Introducing our #MissSeptember2021 and our cover model for SEPTEMBER 2021 SPRING SEASON aka the Sassy and Beautiful Homegrown Surietha Scorgie alongside Photographer Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA MR SPOOKLES for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.


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Photography by Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES 

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Spring Season is finally here as we get ready to bring in and express that true beauty of freshness, new looks and uniquely and personal style that’s yours “YOU CAN BE PROUD OF” Introducing our covermodel for September 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA (Spring Season) aka the Homegrown South African Beauty SURIETHA SCORGIE

A true lady that has her own unique spark and shine of beauty to her ora inside and outside as Surietha truly sparkles in today’s cover feature in that “LITTLE BLACK DRESS” showing sophistication and true sassy beautifying in every sense.

Recently asked Surietha, what her fashion statement is for this SEPTEMBER SPRING SEASON and she says as we quote her: “If there’s been one fashion lesson learned during lockdown, it’s that personal style doesn’t disappear in difficult times” 

Furthermore Surietha is truly honored to be back, as 2020 and 2021 will forever be known as difficult times in the lives of us all, but that does not stop this amazing woman SURIETHA SCORGIE to be the best that she can be, as she says:

I believe I’m a stronger, more a caring person and I try to live my best life.”

So lets sit back and join our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder as he interviews model Surietha Scorgie and Photographer Hannes Spookles in today’s covermodel editorial – “LITTLE BLACK DRESS BEAUTY FOR SPRING SEASON” 

Welcome Back Surietha and Hannes, congrats on your cover model feature for MOLLMAGSA SEPTEMBER 2021 how does it feel knowing you’re #MISSSEPTEMBER2021? 

MODEL SURIETHA – Always a big Honor to be presented by MOLLMAGSA. Truly one amazing platform for ladies and photographers. 

PHOTOGRAPHER HANNES SPOOKLES – Truly blessed to be able to work with such a wonderful model and human and I have no words to describe on how it feels to receive the Cover of MOLLMAGSA, only thing I can say is thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. 

Surietha to you, knowing this is your fourth feature as a mollbabe, how does it feel that you’re such a popular figure not just in the modeling industry to work with but also very popular amongst fans and followers of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, tell us how much have you grown since the very first time we featured you back then in 2020 till now in 2021, how much has changed? 

I’m just so grateful to have the chance to work with amazing photographers and be who I am and do what I love. I think between 2020 and 2021 everyone can agree that there is so much that has changed in our lives.

“I believe I’m a stronger, more caring person and I try to live my best life.”

For today’s cover feature the theme is all about “SPRING SEASON IN THAT LITTLE BLACK DRESS” , tell us what is it that stood out for you both in this photo shoot together? 

SURIETHA as a MODEL – For me what stood out the most is how well myself and Hannes work together, there is always laughter, jokes and a lot of chats going on.

“This allows me to be comfortable in front of his camera, and I must say the place was just breathtaking.” 

HANNES as a PHOTOGRAPHER – I would say the thing that probably stood out the most is the model’s “True beauty comes from within. It’s all about attitude and how one presents themselves.”

Hannes back to you, you’ve worked together with models in so many photo shoots over the years, tell us from a Photographer’s view point… What is it that has changed so much over the years with the modeling industry in SOUTH AFRICA from THEN PAST to NOW PRESENT FUTURE? 

Putting me on the spot with this one (GIGGLES)… I guess I would have to say from then, as a hobby just being able to PHOTOGRAPH some gorgeous models to now, as a pro photographer actually seeing how people can grow and build within themselves, empowering a voice to speak up and believing in oneself that anything in life is possible IF you work hard at it.  

Without believing in oneself and putting in the work you won’t be able to achieve anything in life. I enjoy building people up and see them grow into the beautiful person that they can become. 

Also, to create an experience where the models can be comfortable have fun and play around with different ideas and poses where they can be themselves and express themselves.

SPRING SEASON has arrived in South Africa, what is the first thing on your to do list for the start of SPRING please share with us? 

SURIETHA as a MODEL – Oh for sure I’m going to get my tan ready and enjoy what this beautiful spring season brings for us.  

HANNES as a PHOTOGRAPHER – I wish I could take a break and go on holiday but don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon, LOL, just kidding… I have quite a bit of work/photoshoots coming up so I am in full work mode at the current stage. 

Let’s talk FOOD & HEALTH, what is it about certain foods that will lift your mood, please explain in your own words, and what type of food / meal would you say is the best for you to lift your mood for the day in your opinion in your daily lifestyle? 

SURIETHA – Just think about it, a medium rare sirloin steak, with a creamy mushroom sauce and for sure some golden-brown chips on the side – “Even typing this puts me in a very good mood.”  

But on a day-to-day basis “I enjoy my morning smoothie filled with yummy fruits and that keeps me smiling throughout the day.”  

HANNES SPOOKLES – You can never go wrong with Pizza, Pasta or a good Steak, also love a home cooked meal every now and then so I believe you can say I love food and try to eat as healthy as I can. 



WHAT WOULD YOU SAY MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST IN LIFE RIGHT NOW SURIETHA? – To see myself grow in all aspects of life. 

FAVORITE FASHION STATEMENT FOR SPRING SEASON WHAT WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU? – I’m a big Vogue fan and they stated in their 2021 Fashion trend and I must agree with them: “If there’s been one fashion lesson learned during lockdown, it’s that personal style doesn’t disappear in difficult times” 

YOU’RE MOST VALUABLE POSSESSION YOU CAN’T GO WITHOUT RIGHT NOW WHAT WILL THAT BE? – Definitely my laptop, having to study and work during times we can’t travel and leave our house, my laptop was my saving grace. I could continue working, studying and even order that delicious steak I’ve been talking about in the comfort of my own home.  

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU RECENTLY BINGE ON OR WATCHED FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER? – I’ve watched the series ClickBait on Netflix and once again it opened my eyes so much to how social media can be misused and how careful we should be using it. Definitely a must watch series.

IF AND WHEN YOU WIN THE JACKPOT LOTTERY WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU WILL DO WITH THE WINNINGS SURIETHA? – Oh my Oh my, Shopping spree here we come. No, I’m just joking. I think to be honest the first thing I would do is start crying and afterwards I will definitely send some money to my mom. As a single parent who raised two kids, I think she deserves the world.  

WHEN IT COMES TO ONE’S PARENTS WHAT IS THE MOST VALUBALE LIFE LESSON YOUR PARENTS HAVE TAUGHT YOU OVER THE YEARS PLEASE SHARE WITH US SURIETHA? – I would say the best thing my mom ever taught me is to believe in myself and always follow my dreams.  

When I was little, she would brush out my hair in the mornings and she would always say, repeat after me: “I’m beautiful, I’m strong, I believe in myself, I will always follow my dreams.” This is for sure something I will carry over to my daughter.