Getting our Bridal Boudoir on this month with Photographer Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography and Angie Brenes all the way from Canada for our MOLLMAGSA September 2021 edition.


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Time to get our BRIDAL BOUDOIR on this month… as we talk all things #bridalboudoir with international photographer PHIL CHEEVERS FROM MAX GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY & ANGIE BRENES all the way from CANADA.

Model Angie Brenes is a fiery and passionate model… When we asked photographer PHIL what is it that made Angie the perfect choice for this photoshoot he said the following and we quote:

“Her ideas and poses contributed to the collaboration between photographer and model to deliver a shared vision. I truly could not have done this particular photoshoot with anyone other than Angie.” 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with Photographer Phil Cheevers from MAX GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. – Shades of Bridal Boudoir

Welcome Back PHIL from MAX GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY, congrats your newest editorial feature with model Angie Brenes for MOLLMAGSA SEPTEMBER 2021 how does it feel knowing you’re back and part of our SPRING SEASON edition 2021 PHIL? 

I really enjoy contributing to MOLLMAGSA. I like to work with Arne and the whole team and the individual models around the themes that we come up with.

In today’s feature it’s all about that BRIDAL BOUDOIR LOOK, what is it that stands out for you and what is the message you want to portray with this photo shoot you did Phil, give us the vision behind this feature you went for? 

This photoshoot is dark and moody, with a flash of white hope.

“I think it represents a part of the journey that a bride makes from start to full hope and love.”

Describe model Angie Bernes to us from a photographer’s view PHIL, what makes her stand out from the crowd please share? 

Angie is a fiery and passionate model which made her perfect for this intense photoshoot. 

“Her ideas and poses contributed to the collaboration between photographer and model to deliver a shared vision.”

I truly could not have done this particular photoshoot with anyone other than Angie.

Talking Bridal Boudoir, in your opinion as a photographer what is the perfect setup for your camera settings AND model when it comes to photographing the genre aka BRIDAL BOUDOIR what would you say are the vocal points to concentrate on, please list them below?

  • From a technical perspective, Angie was wearing mostly white and textured clothing.  
  • The background was basic black to bring out the theme we were going for. 
  • Lighting was achieved with a single strobe that lit Angie but left the background dark. 

As a photographer, “A PICTURE / PHOTO TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS.” in your career as a photographer which photo / moment from all your work thus far does this statement that honest true justice? 

Yes. Show me a good photograph and I’ll be able to imagine many stories that it tells. Show someone else the same photo and a dozen more stories will come to that person’s mind. A good picture will tell the viewers stories. A poor one will not. 

As you are CANADIAN tell us which location or place in CANADA would you say is the best to photograph and why? 

I’m now located just between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Canada is over 4700 miles from East to West, and another 4700 miles from North to South. I’ve lived in the East, Centre, and West and still haven’t seen enough of it, but everywhere I go there’s a photo to discover,  

“Whether it be oceans, mountains, plains, tundra, cities, seacoast or anywhere else. The people of Canada are a friendly and interesting bunch from coast to coast, which makes just about anywhere a good place to take photographs.”