Today’s focus point is all about Bikini Fitness and bodybuilding as we introduce Bikini Fitness athlete and swimwear beauty Romanian beauty aka Lavinia Palanite for our AUGUST 2021 Swimwear Special Edition.


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Fitness and Swimwear Beauty goes hand in hand together in today’s newest feature and lifestyle, as we introduce all the way from MIAMI USA, Romanian Bikini Fitness Sensation aka Lavinia Palanite, making her debut for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA showcasing her beauty in swimwear and fitness.

Yes ladies & gents, Lavinia is all the way from ROMANIA, but she recently located herself to the shores of MIAMI USA, as she’s making Miami her new spot of fitness and modeling success, as we recently joined her on her fitness modeling journey at the INTERNATIONAL MISS BIKINI FITNESS COMP 2021 where Lavinia took part and made waves and eyes and heads turn at the recent comp!!

Fitness & Bodybuilding is 2 factors in Lavinia lifestyle of living in which makes her whom she is today aka determined, hard working and goal driven, as well as a beautiful body and soul to go with it all, the true package deal of fitness and swimwear beauty success in a nutshell, that’s for sure!!

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he sat down with Fitness Bodybuilding Swimwear Model aka Lavinia Palanite in interview today for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA AUGUST 2021 – SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION – “BIKINI FITNESS BEAUTY” 

Welcome Lavinia, congrats on your feature with us for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION for the month of August 2021, tell us what’s your feelings and emotions right now how do you feel? 

I have no words to describe how honored I am and the joy I have in my heart to be published in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA this month, it feels that my dreams of being published around the world are starting to fall in place. 

Lavinia the stage is yours, please introduce yourself to our readers, fans and followers and give us a glimpse into whom you are and where you reside from and what is it that makes you stand out from the crowd in a small 4 sentence bio? 

I am an active person aka fitness is what keeps me happy and I also love to travel.

“Sharing my time between Romania with my family and back in the United States Florida for my career as a fitness model!”

Lavinia also a huge congratulations on your recent achievements at the MISS BIKINI SWIMSUIT AND FITNESS MODEL SEARCH COMP held in Miami USA that you took part in, tell us a bit more about, what made this event so spectacular for you? 

The Miss Bikini USA is a spectacular show that gives you opportunity to start a modeling career and to meet famous bikini designers, to connect with a lot of photographers and other models from around the world.

”For me, personally was once in a lifetime experience to be honest.”

Being a fitness model and bodybuilder give us a glimpse into your training sessions weekly, what does your workout routine involve please list below? 

My workout routine is as follows when I get ready for a show or a runway (when in season) with 6, sometimes 7 days a week of hardcore training which involves: 

weights around 2 hrs. per day and 3 times a week cardio of 45 min (normally stair master workout) 

What would be your FITNESS Quote of inspiration, to share for other women whom look up to you as inspiration, please share with us, what would that inspiration message be? 

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” 


  • When it comes to motivation, I think A Mirror is your best friend and if you have a goal in your mind to want to achieve, you can achieve it physically too with hard work and determination,  
  • Never compare yourself to others, you are unique and beautiful the way you are. Also, you can choose the pain of losing or the pain to success!  


TIME TO RELAX AND RECHARGE HOW WOULD YOU BE RELAXING AT HOME AFTER A BODYBUILDING WORKOUT SHOW / COMPETITION? – Normally eating a lot of sweets and stuff I was craving during my prepping for the show, still working out but looking a little fluffy lol!!, But otherwise, you will find me mostly in the gym working on my fitness! 

IN LIFE WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE MOST VALUBLE THING FOR YOU? – For me the most valuable thing is trust, if you don’t have trust, you won’t have love or anything else, in my opinion. 

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS? – Cute, sexy and a little bit psycho… perfect combination lol!! 

FOOD SNACK TIME WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD DISH TO MAKE AND ENJOY? – I don’t think I have a favorite dish, because Romanian food is all so yummy!! 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU WATCHED RECENTLY? – The new Suicide Squad 2 Movie, Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters, maybe because she’s a bit psycho at times.

HOMETOWN & NATIONALITY? – Ploiesti, Romania 

HOBBIES? – Does TRAVELING count as a hobby!! Others are hiking and relaxing on the beach with a cocktail 

HIDDEN TALENTS? – When it comes to food, I am an excellent cook, also a motivational speaker. 

PLACES TO SEE AND EXPLORE, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION OF ALL TIME TO TRAVEL TO ONE DAY? – I wanna travel around the world for sure! But guess what South Africa is my favorite destination, all that wildlife animals in nature that I wanna see makes me so excited about the unique experience!!