Women’s month August 2021, as we focus on women and their empowering life stories that inspires us all, as we have another debut mollbabe modeling feature today aka with Carina Terclavers alongside EnVogue Image Photography for MOLLMAGSA


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It’s all about Women Empowering this month of August, as today’s feature focuses on that “Glam Cinderella Story” we all walk through in life as we know it!! We introduce to you all newest MOLLBABE model from JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA, making her very first debut with us,

The beautiful Carina Terclavers alongside the all so glam and stylish photographer JT from EnVogue Image Photography.

We recently asked Carina what makes her so proud to be whom she is and she says as we quote her: I am so grateful for to be featured amongst so many other beautiful ladies. I know I have reached my goal… 

“The ugly duckling has made it to the Cinderella ball. And if I can do it then ladies so can you.” 

Carina is a mom to 2 beautiful girls and a wife to a loving husband, this lady has overcome true sadness and huge obstacles life has dealt her along the way, but through all of the hard and sad times, Carina keeps her head high and keeps inspiring others around her,

as she’s a lady that has the “WILL, BELIEVE IN HERSELF, POWER AND SELFCARE”  As she fits in to be the version of the person she wants to be in life and in doing so being an inspiration for others, family and friends around her.

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s newest mollbabe model for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka Carina Terclavers – “GLAM CINDERELLA STORY – EDITORIAL”

Welcome Carina, congrats on your debut feature with us for the August 2021 MOLLMAGSA edition, tell us what’s your feelings and reaction right now? 

Honestly this came at an emotional and sad time as I lost my father due to COVID not long ago but I am overwhelmed as he would have been so proud of me so,

“I can’t be more honored and prouder that you have chosen me.”

Please introduce yourself to our readers fans and followers out there, where do you reside from and what is it that makes you being you Carina? 

I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls, a wife and I manage 2 companies, and we live in Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (chronic pain syndrome) and struggle daily due to the symptoms of this syndrome. These are only a few things that inspire me and push me to try and inspire those around me.  

Helping the less fortunate is a huge passion of mine and I love giving back as often as I can and I hope I am able to inspire more people to do so. I was bullied from a young age at school and was in a physically abusive relationship, 

which had left me questioning myself as well as my worth. It took 13 years for me to work through the trauma and realize that I am no longer a victim, but a survivor and that I do fit right IN, 

“I fit into the version of the person I want to be in life.”

Where and how did the love for modeling all start for you Carina, give us a sneak peek into that journey? 

I was always the odd one out, the ugly duckling if you can call it that, and like I stated after being in an abusive relationship I had to get back up and realize that it is ok to love who I am and the life I have been given and, 

“I got up one day and got in front of the camera and fell in love with it, to show others that it is ok to be OK with the person you are in life and the life you have been given.”

Today’s feature is all about that “GLAM CINDERELLA STORY LOOK”, tell us in your opinion what makes this look of yours today stand out and what would be your message to inspire other women out there? 

From ugly duckling to Cinderella at the ball. Loving your body and taking care of yourself can go a far way in self-improvement. It is easier said than done right, because life is not as easy as an extreme make-over show. 

So, I started with, Selfcare Sundays, taking time to think about what I am going to wear the next day, waking up to train and work on my body and mental health. 

“Take small steps in improving yourself, you have one life, live it!”

What would you say is your favorite fashion trend look at the moment? 

My favorite trend has to be the oversized jerseys paired with a skinny jean, I am not a winter person so they are so cozy and there are amazing colors to choose from right now as well. 

In your opinion if you could describe ENVOGUE IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY in 5 words what would those 5 words be please share? 

“Kind, Generous, Thoughtful, Genuine, Organized.”

The Summer Olympic Games has kicked off in Tokyo Japan, what would be your message of support to your Country and Athletes of TEAM SOUTH AFRICA? 

To our athletes competing In the Olympics, you have trained to compete in one of the most difficult Olympics ever amidst this pandemic. Just do your best, because being there has already made us proud.  


HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE, DOING? – Hobbies now would include walking the dogs, reading and designing our new home. I would also love to take up mountain biking soon as part of my hobbies to one day!! 

WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE AND ENJOY LIFE AS WE KNOW IT TODAY? – Well life as we know it today has changed so much in the last 18 months and we have had to adapt.  

So, things we used to do also had to change. I have learnt to look at small things to enjoy life, what makes me smile is seeing my children grow up, helping others and seeing them happy when you have made a difference in their life. Chatting to my husband and making silly jokes, all about the small things in life. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU RECENTLY WATCHED? – The Kominsky Method It is funny, enjoyable and a true joy to watch. 

WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST / TO DO LIST FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST? – Going away with my sister on a girl’s weekend to celebrate our father’s Life and also Celebrate my daughter’s 10th birthday! Plus hopefully also getting a photoshoot in this month! 


The photoshoot itself made me feel so empowered and beautiful and what it stood for, much more than what I imagined it to be. Rising from the ashes was the theme of the shoot and JT captured that so well, and we had a ton of fun during the shoot. 

WHAT IS IT THAT INTRUGED YOU THE MOST TO BE FEATURED IN MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA? – It is an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful for to be featured amongst so many other beautiful ladies. I know I have reached my goal… “The ugly duckling has made it to the ball. And if I can do it then ladies so can you.”  

FAVORITE DREAM DESTINATION VACATION YOU WANT TO TRAVEL TO ONE DAY? – I have had the amazing opportunity to travel the world far and wide thus far, but a destination I have not yet seen and still want to visit is Italy.  

STAR SIGN BIRTH MONTH? – I am a Scorpio born 31 October- Halloween baby! 

WHAT’S THE ONE THING PEOPLE AND FRIENDS / FANS WOULD FIND MOST SURPRISSING ABOUT YOU, CARINA PLEASE SHARE? – I am the worst cook in the world, how I have managed to keep myself and my family alive for so long is a miracle lol!!  

ANY HIDDEN TALENTS WHAT’S YOURS? – I should only sing in the shower, if that counts as a talent (giggles) 

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS TIME FROM NOW? – Building our companies to a larger scale and become a motivational speaker. Be an amazing mom, wife and spend more time with my family!