The next chapter in our AUGUST 2021 Swimwear Special Edition features a confident and beautiful lady today aka April Marie alongside David Northcott Photography for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.


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Confidence and the ability to keep that positive energy within you and around you glowing like a beacon of light is a true skill in it self, and with today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE FEATURE, this amazing lady and model express that skill to a T. Introducing newest MOLLBABE MODEL aka April Marie.

April Marie is all the way from Southern California USA, she’s a traveling model & currently studying Real Estate! she is very committed in life and live for positive energy, we quote her by saying the following:

“I love just as hard as I work with a positive, confident & relentless mindset! Always believe in yourself and never forget to always BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!”

April is also adventurous at heart always feeling the need to explore the outdoors, brand new shopping malls as well as restaurants and new traveling destinations, She’s also a girl that loves the beach ocean views and just soaking in that SUNNY SUMMER WEATHER each day.

Her go to outfit is and you guessed right aka a designer Bikini / Swimwear as she’s addicted to wearing beautiful swimwear!! Who wont do the same as its SUNNY SUNSHINE that brings a smile to this model’s face each time in front of that camera lens.

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interviews April Marie and David Northcott in today’s editorial Swimwear feature – “A GOLDEN SUNSHINE” 

Welcome April Marie and Photographer David Northcott, congrats on your August 2021 feature with us that’s part of our Swimwear Special Edition, tell us how do you feel right now? 

MODEL APRIL MARIE – So blessed thank you for featuring me in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA! 

DAVID NORTHCOTT PHOTOGRAPHY – Truly glad to be back and featuring my work once again with this amazing Magazine and family of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you Arne! 

April, please introduce yourself to us and also tell us where you reside from? 

I am from Southern California! I’m a traveling model & currently studying Real Estate! I’m also very committed in what I do in life and live for positive energy around me, as I’ve had a few ups and downs dark days in my life, but non the less, I am a strong-willed woman I know what I want and I go 100% committed for it! 

“I love just as hard as I work. with a positive, confident & relentless mindset! Always believe in yourself and never forget to always BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!”

How did you get into modeling and why do you love it so much? 

Well, being 4ft 11 It is DEFINITELY a hard climb to the top of the industry haha. But as soon as I moved to Los Angeles by myself, I put myself out there & networked, networked, NETWORKED! 

I attended social photo shoot events, big networking parties & made connections, 

“If you keep moving & advertising yourself & your brand, people are going to keep learning about you & WHO you are!”

When photographer’s also have the same creative mindset just like myself it’s easy and real fun to blend together to create the perfect photo shoot in the end. “I LOVE being creative in front of that camera lens, and modeling gives me that opportunity to express that!” 

Some people are lucky enough to work as a professional model fulltime. How do you fit modeling into your life? 

I make it a priority because it’s what makes me happy. I feel like modeling was my calling. Not just taking pretty pictures to post them. But truly networking, attending events & meeting new people, helping people build their brands, etc!  

“I always make time for it whether it’s running into a company & shooting my shot. I’m constantly networking everywhere I go!”


FAVORITE GENRES OF MODELING FOR YOU? – Let’s be creative!… I LOVE themes, settings, unique locations (especially the outdoors). If a photographer has that same creative aspect, I can work with him/her all day! 

WHEN DO YOU FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SEXY AND CONFIDENT ABOUT YOURSELF? – Give me a beautiful bikini / swimwear to wear in front of that camera lens and you’ll see how I rock it all day, with confidence and positive energy!! 

FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AND UNWIND? – I LOVE going to the beach and relax, also road trips with family and friends as it’s the key stone to be with family and loved ones when you get the time to spend it together aka #familytime! Oh yes and not forgetting to explore and enjoy new restaurants and shopping stores as well as new places to travel to each time… I’m a total adventurer!

KEEPING FIT PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY IS KEY IN MODELING. TELL US WHAT DO YOU DO TO KEEP YOURSELF IN SHAPE WITH EXCERCISE, BEAUTY AND DIET RIGEME? – You have to keep moving! Cardio is really hard for me since I easily get bored! So, I’ve found activities that require a lot of work & movement like Boxing & Dancing!  

INSPERATIONAL QOUTE, WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU SHARE TO UPCOMING FUTURE MODELS IN THE MAKING FOR THE INDUSTRY? – “Listen to your heart! If modeling makes you happy, constantly work at it & work HARD! Be creative. Keep creating something new & surprise your own self every step of the way!”