Today is all about Heritage as we stand loud and proud in celebrating our Heritage in who we are and where we come from as SOUTH AFRICAN’S … Be Proud Be You Be South African today (Happy Heritage Day to All) as we give you all our take and vision for Heritage Day 24 SEPTEMBER 2021.


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Photography By Farron Jade Middleway on instagram at @farryjae

Body Paint Artistry done by Aiden Taillard Art on instagram, facebook

twitteryoutube and website

Makeup done by Jasmine Hendriks


Bringing one’s true HERITAGE to life in phenomenal bodypainting artform  BE PROUD BE YOU BE SOUTH AFRICAN as we all are PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN today celebrating OUR HERITAGE OUR UNIQUE DIVERSITY on HERITAGE DAY today.

Today is the day when we proudly all come together all cultures from all backgrounds in life as we #STANDTOGETHER as ONE HEARTBEAT embracing our heritage our culture’s and diversity and being proud of whom we are and what we stand for as SOUTH AFRICAN’S in FREEDOM LOVE and EQUALITY for one and another.

“Standing Together and Working Together we can create a better TOMOROW AND FUTURE for all!!”

In that said aka MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model Candice Soetzenberg alongside Photographer Farron Jade Middleway as well as Aiden Taillard Art and Makeup Artist Jasmine Hendriks AND our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder came together to make their vision today a reality for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Heritage Day Special feature for this month of SEPTEMBER 2021

We asked Candice in what is it that makes one’s heritage so important, she told us and we quote her by saying the following:

“Be Proud of who you are where you come from. Express yourself and your body, from your hair to all your scars because that makes you who you are.”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Candice and Farron today! in “CELEBRATING OUR HERITAGE, HERITAGE DAY SPECIAL – Editorial for September month 2021.”

Welcome Back Candice, congrats on your feature for MOLLMAGSA SEPTEMBER 2021 how does it feel knowing you’re back and part of this month’s feature? 

I am always excited to be featured because MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA gave me my first ever pictorial and for that I am a big supporter of and I am in love with this issues pictures, thank you!! 

For today’s feature the theme is all about “CELEBRATING ONE’S HERITAGE IN SPRING SEASON”, tell us what is it that stood out for you both in this photo shoot together? 

CANDICE AS A MODEL – For me it is the creative ideas that Farron always comes up with. “I loved teaming up with a wonderful body painting and makeup artists and having Farron’s idea come to life.” 

PHOTOGRAPHER FARRON JADE MIDDLEWAY – Heritage recognizes all aspects of SOUTH AFRICA’S culture and for me as a colored girl from Grabouw it meant CREATIVE EXPRESSION!! 

SPRING SEASON has arrived in South Africa, what is the first thing on your to do list for the start of SPRING please share with us? 

CANDICE AS A MODEL – Getting my body ready and in shape for summer, hoping to be featured in a swimsuit edition (wink, wink) 

FARRON JADE AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – I am fortunate enough to stay in the Overberg region and to capture the season changing makes for the most beautiful imagery, 

“So I am super stoked to just be focusing on my craft!”

As a South African how important is it for you to be proud of one’s heritage and what message do you want to portray as a South African and a model to the world Candice, about your heritage? 

“Be Proud of who you are where you come from. Express yourself and your body, from your hair to all your scars because that makes you who you are.”

If wigs and makeup add to who you are, then go get it girl!!!! #justbeyou-tiful

What would you say is the most eye-catching fashion trend and as well hairstyle trend in SOUTH AFRICA, that’s making a comeback for the 2021 SPRING SUMMER SEASON Candice, please share your views with us? 

Clothes change all the time, so crop tops and denims are always a winner…I never try to define style… But for hair it is definitely the braids or protective hairstyles, the back to school looks, for me “comfy” is what is in style!!


WHAT WOULD YOU SAY MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST IN LIFE RIGHT NOW? – After a very long internship doing my tourism diploma, being home with my family is bliss.  

FAVORITE FASHION STATEMENT FOR SPRING SEASON WHAT WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU? – Dressing up in my Color block tracksuit pants with a crop top and sneakers, heaven!!  

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU RECENTLY BINGE ON OR WATCHED FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER? – I am a big fan of the series “YOU”, I love LOVE, but Joe’s crazy obsessive Love intrigues me haha . 

WHEN IT COMES TO ONE’S PARENTS WHAT IS THE MOST VALUBALE LIFE LESSON YOUR PARENTS HAVE TAUGHT YOU OVER THE YEARS PLEASE SHARE WITH US CANDICE? – “Follow your dreams” my mom has worked very hard for me, my dad passed away a couple of years ago and even with him not being around, my mom still encourages me to follow my dreams daily!  

Thank you so much mom LOVE YOU!!