tell us in what genres of photography do you love to work with aka photographing, list them below? 

Portrait photography, Fashion/Street photography and I’ve recently merged into commercial photography.

As a woman in SOUTH AFRICA today Nawal, what is your purpose and meaning as a SOUTH AFRICAN WOMAN today, what will your message be to the world out there as it’s time to make your voice heard? 

We face constant threats of violence, rape and abuse. Changing these realities must be our common goal. Those fearless women we celebrate during women’s month have shown us that nothing is impossible. The ground has been made fertile by their sacrifice and now it’s our turn to continue challenging and fighting injustice and gender-based violence.  

Silence is not an option. Often our silence when women are exposed to abuse is deafening. We can no longer turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when our homes are being turned into a war zone. We must transform our places of work and homes into places where women can develop and reach their full potential.

“Let us continue to work towards a safer and brighter future for all women in South Africa.”


IF NOT MODELING WHERE AND WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU DOING? – If I’m not modelling, I’ll be studying my medical secretary course but mostly I am a homebody. I do like to have fun now and then with friends but I love being home more than anything else. 

TIME TO PACK THAT TRAVEL BAG FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO? – Maldives and Dubai for the clear ocean and beautiful nature it has to offer. The amazing sunsets it display to the eyes wondering about the pathways and streets.  

To experience the place and all the activities it has to offer. I am keen to make many memories and create moments at these two locations. 

WHAT IS THE ONE THING IN LIFE YOU VALUE AND LOVE THE MOST? – I value and love my family, my friends, life experience and my faith. I also value and appreciate the miracle of life, it’s easy to focus on the challenges of life and forget the gift of life itself 

TIME TO MAKE A FASHION STATEMENT WHAT’S YOUR GO TO OUTFIT WHEN YOUR ON A NIGHT OUT WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS? – Baggy jeans or baggy pants, white sneakers and crop top. It’s simple, comfortable yet still presentable. 

EVERYONE OF US HAS A HIDDEN TALENT, NAWAL PLEASE SHARE & TELL US ABOUT YOURS? – Well, I’m able to finish an entire pizza all by myself ha ha ha. (giggles) 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR SERIES YOU’VE WATCHED RECENTLY? – Elite; the Spanish based series of the high school students who are literally going through the most. I find it quite interesting and each episode makes you want to watch the next one. 

YOU’RE CELEB CRUSH TIME TO SPILL THE BEANS? – Michael B Jordan. Without a doubt! 



YOU’RE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE OF THE DAY SHARE WITH US? – “Believe you can and your halfway there!”